How to Tell if You’re a Minimalist or a Maximalist

Have you ever wondered if you’re a minimalist or maximalist? Many of us seek the answer to this question because we want to know where we fit in. But it isn’t always clear which camp you fit in. In many cases, you might seem somewhere in the middle.

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In a brief example, let’s say you’ve just moved into your new home. When you look at the place, what do you see? Is it tiny and filled with just enough? Or do you plan to fill the space with so much more?

If you decide to add new RTA kitchen cabinets, new furniture, and tons more new stuff you’re most likely a maximalist. You clearly love newer, bigger, and better things and you should never apologize for it!

On the flipside, you might think about filling your home with tons of stuff and literally feel like you’re going to vomit because it’s just too much. If the thought of a cluttered and messy home makes you want to scream, you undoubtedly have minimalistic tendencies.

Either way, we’ll help you determine where you stand. So keep reading to learn the truth.

5 Signs that You Lean Toward Minimalism

How to Tell if You’re a Minimalist or a Maximalist. White minimalist interior with bookshelf

  1. You hate clutter. I mean you really can’t stand the sight of a big mess. It makes you want to cringe and curl up in a ball and die. Maybe not that dramatic, but your distaste for clutter runs deep. Most minimalists feel the same way, so you’ll find yourself in good company if you associate with this group.
  2. You keep your schedule clear as much as possible. Most die-hard minimalists understand that it’s more than just keeping a clutter-free home. It’s about leading a clutter-free life in many forms. And avoiding things to keep your schedule clear is important. You still handle your responsibilities just like everyone else. But you avoid the extras that seem to rule over so many people’s lives. So examples include PTA meetings, homeowner’s association meetings, book clubs, etc.
  3. You plan to downsize and move into a smaller home. In some cases, your kids have left the nest and you no longer need as much extra space. In this situation, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a minimalist. On the other hand, if you plan to downsize because you’re tired of the big house and the stuff and the responsibility of taking care of it all, then minimalism might be a good fit for you.
  4. You want more freedom in your life. For many, freedom means fewer possessions, less responsibility, and more money to spend on experiences.
  5. You want more room to breathe. You can buy a bigger house or you can get rid of your clutter. If you chose the latter, you’re likely a minimalist.

5 Signs that You Lean Toward Maximalism

How to Tell if You’re a Minimalist or a Maximalist. Table with chaotic stuff on it

  1. You have zero interest in downsizing your home. In fact, downsizing is the furthest thing from your mind. You might need to upgrade some day because you might run out of space. But downsizing isn’t going to be possible in your case because you like a big home filled with your favorite possessions.
  2. You want to keep your possessions and acquire more of them. Sure, you’d love having more room in your home. Who wouldn’t? But sacrificing your possessions to get it isn’t an option that you’re willing to take. In fact, it’s the last thing you’d ever consider. You just really like the things you own and wouldn’t mind acquiring even more beautiful things in the future.
  3. You prefer to have a full and busy schedule. Unlike minimalists, you enjoy having lots to do and want plenty of activities and responsibilities in your life. This gives your life meaning and purpose and you wouldn’t want it any other way.
  4. You want bigger and better possessions. As a maximalist, you always want the finest things that life has to offer. Your typical attitude is the more possessions the better. Nothing wrong with that.
  5. You don’t mind clutter. I’m not saying that you love it. But you love your stuff and that makes it easier to live with the clutter. Or maybe you have a big enough space to easily store all of your stuff without an issue. Either way, clutter really isn’t a big deal to you.

Bottom Line

There are clear differences between minimalists and maximalists. So just be who you are and appreciate the person you desire to be. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a minimalist or maximalist just as long as you’re happy.

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