The Sunsational Benefits of a Solar Generator for Your Home

With so many environmentally friendly products to choose from, discover the fundamentals and perks of a solar generator for your home.

Did you know that by the end of 2018, 12.3 million American homes benefited from solar energy?

If you’re still not using solar energy to power your house, you could benefit from a solar generator. In this article, we’ll go through an overview of solar generators and their many benefits.

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Benefits of a Solar Generator

If you’re considering a solar power generator, then you need to learn about all of the benefits before you purchase one.


Unlike gas generators, solar-powered generators are a lot more cost-efficient. With gasoline generators, for example, you have to continuously buy fuel to power it.

With solar generators, you get all of your energy from the sun. For example, you can take the solar generator on camping trips without having to buy fuel.

You could also use the solar generator on any given day when you know your electricity consumption will be really high.

Environmentally Friendly

If you’re conscious about the environment and using clean energy, then a solar generator is a perfect choice.

With solar generators, you don’t have to worry about it releasing fumes or using non-renewable energy. Since the sun is the only source of energy, you don’t have to worry about harming the environment.

Long-Term Investment

Purchasing a solar generator is a great long-term investment. As you know, electric bills seem to get higher and higher every year. With the help of a solar generator, you can cut on your electric bills long term.

Perfect to Bring to Outdoor Activities

If you like to spend time with your family performing activities such as camping, a solar generator is a perfect accessory.

You will be able to bring the generator camping and power some of your electric gadgets and be able to cook delicious food or charge your devices.

Few Maintenance Costs

When you have a gasoline generator, you have to worry about more moving parts than with a solar generator. Generators that use liquid fuel tend to need maintenance a lot more often than solar power generators.

With a solar power generator, you can save on maintenance and repairs.

Clean and Quiet

Unlike gas generators, solar generators are not as noisy. Not only do gasoline generators pollute the atmosphere, but they’re also quite noisy. All of the moving parts of the gas generator make it loud and obnoxious.

With a solar generator, you don’t have to worry about the noise it will make when you turn it on.

Cons of a Solar Generator

Although there are many benefits to having a solar generator, there are also a few cons to consider.

Limited Power

While you might be excited to power your entire house with a solar generator, you might find this task impossible.

A solar generator can power necessary appliances in case of a power outage. However, you cannot expect to turn on all the lights and do your laundry with the help of a solar generator.

It will help you to keep your food cold and charge your devices, but not power the entire house.

High Upfront Cost

Although you don’t have to worry about spending money on repairs and fuel, you will have to spend more money upfront on a solar generator.

However, after you’ve had it for a few years, the total cost will be a lot less than the cost of fuel for a gasoline generator.

Slower Recharging

With a gasoline generator, you can instantly power your house in the event of an outage. However, you can’t expect a solar generator to instantly power your house.

Solar generators take a lot longer to charge for obvious reasons. If you don’t charge it during daylight hours, you will not have any power.

The gas generator, on the other hand, will be ready to go once you fill the tank and turn it on.

How to Choose a Solar Power Generator

Once you’ve decided to purchase a solar generator, it’s time to pick the right one.

The first thing you need to do is pick the right size generator for your house. As a rule of thumb, you will need to take all of the watts your gadgets need to multiply it by 1.5.

This will give you an idea of what size generator you will need to buy to power your house. If you only care about powering your refrigerator, laptop, and a few lightbulbs, then you can get away with a generator with a small wattage.

However, if you want to power more than that, you will need a generator with a high wattage.

You also need to think about the weight of the generator. If you plan on taking the generator on a camping trip, you shouldn’t buy a heavy generator.

Bigger generators with more wattage are a lot heavier. If you don’t plan on taking your generator anywhere, you can get a heavier one. Because they have a lot more watts, heavy generators are a lot more expensive.

When you start searching for a solar generator, you also need to consider the level of noise. Although solar generators are a lot quieter than gas generators, they can still vibrate and make noise.

Since you want the solar generator for your home, you don’t want to be stuck with a really loud one. A loud generator can also disturb your family and neighbors.

If you want a really quiet generator, you should check at the decibels. Lower decibels means the solar generator will be a lot quieter.

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Do You Need a Solar Generator?

Now that you know more about how to pick a solar generator, you are ready to pick the right one. There are many benefits to buying a solar generator such as cost-efficiency, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly.

When you’re thinking about buying a solar generator, you should consider the size, weight, and level of noise.

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