Interior Tile Trimming Ideas

Interior tile trimming ideas go roots deep into history. The invention of mosaic tiles is customary to attribute to second or even third millennium B.C. Since that time, a whole evolution of tiles had happened. Modern tiles are much more variegated and attractive but still relevant for the most innovative interiors.

Overall info about tiles

Ceramic tiles is very popular today to carry out interior decoration. It is suitable for walls, ceilings, floors or even for façade of the building. It has a number of advantages, but is valued most for resistance to moisture and temperature changes. The ability of a material to imitate wood, stone or other construction materials allows you to turn any room refined and original. Tile, depending on the material used, is divided into two categories – hard and soft. Hard type is not so simple in the installation, as well as soft type, and is more expensive but is able to last for decades. It includes marble, terracotta, slate, stone, ceramic and terrazzo of different textures and colors. Soft tile is based on linoleum, vinyl, cork and thereby has more pleasant feeling underfoot. Its price is much cheaper. Tile, depending on the manufacturing material, can also be made of:

  • PVC (wall panels);Interior Tile Trimming Ideas. PVC tiles (wall panels) for the modern design
  • glass;Interior Tile Trimming Ideas. Glass tiles type
  • EPS (expanded polystyrene foam);Interior Tile Trimming Ideas. EPS sandwich panels
  • ceramic. the most common type for finishing of modern apartments;
  • quartz-vinyl.Quartz-vinyl plate of the counter and trimmed with glass tile bathroom

The main type of tiles for wall finishing is considered ceramic tiles. There are other tile types. You can find any on our site with all their features in greater detail.


Interior tile trimming ideas. How to choose a tile

There is a large number of tiles of different textures, colors, properties and characteristics. But it is important to remember that there is no universal choosing pattern, so the material is chosen purely by certain living quarters.

It is also important to distinguish “quality” of material from its “technical characteristics”. After all, “frost resistant” floor in the bathroom is no good, right? You can find more information on the class and the quality of material on our site.

Interior Tile Trimming Ideas. Symbolic characteristics

Marking tiles with symbolic labels

Interior Tile Trimming Ideas. Tile manufacturing characteristics

Marking tiles

What about the color?

Few people know, but ill-considered color choice can significantly affect the design of the room. So, for example, small apartments with are better to “cover” in light colors since they are able to visually enlarge the area. I’m sure many our readers have noticed that the tiles, even bought of one shipment does not give the same color on the ceiling and walls. Why is that? The answer is simple – lighting. For example, the blue glaze will be greenish under a “yellow” incandescent light. Another important point is the reflection coefficient of glossy surface which avoidance is worth buying the material with a matte glaze. When selecting tiles it is worth remembering that the glossy black color hides dirt, but it reveals different kinds of scratches and damages more. A bar of dark color is better not to use in the shower with hard water, as limescale will be seen. Decorating the walls with tiles is rather complicated process that requires the attention and patience. Browse for more detailed information.

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