Kitchen and Dining Room Tables Modern Forms & Design

Despite the era of new technologies, materials and novelties among design approach, the table is probably unchangeable element of any apartment. Indeed, what can replace the steady platform for taking meals? Nowadays table is the good mean to save space and organize your kitchen or dining room with maximum effectiveness. Without telling much, we just want to take you into a small trip around the kitchen and dining room tables modern forms & design. Let’s explore the latest trends of inscribing this useful furniture item into different sized and styled places.

Large classic tables for big apartments and houses

Nobody will argue, that if house owner can afford standard table for his dwelling, he or she will surely do that. There is too much of options that can make your table unique. Construction of legs, additional foldable segments, material of execution and even set of chairs are among them. Hence, there is absolutely no need to experiment with form when having enough of free space.

Classic American style in white color scheme Flower decorated table with the white wooden chairs

There is no secret, but we will repeat one more time, that rough treated “crude” wooden table with thick massive tabletop and corresponding bench instead of chairs is the ideal choice for Scandinavian and Rustic styles. Simple designed lacquered wooden table on thin straight legs is most relevant for Classic and Casual interiors.

Scandinavian interior with black accentual wall and unusual form of chandelier Royal classics in the modern interior with natural wooden tint at the floor and dining groupUltimate modernity for the large apartment's interior with notes of Vintage, Fusion and even Hi-tech styles

Scandinavian style allows the slight play with form of legs and the material/color of table top. But again, it should be withstood in overall stylistics of the interior. Some improvisation and contrasts are allowed, but only under control of competent designer.

Unusual lighting and slight naturalistic touch in modern styled house with skylightMinimalistic Sweden style in the small kitchen with large wooden table on black metal legsWooden planked house interior with picture decorated dining zone

In search of optimal color, form and material for kitchen and dining room tables

Table design sometimes also actual as the mean to organize small space and to economize it. If you kitchen is small, but nevertheless you have the idea to arrange the dining area here, the buil-in to the wall table board will facilitate this task. However, such design solution can be considered as high-grade and not just temporary one. There are plenty of successful modern interiors that already got all advantage of this solution.

Improvised dining zone at the kitchen emphasized with wallpaper and built-in table to the wall Absolutely gorgeous useful idea of space organization at small kitchen with built-in table in the recess

What about the unusual forms of tables? Can they be of original forms? The answer is simple – table is not the thing to experiment vastly with its form. Especially, when it comes to Classic styled apartments. Indeed, who will appreciate bent, vault or spiral table? It is simple inconvenient. The most popular table forms are still rectangular, oval and circle. The originality achieves with color, inlays or material of the table. However, circle form is mostly for coffee tables. Oval can be used for mid-sized tables. And classic rectangular form fits all.

Starburst mirror as wall decoration in spacious sandy painted studio room Gray designed room in classic style with oval dark wooden table and combined set of chairs Panoramic windows at the urban studio with Casual styled interior and round glass tableRound wooden table in Casual style grayish interior

Modern decoration materials such as glass and plastic are widely used in production of dining hall furniture.  This is due to immense popularity of Hi-tech, Futurism and Modernity styles. Contemporary sorts of plastic are quite eco-friendly. The furniture of such material does not emit harmful substances, it does not fade or dilapidate with time. The only possible danger for it is direct sunlight. But the latest plastic coatings come resistive to ultraviolet.

Large studio apartment with long table and many chairs White plastic chairs and table in the modern designed apartment

White plastic table and plexiglass chairs seem lightweight and visually makes the small kitchen bigger. In addition, such composition can be accurately attributed to Modern style.

Milky white kitchen design in modern style with glance modular furniture set A little bit of Marine style through the blue carpet at the Scandi decorated white dining room

Minimalism of Scandinavian style also wins with modern materials. The table of standard form and white color, but made of glance plastic can greatly complement your interior.

Bright Wooden glancing ceiling for the Minimalistic and Eco styled studio with dining zone at the forefront and living zone equipped with fireplace at the back Modern dining room with Scandinavian touch at successfully designed light studio

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