Let in the Light! 7 of the Best Window Styles to Consider for Your Home

Round or rectangular? Horizontal or vertical? There are many things to consider when picking new windows. Click to learn the best window styles to choose from.

Let in the Light! 7 of the Best Window Styles to Consider for Your Home. Sashed modern windowpanes for sunroom

Have you noticed some tell-tale signs that your windows need to be replaced? Then you may in the market for some newer and better ones for your home.

You might think that windows are something simple you can pick out and be done within a flash. But as you do more and more research, you’ve realized that it’s a whole world you need to delve into.

Need some help? Then keep reading.

In this article, we’ll show you 7 of the best window styles you can choose for your home.

  1. Double-Hung Windows

This is one of the most popular types of windows in American homes.

Let in the Light! 7 of the Best Window Styles to Consider for Your Home. Large dining room in the wooden trimmed natural lit room

It has 2 main sashes, which are the frames around the glass. These 2 sashes sit on top of one another and can move up and down, depending on which sash you’re looking at.

These are so popular in American homes because of their versatility. You can open and close them at ease, which means you’ll get really good airflow in your home.

Plus, double-hung windows are very easy to clean and replace when the time comes. Their popularity means it’ll be a cinch to find replacements from a variety of manufacturers.

Let in the Light! 7 of the Best Window Styles to Consider for Your Home. Classic American design of the living in the cottage

Another plus is they’re very affordable due to their wide availability.

  1. Single Sash Windows

Single sash (or single hung) windows look almost identical to double-hung windows. They also consist of 2 vertically-arranged sashes.

Functional window sill with full-fledge sleeping place

However, the main difference is that one is fixed while the other one can move. More specifically, the top panel is the stationary one while the bottom one can be moved up and down.

Some people prefer single sash to double-hung (also known as a double-hung sash) windows because they offer more security. However, because there’s one stationary panel, it does make it a little harder to clean.

If you’re on a budget, then this is where single sash windows win out against double-hung ones. Because there’s only 1 moving panel instead of 2, this means they’re much cheaper.

  1. Sliding Sash Windows

This is another variation on the other 2 sash windows we’ve already discussed.

With single sash and double-hung windows, the 2 panels are stacked on top of one another. But with sliding sash windows, they sit side by side. it’s this configuration that allows them to slide open and shut.

Let in the Light! 7 of the Best Window Styles to Consider for Your Home. Ultramodern multicolored house with glass panelled facade

Just like with their vertical cousins, sliding sash windows come in 2 forms. Either both panels slide or 1 stays stationary.

A downside to this type of window is since the panels are on tracks, these can easily fill up with debris, especially if you have the windows open often. This means you’ll have to clean them quite frequently.

However, a major plus of sliding sash windows is they’re very affordable. This is because they have a simple design that doesn’t cost much to produce.

  1. Casement Windows

Casement windows are also commonly used in American houses. But an interesting fact about this type of window is that they’re very popular in the UK before they got sash windows. Also, they’re still widely used in Europe today!

Ultramodern multicolored house with glass panelled facade. Absolutely marvelous idea with wavy line of the windows for very special bedroom

With casement windows, they operate very similarly to how a door would. There’s a hinge on one side, which allows you to pull and push the window open on it. All you have to do is unlock it with the handle first and then crank it open or shut.

If you’re into neutral looks, then casement windows are perfect. They typically have a neutral design that’ll fit perfectly in practically any home.

  1. Awning Windows

Awning windows work in a similar fashion to casement windows. This is because they also operate on a hinge and a crank.

Bottom opening panoramic windows for modern white colored house

However, there’s one main difference. Casement windows swing open from a hinge on the left or right side, while awning windows swing open from a hinge up top.

If you get a lot of wind and/or rain, then awning windows can be a great choice. They allow you to get some fresh air in, all without having to deal with debris or rain getting inside your home.

You can also place small ones in your bathroom to get proper ventilation.

  1. Fixed Windows

If you’re aiming to go for something super simple, then fixed windows should be one to consider.

Fixed window at the corridor looks like hypnotosing portal to the nature

As the name suggests, these are fixed in place; they don’t slide or swing open. They won’t give you any ventilation, but they’ll certainly let in the light where it needs to be.

Because they don’t open, fixed windows will save you lots on energy bills. Plus, their simple design also means you don’t have to spend much to get them.

  1. Skylights

Do you feel like your home’s a bit too dark inside? Then consider having a skylight installed. These will brighten up any space and give it a warmer look.

Big circle skylight in the center of modern styled large kitchen in white

In addition, you can get ones that open up. These can provide added ventilation in your home if you feel like it gets too humid and/or stuffy.

If after reading this list, you’re not 100% sure if you need replacements yet, you should read on here about when exactly to replace your windows. You’ll get some expert insight so you feel confident about your decision.

Choose From the Best Window Styles Available

Now you know what the best window styles are out there.

Obviously, not every single one will be right for every person, house, or budget. But hopefully, with this guide, you’ll be pointed in the right direction to select 2020 window styles that’ll be perfect for your home.

So take some time to explore your options, ask questions if needed, and don’t rush the process. If you put in the time and effort, it’ll all pay off in the end when you have both energy-efficient and beautiful windows!

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