Must-Have Tools for a DIY Metal Building Project

For every task that you set out to complete in life you will need a bespoke set of tools. It is important that you think through the process and identify what will be needed. In a business setting that could be anything from data to a printer. In a DIY setting, the process is also similar. We will break down all the tools you will need for a DIY metal building project.

Must-Have Tools for a DIY Metal Building Project. Metal sheathed barn-looking cottage in modern design

If there is one name in the industry that has garnered a great deal of respect when it comes to metal buildings of any size and for any use, it would be Armstrong Steel. Not only can you choose from an array of stock designs to erect on your property, but you can have custom made buildings to suit any purpose. This is a good place to start, if you have your materials you can just focus on the tools that are needed to piece your project together.

Power Tools

While most people have things like drills and cordless screwdrivers on hand, there are a couple of other power tools you might not have on hand. While the metal frame may come pre-fabricated, you will almost always need to measure and cut your own lumber. For this, it is recommended that you use a circular saw. Also, framing nailers are a good idea even if you have an assortment of hammers. Not only will a framing nailer save time but it sure will save a lot of sore muscles! Don’t forget to pick up a nail punch either because these will ensure that the nails are flush or just below the surface.

Must-Have Tools for a DIY Metal Building Project. Nail punch

Tools for Angles and Levels

Obviously, levels and angles are vital in building a structure. There is no need to explain why because you know what a building sitting at an angle is like or when framing corners are not cut at specific degrees. For these kinds of tasks, you’ll not only need a tape measure to get proper lengths but you will also need a speed square for angles and a 4-foot level to ensure that your building is, just that, level!

Must-Have Tools for a DIY Metal Building Project. Building level

Equipment You Will Need

Although these are often categorized as ‘tools,’ each actually is a kind of equipment. You will need at least two sawhorses and both a 6-foot ladder and an extension ladder. You will probably want to get a good quality shop vac as well to clean up all those shavings so that your new metal building is ready to be used when all the work is finished.

Must-Have Tools for a DIY Metal Building Project. Chop vac with accessories

Another tool you’ll need if working with metal is a drill press vise. It will allow you to secure the object you’re working on to a workbench. To learn more about this tool, read this review of The 5 Best Drill Press Vises.

Odds and Ends

While you shouldn’t need to actually weld anything, you might want to consider renting a welder at some point, especially if you will be running any plumbing to the building. This means that beyond those safety glasses that you should be wearing at all times, you might want other protective clothing such as gloves and other clothing designed specifically for welders. Also, if you will be working at a height, on the roof, for example, you may need safety harnesses for fall protection.

Finally, don’t forget to keep a water cooler and plenty of ice nearby. Staying hydrated may be difficult if working in the heat of summer, and while not actually a tool or piece of equipment, it sure can come in handy on a hot August day!

Must-Have Tools for a DIY Metal Building Project. Steel platfotm patio on the second floor of modern house

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