Secret Rooms with Hidden Doors Modern Design Ideas

Today we are about to highlight the original and not often used in modern houses design idea – hidden doors leading to different purpose secret rooms. Such a design solution is sending us back to the royal intrigues and castles with underpasses, secret boudoirs, treasuries, and other romantic spaces. Who said that it is not the time and place for these designs in our modern homes? Surely hidden doors will organically blend into your private house or multilevel apartment if you follow a few simple steps revealed in these secret rooms with hidden doors modern design ideas collection. Such a design solution will definitely add some scent of adventurism to your home. Maybe, it even provides you with a private secluded space for personal needs.


Secret Rooms with Hidden Doors Modern Design Ideas. Gabled ceiling loft style living room with hidden to the secret small room

Above you can see the extremely functional, harmonizing, compact, and actual small apartment design of the small loft studio apartment. It is able to accommodate almost every necessary functional area in a minimal amount of free space. Certainly, it is not often we can meet a living room with a built-in home office, kids’ place, laundry, and kitchen. All these are mounted within one wall unit and provided with doors that create a smooth straight wall and save the inner space from dust saving your time on cleaning.

The hidden doors with hiding behind them secret spaces can be conventionally divided by rooms in which they are located. These most often can be living rooms, libraries with uncommon cases in the kitchen and entryways. Moreover, most of such “spy-places” are located behind the cupboards and false walls.

Secret Rooms with Hidden Doors Modern Design Ideas. Living Room Location

You can easily transform your living room into a more attractive and functional space by planning it with a hidden boudoir, a panic room, etc. This layout won’t take much effort if you already have some estimation regarding the secret zones. Either way, we can help you a bit with the most common variants of designing the secret rooms right in the living.

  • Kids’ room. That is a very convenient option for young families with little babies. You will especially please your boy as it is the most intriguing for little adventurers to have their own secret place full of mystery and separated from any other spaces.

Secret Rooms with Hidden Doors Modern Design Ideas. Secret Child's room entrance in the living

Secret Rooms with Hidden Doors Modern Design Ideas. Loft designed apartment in light colors and wooden floor

The boy’s room located in the cabinet is a very creative idea. But keep in mind that it is most pertinent for teenagers as such design can turn traumatic for small children.

Secret Rooms with Hidden Doors Modern Design Ideas. Secret door to the kids' room right in the dressing cabinet

  • The most demanded from a safety point of view is the secret room where you can store all of your valuables and savings. Furthermore, the wooden cabinet would never betray the location of the safe room.

Secret Rooms with Hidden Doors Modern Design Ideas. Massive wooden cabinet is the entryway to the boudoir

  • A similar situation is with a panic room or armory. It is very expedient to hide the areas where no one should have access. Especially if it is done in such an exquisite, aesthetically pleasing manner.

Secret door to the vine cellar behind the wooden cabinet in the living room

  • Kitchen. You will be surprised but most nimble homeowners find the possibility to hide an extra kitchen near the room for rest.

Secret Rooms with Hidden Doors Modern Design Ideas. White living room in contemporary style have pass to the bathroom behind the cabinet with souvenirs

Library Based Secret Rooms

A wide range of different locations can also be hidden in the library. For instance, the room for reading is the most inconspicuous regarding the possibility of accommodating the secret space. Nobody, even your close friends would never think that you have such a place until you show it to them personally.

False wall leading to the secret living room for rest of a big company

The library should have plenty of cabinets and racks with books. This is a great chance to disguise extra space on the wall. Moreover, books are always great decor elements.

Hidden entry to the cozy living room in classic style

This can be virtually any possible functional space that you always dreamed about. Why not mask the dressing room between two cabinets with books?


The big space allows hiding even the living room in a two-story studio apartment.

Secret Rooms with Hidden Doors Modern Design Ideas. Two-storey house with the entrance to the secret space in one of the library cabinets

The most adventurous homeowners are able to accommodate even a whole bathroom behind the wall. In this case, you can make it in some classic style with elements of mystery. We are all surely a little bit children in our souls and love miracles.

Library can also become an unexected additional bathroom

Or it can be a gym for active sports time. Yeah, there is some logic in locating a gym in the library. It says: “Don’t turn into a bookworm. Workout!”. Also, this will help you remember the material you read better.

Library can turn to the secret home gym

Secret Rooms in Other Locations

The bathroom itself can contain a secret door leading to the sauna. And it can be arranged in a very nice way. Nobody will notice the extra possibilities of the bathroom. By the way, you can put an additional bath there with beautiful lights. It can be only your secret place.

Hidden door to the sauna in the white marble trimmed bathroom

Entryway furniture can be supplemented with a swivel cabinet for books with the ability to find stairs to the higher levels of the private house.

Original design of the secret stairs in the private house

…or it can be a way to the ground floor with other functional areas.

Secret pass to the cellar near the stairs in the classic styled orivate house

An originally decorated bathroom can contain a hidden door to the bathroom. Imagine how comfortable it is to relax after a hard day in the bath and go asleep literally in two steps from it.

Nice mosaic trimmed wall have the hidden door to the classic styled bathroom

You can organize the kids’ room in a small area under the stairs. No doubts it will become the favorite space in the house for your children. Perhaps you have already remembered your favorite cartoon or movie with similar doors.

Secret Rooms with Hidden Doors Modern Design Ideas. Nice idea of hiding the secret space under the stairs

The dining room or kitchen can easily accommodate such a very important room as laundry. Its entrance can be hidden into one of the numerous cabinets. As a result, you will combine comfort and beauty in one space.

Secret laundry room in the classic styled dining room

White trimmed dining room with the hidden door

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