Top 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas

Not everybody use maybe the most simple and the most effective at the same time technique of riviving and giving expression to the interior design method – coloring. Colorful furniture elements, windows, curtains, unusually painted carpets, wall coverings and so on can significantly contribute to the overall appearance of your stylish accommodation. Homeowners often neglect such opportunity and their apartments become dull and lifeless. But the experienced designers won’t let you make such a mistake. Just a simple printed picture reproduction can drastically change the atmosphere, and just imagine the room filled with bright elements? Our top 20 colorful interior design ideas of real modern apartments can inspire you for radical changes of your interior. But don’t hesitate and speculate for a long time – this advice is mainly for resolute and bold people who aren’t afraid to bring some spicy into their lives. Nevertheless, there’s no worry to spoil the whole atmosphere with bright elements if you’ll begin to try to add some small decorative spots to the living space as cushions, coverlets, small paintings, which could be easily removed.

Look at this loft styled modern home office and just ask yourself: will it give you an extra fit of energy to work at yellow desk or to negotiate with business partners at the purple one? If the answer is affirmative, we can proceed to the review of the other colorful interior design ideas.

Unusual loft style realization with the grunge and kitsch strokes for the home office

Shabby Chic is ideal for colorful experiments

Eclectic and Pop Art styles as its follower can harmonically combine complex color pallettes and even themes within a single interior. But the Shabby chic style goes much further and is able to hold and embrace a real myraid of colors and only win of it.

The eclectic interior below is gorgeous example of how colorful elements can add a vivacity to the interior.

Top 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. Modern Eclectic interpretation with gorgeous yellow riveted pouf in the center of the living room

And here we can see how colorful design elements turning the mere Provence apartment into Shabby chic licing zone right beneath our very eyes.

Top 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. Shabby chic lifing room

Shabby chic zones can be arranged even in the classic interiors. This style is very friendly and could be combined almost with any one, with the exeption of minimalism and Hi-tech only.

Shabby chic elements in the contemporary large living with columns

Another contemporary living room with light interior achieves the strokes of Shabby chic just by adding the yellow poufs and bright upholstered ottoman.

Shabby chic with eco notes design of the large living room with open layout

We can observe the mix of styles and in the next spectacular interior. It is a Fusion style with slight touch of Shabby chic purity.

Top 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. Kitsch minimalism for the large studio living room

More colors for living rooms and studios

Colorful eclecticism in the modern interpretation can be a very expressive design for a large living room of the open layout of the private house.

Top 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. Shabby Chic interior of the living with the abundance of bright furniture and contasting black chandeliersTop 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. Pop and funk design in the small dining room

Here we can see the spectacular example of giving extra shine for the Scandinavian minimalistic interior of the living zone. The notes of contemporary and pop art have made the indulgence for the funky mainstream of the area.

Elements of kitsch, contemporary and minimalistic Scandinavian styles within single premise of the living room

Dining or living can be also decorated with the help of intelligent combination of color and form to surprize the glance by unusual designer’s solutions.

Top 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. Nice classic interior revived by expressive picture and olive wall finishing Top 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. Birght red folding armchair and green decorative elements set a nice harmony in the bedroomTop 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. Oriental notes in the expessionistic style of the small living with glass

And we’ve almost forgot about the very bright aspid accent in the interior which can bring individual spice to the interior. Just look at this light, almost orange wooden color of the window panes and mantel shelf making the living room vivid.

Orange kitsch design of the small living with the aspid window panes and mantel shelf

Hi-tech can be also colorful. Especially when you opt for the colorful wallpaper with unusual pattern.

Top 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. Original pattern of the wallpaper and chandelier

Bedroom colorful ideas

Vinous interior can also be relaxing, calming and setting on the nice healthy sleep. Nice combination of deep bright color with white and accent black is the evidence of luxury and elaborated design of the cozy bedroom.

Nice calming and soothing vinous hue of the wall trimming in the classic interior with the contrasting black fireplace

Another example of the relaxing atmosphere is executed in ecological green hues manifests the tranquility and easthetic flavor.

Top 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. Minimal expressionisn in cintemporary style in the small bedroom with green coverlet for the bed

Scandinavian style can be also colorful appealing with adding the pictures and intricate coverlet. Wooden headboard just helps to set off the design idea in the seemingly sterile white room.

Top 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. Scandinavian style enliven by bright mix of colors in the bedroom

Pinky design stands alone aside from any style cause it create its own league. Classic Victorian forms of the ceiling edges and equisute chandelier, intricate pattern on the ceiling, nice decoration of the walls and windows – this premise is the simbiosis of different classic styles for the women’s pleasure.

Top 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. pink girl`s room with touch of pop art

Colorful decoration for kitchen

Ecological color palette for the large kitchen looks spectacular at the background of the white overall trimming.

Top 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. Nice contemporary bright kitchen atmosphere with the open layout

Fusion style is the very convenient option for the experiments with your kitchen interior. Colorful pans as the lamp shades, brickwork, perfunctorily arranged kitchenware and L-shaped design of the kitchen with the wooden countertop island.

Top 20 Colorful Interior Design Ideas. Fusion style is impressive for the kitchen


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