What do You Need a Cutting Torch for?

A cutting torch which is also known as Acetylene Torch used for various purposes. This can be sued for cutting heavy metals as well as very sharp work on tiny metals also. A cutting torch usually uses acetylene gas which is actually and a mixture of calcium carbide with water.

What do You Need a Cutting Torch for? The pro at the work

Calcium carbide is produced by mixing coal and lime and at the time of burning it in a furnace, it can create a temperature of 2000-degree F. But for professional work, this is not enough. It has to produce 6000-degree F with the help of oxygen to cut any kind of metal.

The demand for cutting torch has been expanded tremendously in the past few years. The main reason is that these torches are portable and inexpensive. These acetylene torches mainly use in different industries like welding, motorcycle industries, fitting pipes etc. Some areas where these torches are widely used are discussed below. You can visit here for more details about how to pick the right cutting torches.


Jewelry industries are one of the most sensitive industries as it produces many fashionable and excellent difficult designs. So, sharp and perfect cutting of metals as per design or shape is badly necessary here. For this reason, a cutting torch has a great impact on that industry. The technician does water welding with the help of cutting torch to produce valuable jewelry which is of great demand in the market.


With the expansion of skyscrapers the demand for heavy glass is highly increasing. Acetylene torch has a great impact on glass industries. By using the cutting torch, a fire polished effect is produced for the glass which makes the glass smooth. It also ensures the very clean, clear and smooth appearance of the glass which is very much necessary to use them in very aesthetic work.


In this industry, a cutting torch is also widely used. By using this flaming is done to crack the stone at a point and then breaks. To make it more perfectly a steel brush is kept attached along with the angle grind that tries to remove the upper layer of the stone.

You must keep some basic equipment while using a cutting torch for your safety. Have a look over them.

Safety Gear

You must wear some safety kits before starting to use the cutting torch for welding. A face shield and goggles are a must. Besides a pair of fire resistant gloves for welding are also similarly essential.

What do You Need a Cutting Torch for? Work clothes for safe operation

Pressure Vessels

As we know an acetylene cutter works with acetylene and oxygen, two different cylinders are needed to do perfect work.


Two different color green and red are needed for bringing fuel. They must be flame and oil resistance.


Gas pressure regulator is another very important issue to consider. There are two types of gas pressure- one his high and the other is low pressure from the cylinder.

A metal cutting torch is a very important technology that gives you very perfect shape and rapid work in your workplace. So, you should be careful of its proper use to avoid any unwanted situation as well as to get very good support in the workplace. Despite all the sectors listed above, there are so many things you can do with a cutting torch. Even you need that for your cars or motorbike repair as well.

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