Turquoise Kitchen Design Ideas: A Lot of Decoration Options

Turquoise is a very fashionable and good choice, especially in the case of the kitchen. It is fresh and modern, and also creates many interesting design options. It blends perfectly with a variety of styles, including retro, modern, and Mediterranean.


  1. Mediterranean style
  2. Retro
  3. Modern kitchen
  4. Fashionable design
  5. Combination with other colors
  6. Turquoise accessories

Turquoise Kitchen Design Ideas: A Lot of Decoration Options. Streamline phsilosophy of the space with large gray island

Turquoise Color in the Interior of the Kitchen: the Idea of ​​the Mediterranean Style

The blue-green turquoise hue recalls the charming climate of the Mediterranean Sea, associated primarily with the crystal clear air, seawater, delicious and healthy dishes characteristic of this region. The turquoise color in a Mediterranean style will bring a breath of freshness, lightness, and southern relaxation to the kitchen by combining the charm of natural beauty and romantic memories of a vacation.

The Mediterranean style is very delicate and subtle, so it’s good to keep the color balance. A harmonious effect can be achieved by using a neutral color palette because turquoise goes well with beige, gray, and white. The basis of the composition should be light and neutral colors, while turquoise will be perfect for small accents, highlighting individual cabinets, kitchen equipment, or decorations.

Turquoise Kitchen Design Ideas: A Lot of Decoration Options. Classic setting with herringbone white tiles

Kitchens in Turquoise Color: Retro Style Photos

The turquoise color was extremely popular in the design of the kitchen in the 1950s, so it fits perfectly into the rooms decorated in retro style. Turquoise attracts attention and enlivens the interior. Of course, having equipped the kitchen in retro style, you can give free rein to your imagination, combine different shades of turquoise on the walls, furniture, decorations, and kitchen utensils.

Turquoise Kitchen Design Ideas: A Lot of Decoration Options. Pale colored facades

Retro style is bold and allows you to play with the overall design of the room and colors. Turquoise, despite its expressive nature, can play a major role in interior design. For example, you can apply turquoise paint on one of the central walls and complement the entire composition with decorative kitchen tiles with green and blue accents. We must not forget about the curtains, lamps, and rugs stored in the atmosphere of that era.

Turquoise Kitchen Design Ideas: A Lot of Decoration Options. Nice combination with yellow

Turquoise Kitchen Combination of Colors in a Modern Style

Modern kitchens are distinguished by the simplicity of style, minimalism, but also originality, so the turquoise color works perfectly in them. A dose of expressive and full of festive turquoise energy allows you to personalize and warm the unprocessed interior at a glance. In addition, turquoise has a huge advantage. It goes well with all kinds of materials – wood, steel, glass, as well as ceramics and plastic, which are often used in modern arrangements.

Nice mint tint for minimalistic modern kitchen full of natural light

The combination of bright turquoise and black shade is an extremely fashionable combination. Black and turquoise colors add a little drama and sophisticated elegance to the home kitchen. The effect can be enhanced by using glossy facades instead of frosted wardrobes.

Turquoise walls are ideal for both classic and modern kitchens, wonderfully combining cabinets and kitchen appliances.

Acid springgreen colored glossy facades and dark backsplash for modern designed kitchen Great bluish turquoise tint for modern space with rounded forms Pale blue modern kitchen space with dark laminated floor

Fashionable Design of the Kitchen in Turquoise Color

If you want to decorate the design of the kitchen with turquoise, then carefully consider whether it is better to make the color prevailing in the interior or, perhaps, bet on a balanced, safe combination of various elements. In the first case, all the walls are painted in the chosen turquoise hue. In the second – a stronger color accent decorates one of the walls or part of it and turquoise additions are precisely matched to this composition. Of course, there is no single pre-established action plan, since it all depends on personal preferences, the design of the room and its size, lighting, and interior style. Stronger tones on large surfaces will work mainly in spacious high kitchens. Turquoise is a juicy shade that will help emphasize fragments of walls, niches or surface areas, and countertops.

Artificially worn-out looking turquoise kitchen facadesfor classic designed kitchen with a TV Olive colored kitchen furniture and classic white ceiling Minimalist modern kitchen space with bright turquoise glossy facades

Turquoise Kitchen – Combination of Colors

Take a quick glance at which colors are the best match for turquoise. There are several options.

Wainscoting imitation for classic designed kitchen in bright turquoise

The turquoise kitchen will look sensational if you add white. The composition of turquoise plus white belongs to the classics of the kitchen genre. Paint part of the walls white or choose a kitchen furniture set of such a tone to get a light, fresh, and festive atmosphere in the interior.

Sky blue kitchen furniture set and white painted walls

A good companion for turquoise walls in the kitchen is also a gray color, which subtly enhances and accentuates the basic color.

Unusual modern kitchen design with UFO-looking lamp and rounded extractor hood

In addition, delicate greens, especially with pistachio or mint tones, or vice versa – dark emerald or earthy tones are wonderful tandem with turquoise.

Pisctachio and mint color combination for successful kitchen

If you want to “coax” and warm up the interior a little, then combine turquoise with shades of beige, sand or muddy brown.

Glossy turquoise bottom line of the kitchen furniture to tint the dark floor Stretched ceiling as unexpected decision in classic turquoise kitchen with light wooden floor

Having abandoned the classics, you can allow yourself a little madness and refreshment in the interior. And just such an effect will bring you an extravagant combination of lime and turquoise. The first shade will give the room freshness and good mood. The second one will add to it a feeling of lightness and vitality. All this can be supplemented with a small amount of pure and neutral white. The resulting arrangement will pleasantly surprise you with its modern and energetic character. Bright additions to the walls will be a great complement to the colorful mix on the walls.

For furniture, rely on simple models with white facades. The rest of the furniture is worth doing the same – a table with a wooden worktop and chrome legs, as well as white plastic chairs, are perfect. Do not forget about the little things: colorful floor mats or original accessories perfectly complement the composition.

Great turquoise color palette for spacious kitchen with independent island in the center

Accessories in the Turquoise Kitchen

It is wonderful if turquoise on the walls of the kitchen finds its continuation in the interior. A turquoise lamp above the kitchen table or plates with a turquoise pattern displayed on a shelf, chairs, or carpet painted in such a color is enough to create a consistent composition.

Accent tuquoise wall and accessories for modern pastel colored kitchen

Consider the sheer number of modern interiors in turquoise colors. Interesting arrangements will surely inspire you.

Beige top boxes and turquoise backsplash and bottom cabinets for contemporary kitchen Olive colored modern kitchen design Ultramodern futuristic design for the kitchen with streamlined glossy furniture Nice casual designed kitchen with light wooden floor and turquoise furniture White and nible Colorado oak facades with subtle turquoise complement

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