Why Should You Invest in Rainwater Tanks for Your Home?

Water scarcity has become a real threat to human existence. According to experts, poor water resources management, collapsed infrastructure, poor distribution systems, and climate changes are some causes of water scarcity.

Why Should You Invest in Rainwater Tanks for Your Home? Metal rainwater tank with tags and plumbing

Per a recent news report, Australia is experiencing a severe drinking water crisis due to a long spell of drought. The country receives an average of 600mm rainfall every year. Rainwater is an asset that can be stored and used during drought season with options like https://pioneerwatertanks.com.au/rainwater-tanks-for-your-home/.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in rainwater tanks for your home.

Reduces Your Dependence on Imported Water Supply

If you don’t collect and store rainwater, it flows into the drains. Communities that depend on imported water supply can benefit from rainwater harvesting. They can store rainwater in the tanks that will reduce their dependence on imported water.

When drinking water is scarce, like in summer, there is a higher demand for imported potable water. As a result, the rates spike due to significant differences in supply and demand. With rainwater tanks, you will have adequate drinking water to satisfy your daily needs, and you don’t need to purchase drinking water.

Provides Environmental Benefits

When you install rainwater tanks, you’ll reduce the amount of water going down the drains and rivers.  The stormwater that runs off your property washes away sediments, pesticides, fertilizers, and metals.

If you store rainwater, less water will run off your property, eliminating the harmful effects of pesticides and chemicals that flow into rivers. It can be used for irrigation and watering your garden as it does not have any chemicals like fluoride and chloramines.

Reduces Energy Consumption

The rainwater tanks are installed on your property and closer to your home. It means the water source and the endpoints (where it needs to be supplied) are not very far.

The municipality has to expend large amounts of energy on water treatment to make it safe for human consumption.  The water treatment tanks are located far away from residential areas. Hence, the municipal water department uses large pumps to transport water to longer distances through the pipes to communities, increasing energy consumption.

On the other hand, the rainwater is pure, and the contamination only happens due to the surfaces it comes in contact with, like your roof. You can install filters to make the water potable, or boiling water is enough to make it safe for drinking and cooking purposes.  Using rainwater harvesting reduces your dependence on municipal water, and you also help save energy in the process.

Provides Economic Benefits

Rainwater harvesting can reduce your water bills significantly. If you have a large tank with a diameter of 10.03m and a height of 2.18m, you can store around 172,134 litres of water.  You can use the rainwater for irrigation and washing purposes, reducing your dependence on municipal supply and water bills.

To sum up, these are a few ideas to invest in rainwater tanks for your home. It is not only good for the environment but can also give you peace of mind when drinking water scarcity is becoming more challenging.

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