5 Easy Decluttering Hacks For Your New Home

When moving into a new home, many homeowners automatically face the problem of organizing the space in their new dwelling. Usually, we achieve in our possession a staged house or apartment before moving in and can plan the process from the scratch. Of course, this is the easiest situation. We just pack our home stuff and appliances, then find skilled and qualified movers. Finally, we need to unbox everything and decorate the new home. But what do we do if our situation is not so easy breezy? For example, we can move to a smaller/bigger apartment. Or we move to the state or province with a colder/hotter climate where something we already have can turn irrelevant. Or our new home can contain furniture already and we’ll need to make it “friends” with our belongings. Moreover, we simply can be unaware of the importance of decluttering and already have problems with space organization. So, our small yet effective collection of 5 easy decluttering hacks for your new home will give you a clue on where to start.

5 Easy Decluttering Hacks For Your New Home. Minimalistic casual bedroom in total white with the wardrobe and large platform bed

Declutter Already

The readers of our blog know that it is very important to live and work in a minimalistic functional space for better productiveness. We’ve discussed how to design your home office to keep you more productive. Many of these pieces of advice are right for decluttering strategy as well. Undoubtedly, you need to keep your personal space functional and clear. And not only it. This concerns your emails, car, wardrobe, kitchen, and even hygiene supplies. Use your phone to let you free from ongoing tasks, bills, documents, and so on. Also, you’ll be able to keep your working table fit.

If you had a renovation or moved before, you know how important is to have a decluttering policy. If not, you’ll need to work out one. To start with, you need to grasp a couple of simple principles.

First of all, the main idea is to have only needful and operable things in your home. This means that something you don’t use in a year should be revised on its necessity. You will define whether you need this or that by yourself. For example, you can find some old personal things that are dear to your memory and gather them in one place (box or a glass cabinet). Maybe it will be a kickstart of your new hobby.

Everything at Place

The second basic principle of decluttering and organizing your space is to find a comfortable place for every precious piece of your life in your home. Your phone, keys, documents, other devices, cutlery, and everyday clothes should be always at their habitual spot. Your brain will quickly remember and adopt the way things are arranged and you will have no problem after the move no matter how big or small the new home is. Also, you will quickly track any outsider objects on your way. This will help fight the dawn of emerging clutter.

5 Easy Decluttering Hacks For Your New Home. Large loggia with black window pane and skillfully organized working spaces for three

Get Rid of Things

There always comes a moment in life when some of our things lose their purpose, are worn out, or somehow lost their appeal. It’s time to think about what to do with them. Yes, we know how hard it can be to throw out something, especially when it was once used. However, all the unnecessary things will accrue to your living space making it more entangled and cramped.

Donate, make an auction in your backyard (which is gaining popularity in the US), or just throw away presorted things.

Utilize the Benefits of the Furniture

This can be probably the biggest paragraph of the article as modern furniture proposes the literally endless possibility of making your private space functional. However, I will try to keep it short.

Introduce hanging storage and exposed mobile wardrobes. Everything should be not only in place but also in front of your eyes.

5 Easy Decluttering Hacks For Your New Home. Portable mobile clothes wardrobe at the casual interior

Baskets everywhere will help you arrange things better and also will keep your belongings open to your eyesight.

5 Easy Decluttering Hacks For Your New Home. Contemporary bedroom with wall decoration and boxes for things

A multifunctional working table with drawers, USB ports, the possibility of cordless charging, etc. will heavily cut your needs for additional equipment.

5 Easy Decluttering Hacks For Your New Home. Adjustable table

Prepare the Moving Beforehand

We can easily pack some sorts of things for a long before we actually move. As it comes from the second paragraph, if you have the strategy of what to do with all the possessions, you better know what things you don’t use right now. It can be sports equipment, out-of-season clothing, kitchen appliances that appear only when you have a party, etc. Of course, such things should be gradually packed once moving is set on your schedule.

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