Call My Realtor, I’m Bored: 8 Signs It’s Time to Move to a New City

Do you feel like time is running out in your current city? Have you outgrown your home? Read on for surefire signs that it’s time to move.

Call My Realtor, I'm Bored: 8 Signs It's Time to Move to a New City. Boxes ready for relocation

There comes a time when people come at a crossroads. One of the toughest situations is deciding if you should stay in your current house or move to a new one.

Studies reveal that over 35 million Americans relocate to a new house every year. As far as their reasons go, they vary.

Different things happen and push people to consider leaving for a new city. But how can you tell that it’s the right time to move? How can you differentiate a legit reason from an impulse or whim?

Keep on reading below to find out how.

Knowing When It’s Time to Move

Before you go through the real estate broker vs agent concern, you need to make sure you are moving to a new location for the right reasons. Here are eight valid signs that should make you consider moving to a new home, at the very least.

  1. Not Enough Space

One of the most common reasons that force people to look for a new home is space. Most of the time, it is the lack thereof.

Families grow and children grow up. More people inside the house merits more space to move about.  If you see that you are running out of space for everything, then it’s time to consider moving to a bigger house.

On the flip side, too much space also force some people to find a smaller home. This is evident among retirees. One or two people will have a hard time maintaining a house that is too big.

  1. Finances Change

Sometimes, things become tight financially. In these instances, you may realize that you can no longer keep up with the monthly rent. This is a valid reason to consider moving to a more affordable place.

Look for the tell-tale signs. Do you struggle to make ends meet and cover some of your basic necessities? Do you even have no money to spend on anything nice for yourself?

Do the simple things in life cause a burden on your finances? If your answer is “yes,” then you better step back and revisit your options. If you can find a cheaper house that is good enough for your family, don’t hesitate to make the move.

On the other hand, you may also find your finances multiplying. If your income increase is big enough for you to afford a better home, then you may also look into moving elsewhere. Make sure, however, that the new monthly payments will not affect your other expenses.

  1. Better Opportunity Elsewhere

There are times when a better opportunity in a different city calls you. It can be a lucrative job offer from a rival company. Or perhaps a new position from your current one that requires you to relocate.

If you see that the move will benefit you exponentially, then it is a good reason to consider transferring to a new city.

  1. Stressful Commute

Did you ever wonder how many hours you are losing on your daily commute? Studies show that the average American commuter loses 97 hours a year from commuting.

If commuting to and from work is a major cause of stress, you may consider finding a place closer to your workplace.

Stress manifests in different forms. It can make you irritable and impatient. In severe cases, stress can lead to all sorts of illnesses.

Do you often get sick? Do you easily lose concentration? Do you prefer hitting the sack the moment you reach home?

If the commute is killing you and cutting your quality time for your family, then it’s time to move.

  1. Kids are Ready for a Better School

As your children grow up, their academic needs also change. When it is time for them to move up to the big school, it may require you to relocate somewhere closer to one.

But before you make any move, do some research and compare schools in different areas. Do you wish to transfer them to a private school or a public institution? Look into the ratings of the schools and find the ones that are close to a residential area that you prefer.

  1. Compromised Safety

It is unfortunate to see some neighborhoods becoming dangerous. If things are starting to get perilous on your street, then it is a good reason to move your family elsewhere.

In milder cases, environmental hazards and loud neighbors also affect people’s quality of life. If these things bother you more than they should, you may also consider looking for a more peaceful neighborhood.

  1. Stagnation

Are you starting to feel that everything is a routine? Are you wondering if there is still something to look forward to in your current neighborhood? Do you feel that your career or business has hit a brick wall?

These are signs of stagnation. These are signs that tell you that your current location offers little to no opportunity for growth.

It doesn’t matter if it is self-growth or career growth. Stagnation will lead you to boredom. It will make you feel that everything is a chore.

Eventually, you will find yourself becoming very lazy, with nothing to look forward to.

A change of scenery, meaning living in a new environment, can help break stagnation. It will give you the fresh start that you need.

  1. There’s No More Connection

Last but not least, you no longer feel any connection with the place you currently live in. You realize that life is giving you no more reason to stay.

This happens when you find yourself complaining more often. You may also feel lonely with very little motivation.

Sometimes, losing a job or seeing old friends moving out cuts your connection. The key to resolving this is to determine what ties you to your current home. Is it because you love the city or is something else that binds you with it?

Choose the Right Home

Knowing when it’s time to move is crucial. Your decision will affect not only your life but also your family. After making that bold decision, you need to worry about finding the right home.

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