Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design

It is difficult to imagine the interior of a bedroom without a storage system. Traditionally, the closet is used as furniture for storing clothes, shoes, and accessories. But the corner cabinet will help to solve the problem of the storage of clothes for two people or for the whole family in the interior of even a small bedroom. Such angular configuration allows using of storage space of the room most efficiently. This cabinet can be executed in any design and can have suitable for your arrangement, fully satisfying the needs of your family to store things, shoes, accessories, and bedding. To find the ready-made solution or to order a corner cabinet model suiting your sizes is possible for any stylistic design of your sleeping space. By reviewing the corner cabinet types for modern bedroom interior design in photos we explore the subject of how easy and comfortable can be the storage of necessary things in your home.



Corner Cabinet’s Versions for Bedrooms

The following criteria affect the choice of cabinet model:

  • size of the room and its layout, as well as the amount of storage space that is allocated for the installation of the cabinet;
  • the performance style of the interior;
  • the color theme of the premises;
  • execution material of the basic furniture, first of all, of the bed;
  • the capacity of the cabinet will depend on the number of wardrobe items that need to be stored in the corner system, and the type of things – clothes, shoes, bedding, sporting attributes and accessories, and other items.

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If we talk about ways of installing corner cabinets, all models can be divided into two groups:

  • built-in;
  • carcass or detached.

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Each type of cabinet has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the obvious advantage of the body in the closet is its mobility. You can rearrange the piece of furniture to another corner of the room or even “move” it to another room. Also, you will be able to carry the cabinet in a new home in case you move to a new apartment or homeownership. Such manipulations with built-in models are or impossible at all, or will require additional costs to dismantle at the old place and the new installation (with the alterations are inevitable, because the size of the free area for installation likely will not be the same).

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But the built-in cabinets have obvious advantages. They are custom made, which means that they will maximize the use of available space in your bedroom. The internal area of such a closet will always greater than in similar cabinet furniture. The design of the built-in corner storage cabinet may be of any, it is limited only by the free space of the room, family needs, and financial capabilities of customers.

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If we talk about the shape of the corner cabinets, all models can be divided into the following groups:

Triangular – when viewed from the top, the cupboard forms clearly visible triangle. The advantages of such cabinets can be attributed to simplicity of execution, and therefore the democratic value of the final cost of the piece of furniture. The internal volume of the model is large enough and can accommodate a large number of items of clothes. It is due to the rational use of corner space. The main drawbacks include the fact that the triangular cabinets “eat off” a large number of room’s space and may not fit for premises of modest size.

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Trapezoid – at the base of this model lays the trapezoid (usually rectangular). These pieces of furniture can boast with high capacity and can be easily combined with other modules, storage systems and any other furnishing in the bedroom interior.


Pentagonal are similar to other models. We can see clearly visible pentagon (most often – scalene one) in the silhouette of such cabinets. This design of corner cabinet is deservedly one of the most popular due to its high capacity.

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Radius or radial cabinets have smooth curved lines of facades. The main advantage is the original execution and the ability to integrate into the complex stylistic designs of bedroom interior. But the complexity of the manufacture of curved facades always increases the final cost of the product. It is the main drawback of this type of cabinet. A white corner cabinet or the one with a creamy pastel tint is the best choice for such a design.

13-7Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Complex of classic styled storage

L-shaped cabinets speak for themselves – at the base of these models, we can see the letter “L”. Often there are variants with equal length of the “angle” sides and is not only similar to the letter when one side substantially longer than the perpendicular one. Such designs allow rational use of the angular space of the room while leaving enough space for the approach to the cabinet facades. But this type of design is inferior to other by inner capacity.

Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Wooden wardrobe to fit all the shoes Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Platform bed in the center of modern styled room Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. comfortable sleeping space in modest arranged room

Tall Corner Cabinet to Provide Extra Functionality

Many people live in a quite high building or houses and, of course, every homeowner puzzles on how to utilize the upper space with maximum productivity. The bedroom is an absolutely fine room to place a tall corner cabinet here. And why not? Any other furniture would be spread all over the wall, and the tall cabinet has chances to be compact in width.

Also, it is a great solution to be combined with ceiling lights that can enhance the functionality of your living space. It is very cozy when you put some extra to the upper shelves. It is no need to fumble all around in dark top shelves.

Small Corner Cabinet

To round up the topic of possible forms of corner cabinets, let’s speak a word about small furniture designs. Of course, people with plenty of space available would hardly pay attention to such models but it is a godsend for small bedrooms. They appear in already overviewed pentagonal or radial forms.

Compact corner cabinet projection in the modern room Small corner cabinet in black


The Design and the Material of Manufacturing for Corner Cabinets’ facades

The corner cabinet, which will be part of the bedroom interior, should match its stylistic execution. If we are talking about a very modest-sized room, it is better to stop the choice on a light facade, which will match the color selection of the wall finishing. In this case, even bulky (for a small room) corner cabinet will not cause visual pressure and will help to create a concise and yet easy way of building.

Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Gray and dark combination of colors to set the small room design Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Dark laminated floor in the white minimalistic space

The spacious bedroom has many more opportunities for stylistic and color variations of the corner cabinet’s execution. You can choose a contrasting accentual color for the performance of the main bedroom furniture – bed and storage systems in the stylistic of a corner cabinet. Wherein, the room’s walls and facades of the angular set can be of both colors.

Working place at the bedroom equipped with full-fledged storage area Classic white victorian boudoir design with masterfully designed storage Minimalsitic design for creative person's bedroom with accent wall

The defining elements of the appearance of any cabinet (and angular design is no exception) are its facades. They can be filled with the following materials;

  • MDF or chipboard coated with a PVC film, plastic or veneered (the most common options, acceptable cost, and quality of products);
  • mirror sheets (indispensable option for small spaces, in need of visual magnification), they can be smooth or embossed and include laser engraving, printing;
  • a canvas of tempered thick glass, which can appear in the transparent and matted form. Image printing is also can be applied to the glass. Manufacturers often put a layer of special lacquer under the fabric which creates original variations of cabinet fronts;
  • combining of materials within the corner cabinet fronts. For example, MDF can be combined with glass or mirror.

Corner mirror surfaced cabinet in the spacious bedroom of forest cottage house with bay window The small bedroom with sleeper near the window full of different storage systems window side sleeper in the wisely designed children's bedroom with corner furniture set

The exterior of the cabinet can be also affected by the presence of design accessories. Obviously, functional and decorative elements of the corner cabinets’ facades need to be sustained in the general style of the furniture bath as the performance of the model itself and the whole interior of the bedroom in general. The rooms which are decorated in a contemporary style, loft or high-tech we can see perfectly smooth and cabinet fronts with concealed fittings.

Yellow frames of the racks and the white module cabinet brickwork as the most magnetizing interior detail of the bedrom with large wardrobe-cabinet

Corner Cabinet Door Mechanism Types

Apart from the size, colors and material of the corner cabinet, before you buy or order furniture for the bedroom it is necessary to determine the type of doors for large storage systems. From the viewpoint of characteristics of opening all the doors can be divided into the following types:

Swing doors. This type is familiar to most of us a way to open the door into the room. The advantages of such designs include ease of performance, reliability and familiarity of use. Swing doors are perfectly suited for the majority of the stylistic choices of bedrooms’ interior execution. The disadvantages of swing constructions we can attribute the need for a space in front of facades for the smooth opening of doors.

Corner cabinet in the bedroom near the entrance door Chidlren's room in the intellectual dark gray appearance

Sliding doors open on the principle of the compartment door in trains – the surface shifts aside on the guide. The obvious advantage of such products lays in the possibility of using the premises of modest size. To open the door you do not need free space in front of it. The corner cabinet with sliding doors is suitable for a small bedroom; it can be placed almost chock-a-block to the other items. The lack of a corner cabinet with sliding doors is that this model is not suitable for all stylistic trends of the design. Such a design will look more than appropriate in a modern bedroom, but for classical interiors, it will not.

Built-in corner cabinet in the modest sized classic styled bedroom

When choosing the angular storage with a wardrobe mechanism you should pay special attention to accessories and fasteners. The movement of the door along the guide should be smooth and without jerks. And the closure of the sliding element to the sidewalls of the cabinet should be maximally dense. Do not skimp on the elements of the mechanism that will be subject to constant exposure.

Inner Configuration of the Corner Cabinet

The tall corner cabinet is spacious storage. There are usually a variety of elements to place into the wardrobe:

Shelves.  Most often made of the same material as the basic skeleton of the product, its facades, but may be executed out of metal, plastic and glass. Depending on the design and the material may be designed for direct storage of clothing as is and clothes stored in boxes, suitcases and other items.

Custom angle cabinet in white execution to fit diferent types of the clothesOpen shelves, boxes and drawers to store all the possible things for the owners

Drawers are ideal for small items and accessories. Current models are often equipped with automatic closers for a smooth closing.

Angular cabinet full of crossbars with hangers for a lots of outfitCorner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Unique design of the open wardrobe storage system

Crossbars are used for hanging clothes stored on the hanger. These elements are arranged at different heights depending on what is supposed to be placed in the compartment – garments, long gowns or shirts and pants. Typically, in the compartment for dresses and outerwear opening height under the bar ranges from 140 to 160 cm, in the section for trousers, skirts and blouses it measures from 90 to 120 cm (it depends on the cabinet owners’ height).

Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Complex structure of the angular cabinet

If the depth of the corner cupboard is greater than 50 cm, it is advisable to locate a crossbar in parallel to the rear wall. If the depth is shallow (less than 50 cm), it is better to set short rod perpendicular to the rear wall (parallel to the sides).

Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Exposed rods to hang the clothes Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Milky white angular custom wardrobe to store all the clothes

Baskets, mesh blocks, containers on cloth, plastic, or metal basis. They store casual wear and underwear. Often such containers are fitted with pull-out type drawers, allowing them to fully fold out for usability.

Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Green wall and the open modular shelving of the wardrobe

In addition to these devices, modern cabinets use various variants of hooks, racks; roll-out and swivel shelves, helping to allocate accessories effectively and efficiently – handbags, jewelry, ties and belts.

Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Noble design of the light wooden storage in the dressing room

Even a small corner cabinet, located in the bedroom of modest size can accommodate entire wardrobe of hosts. It efficiently stores clothes and shoes as well as bedding. If the area of the room for sleep and rest allows, you can arrange an entire dressing room under the bed space in which to store not only the wardrobe items but also sports equipment, bags and suitcases, materials; tools for hobbies and other necessities for the hosts household items .

Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Scandinavian style in the spacious bedroom with the open wardrobe Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Angular cabinet in the wardrobe finished with circle-print wallpaper

Examples of Arranging Corner Cabinets in a Kids’ Bedroom

Models of corner cabinets, designed for child’s room should often storage books, toys, sports equipment in addition to clothing and footwear. Therefore, models for children’s rooms often equipped with external units with open shelves, to help to arrange items of daily use. Their child will be able to easily reach them without opening the cabinet door.

Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Creatively arranged children's room working and sleeping place all in one Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Alternative dark grey and orange facades for the storage systems in the children's room Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Turquoise elements on the dark red wooden floor in the child's

Another feature of the performance of the corner designed cabinet is the ability to use bright colors. Typically, in the manufacture of custom furniture, parents plan to purchase the entire set of furniture, which will be a monolithic, harmonious ensemble, made in a certain range of colors. Given that the corner dresser or cabinet is a massive part of the room furniture, color choice for its facade is a priority solution in the preparation of the whole picture of the room.

Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Orange and yellow color theme for spacious nursery Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Classic styling and creative bed arrangement in child's room Corner Cabinet Types for Modern Bedroom Interior Design. Children's room with very bright color gamma

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