Country Style Living Room Design: Cozy and Romantic Atmosphere

The interior in the Country style draws inspiration from nature and everything that surrounds a person. The most important part of this style direction is warmth and a sense of community. The country-style living room should be furnished so that every time you go there, you can feel as comfortable as possible.


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Country Style Living Room Design: Cozy and Romantic Atmosphere. Light and very homey design with pillows on the sofa and upholstered ottoman

Country Style Living Room: Fashion Design

In fact, there is no single concrete definition of a country style living room. Comfort and coziness are the basis. A country style living room will only be perfectly furnished when you add personalized elements. So, use family photos in frames, patterned vases, and handmade embroidered pillows to create a unique, country-style living room. The photo gallery of this article will provide many ideas. Choose the one that best suits your personal tastes. Once you get a few ideas together, it will certainly be easier to create a country living room perfect for your home.

Country Style Living Room Design: Cozy and Romantic Atmosphere. Classic designed room in pastel colors

Country Style Living Room Interior: what Colors to Choose?

The country-style living room can be decorated in different colors, which will completely depend on personal taste and choice. Please note that living is the first room that guests see in your home. Therefore, the colors of the living room should be chosen so as to provide a soothing and comfortable atmosphere. Designers especially recommend using white and cream shades. A country style living room should radiate coziness and a sense of community in every possible way because it is precisely such functions that create the right atmosphere and mood. A village living room is a room in which both family members and invited guests will spend hours talking in a cozy atmosphere. Style is associated with spending time in a group so that a living room should be arranged on the basis of soothing colors.

Country Style Living Room Design: Cozy and Romantic Atmosphere. Exposed and contrasting dark wooden ceiling beams for brown colored room with white walls

Country Style Living Room in the Apartment: Wall Decoration

The ideal country-style living room should have white or cream walls that will be complemented by wooden elements, whether through the use of beams or wall furniture, that is, shelves.

Widespread use of wood is an absolute condition for arranging a country style living room. You can also decide on a design entirely based on the use of wood, for example, panels on the walls.

Country Style Living Room Design: Cozy and Romantic Atmosphere. Typical rustic interior design with chalet warmness

Using of washed stone as a wall covering is becoming an increasingly popular option as it creates a rustic effect for a stylish living room.

Country Style Living Room Design: Cozy and Romantic Atmosphere. English style touch for rustic designed living

Another always important part of country style interior design is brickwork. A neatly painted or natural red brick blends perfectly with wooden beams.

Country Style Living Room Design: Cozy and Romantic Atmosphere. Dark brown color scheme for classic living

Each of these options will perfectly reflect the country style, so choose the one that best suits your character, meeting the requirements and expectations.

Great rustic living toom design disposing to relaxationNoble classic living room design in country style and brown palette

Country-Style Bedroom-Living Room: Floor Selection

As for the choice of floor for the living room or in combination with the bedroom, then you will have a wide range of materials, so it all depends on preferences. In a typical country-style living room, you can find the stone and wooden floors, as well as anything in between. Choosing the right flooring will depend entirely on taste and, above all, budget. However, remember that the floors should complement other elements of the decor of the bedroom-living room. If you are renovating a room, then a simple way to achieve a country style effect is to use a wooden laminate. On the other hand, if you plan to build a country-style living room from scratch, you can focus on using high-quality wood flooring panels that will look very elegant in combination with other wooden living room elements, such as furniture. The use of large, orange, or brown carpets will also accentuate the rustic, organic charm of country style. If you choose stone walls, you can also connect them to the marble floor. Thus, the room will gain additional charm and sophistication.

Warm chalet living room with precise spot lighting and large fireplace Great interior curtains on rough wooden log frame and improvised office space

Country-Style Kitchen-Living room

Decorating the living room has always been the most interesting part of the interior design of any home because it involves a venue for all family members. Since the decor of the living room is usually quite delicate and subtle, the wise use of brighter colors using pillows or curtains will instantly revive the entire room. In a country/rustic kitchen-living room you should usually install solid teak or oak furniture. It should not be distinguished by complex decorations, since the charm is hidden in a crude, natural form. The country-style kitchen living room should be spacious. This room is suitable for the whole family gathered for Christmas or another holiday. The place should revitalize shared family memories and help strengthen bonds. Thus, decorating a rustic kitchen-living room with family photos and souvenirs is always a great idea. You may also be tempted by a wooden shelf on which trophies, beautiful dishes, etc. will be placed. In this setting, you will spend wonderful moments surrounded by family and friends.

Stone columns and wooden floors to delimit the living zone

Decorating the kitchen-living room with flowers and herbs also creates a natural, warm and friendly atmosphere at home. In a rustic room, nature always plays a huge role. It becomes part of the decor. The right atmosphere is the key to success. A large rug in the living room will add extra warmth, especially during the cold winter months. Decorative glass kitchen elements accentuate the country-style design.

Living room in country style with pistachio walls

Tips and Tricks: How to Create a Country Style Living Room?

The basic principle of creating a country style living room is a design with great love, care, and sensitivity. In a typical country living room, the first violin will always be played by wood, as well as stone and metal. It is recommended to use gentle, pastel colors that will make the room calm and warm. Use steel and stone elements to create a unique design. An ideal country style living room should be pleasant and welcoming. These are the interiors you will find in the photo gallery.

great wooden roof with dangling elements and accent stone wall for summer cottage Stone laid design of the walls for apparent Country style in the living room with plant ceiling decoration Classci wooden trimmed living room design with the fireplace as a focal point and pale green painted walls Pastel color pallette and rough treated wooden coffee table in form of chest White painted walls in country style interior of the living room Totally white rustic living room interior with Scandinavian strictness Beige walls for neat design of the country styled living room Wooden trimming for interior design with large windows and classic dungeon chandelier Epic chalet interior full of wood and stone

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