Caring about Health: Easy Ways to Humidify Your Home

You may not know, but you are surrounded by many invisible factors that directly affect your health throughout the year. For example, the humidity in your air may aggravate many issues related to allergies, cold, or flue. The majority of people don’t maintain appropriate humidity levels in their homes, as it does not seem important to them. However, it becomes essential to humidify our homes and offices to keep them clean and healthy.

Caring about Health: Easy Ways to Humidify Your Home. Tray and steaming water

The experts suggest that you should keep the humidity level at 35% during winters and around 50% during summers. This way, you can try to prevent allergic bacteria growth and control dust mite populations. When your house or office contains hardwood floors, you have to be more careful. It’s because such materials swell in a lot of humidity and may increase the bacteria.

To avoid such circumstances and to maintain the humidity level, you have to invest in the humidifier. If you don’t want it right now, then here are a few alternatives that can help you to increase or maintain humidity in your home.

Easy Ways to Humidify Your Home

  1. Plant a Few Plants

Some of you may have assumed that having some green plants in your house will surely be on this list. Why not! Plants continuously release moisture from their entire body. Be it leaves or stems, they release moisture as vapor, and this procedure is known as transpiration. Have some plants in your home or office areas and keep watering them from time to time. This way, you can regulate the humidity levels in your home.

Caring about Health: Easy Ways to Humidify Your Home. Greenery in totally white room

  1. Let Your Dishes and Clothes Air Dry

If you are using a dishwasher to wash your vessels, you might have experienced hot air before the heated cycle starts. If you want to save energy and maintain the humidity of your house, let your dishes air-dry themselves and do not uses the last rinse cycle of your dishwasher. Same with the washing cycle. You can purchase a drying rack and line-dry your clothes. This way, your semi-wet & semi-dry garments will help you to get moisture into the air and maintain the humidity level of your house.

  Air drying the clothes

  1. Less Use of Microwave

Be old-school and try to avoid microwave as much as you can. For example, instead of using the microwave to make or heat your morning cup of tea, invest in some suitable tea kettles. Stovetop cooking is also a great way to increase the level of humidity in your house. Stovetop cooking helps in incidental moisture release. The moisture released from stove cooking and the vapor are some great ways to humidify your home.

Caring about Health: Easy Ways to Humidify Your Home. Microwave in the kitchen

  1. Leave the Door Open While Hot Shower

The majority of people love to take a hot, steamy shower. While enjoying a long session of bathing, try to leave the door open. It will inevitably and quickly add a little extra moisture to the air of your bedroom. Let the steam go into the surrounding areas of your bathroom and allow it to humidify your house while your showering. You can also do this experiment with your bathtub. If you have taken a bath with hot water, then keep the door open until the water cools down. Do not drain it when it is still warm. You can also steal some moisture this way after having the most relaxing bath.

  1. Put Water Bowls on Windowsills and Top of Registers

As I live in a dry area, I have tried such tricks, and even if it sounds a bit weird, it works! Take a ceramic or steel bowl and pour it with water. Put such containers on top of your floor registers or the windowsills. You can also place them near a radiant heating unit. The water will eventually evaporate according to the heat of your area or the current humidity level of your home. This way, you may feel a little humidity in your house. Generally, one medium-sized bowl of water can take the time of a week to evaporate entirely. At the windowsills, the warmth from the daily sun will help the water to evaporate itself slowly into your air and add moisture.

Flowers at the window

The Bottom Line

I hope now you know how you can add moisture to the air. All these green and low-effort strategies are pocket-friendly and will help you to avoid the expense of humidifier for a few months. Keep the house clean, have clean breathing air, and prevent the majority of the allergies or flu caused by the humidity levels.

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