German Brick House Decorating Ideas

Europeans increasingly prefer to buy a house away from the noisy streets of big cities, but not too far from “civilization”. Two-storey capital brick building is a great option for the average family. Typically, these buildings have strict forms and symmetrical options. Gable roof, which will later accept solar panels for energy saving, covered with bright tiles. Enough large windows are made of energy-efficient double glazing and are made in the wood color, or in black, dark gray tone. Let us learn out the most successful German brickhouse decorating ideas in detail.

German Brick House Decorating Ideas. Exetrior look with apparent sun batteries

An important aspect of territory arrangement and design of the facade is considered provision an adequate level of illumination in the dark. As a rule, they use wall lights for a location on the walls of the house, especially in the porch and entrance to the garage for the organization of the functional or utilitarian lighting. Bilateral street, wall lights scatter the light up and down in relation to the building. It helps to provide a sufficient level of illumination of the facade of homeownership. For pathways and the local area lighting dim light garden lamps working on batteries charged by solar energy are used.

German Brick House Decorating Ideas. House in dusk

On concreted or stone tiles laid out site you can build a patio or dining area for al fresco dining, arrange a barbecue area or segment to relax with comfortable garden furniture.

German Brick House Decorating Ideas. Exterior look on the house

But let us look inside of a German brick house and take a closer look to its interior.

Entry to the German red brick house in formal style

We begin our tour with a spacious living room decorated in a modern style, tends to provide a high level of room comfort and utility with a minimum of decoration and passion for embellishment. Bright palette of space finishing visually expands it. Natural colors used in the furnishings, textiles and decor create a truly warm and comfortable atmosphere. The spacious corner sofa with light upholstery and sleek coffee table made of wood set a living recreation area. Storage system in bright colors is located in recreation zone in addition to TV-set. Multiple light levels are used in the living room – built-in lighting in the ceiling, floor lamp make it possible to read on the couch and table lamps for local lighting of an TV area.

German Brick House Decorating Ideas. rest zone with TV and complex lighting

The kitchen space also traced with modern style elements of high-tech style. The high-tech kitchen is equipped with a gloss fronts of white kitchen cabinets and dark countertops. Multi-level lighting provides the required level of brightness of working surfaces and functional segments of kitchen space. Spacious kitchen island became not only the storage system with integrated hob, but also breakfast area thanks to the protruding counter. You can seat for a short-meal on the original bar stools made of metal.

Hi-tech styled kitchen interior in the German private house

Spacious dining room is arranged for a long family meals or guests reception with refreshments. Against the backdrop of snow-white interior finishing, bathed in natural light, wooden dining table of impressive size is looking particularly advantageous. High-backed chairs, dressed in a white removable covers, have made the company for a dining table in the organization of the dining group. Glass decorative items are rounding out the image of an attractive dining room with lots of luxurious chandelier.

German Brick House Decorating Ideas. Light interior of the spacious living room with dining zone

In order to get to the second floor, you need to go to the snow white hall and climb the metal ladder with wooden steps.

German Brick House Decorating Ideas. Ladder to the upper floor in minimalistic design

We proceed into the private rooms and let`s overview bedroom decorated in warm earth tones in detail. In the room for sleep and rest we see a similar design method in the decoration – light walls and ceilings meet with brighter accent wall. But the floor in the bedroom is different from all the rooms we’ve seen before – a soft carpet with a high nap is all over of ​​the room. Another distinctive feature of the bedroom from the design of other premises is window decoration. Here are curtains on the eyelets instead of Roman blinds, as it was in the living and dining rooms.

German Brick House Decorating Ideas. Bedroom design in the modern style

Snowy spacious dressing room is located next to the bedroom. Storage in the room are in the form of swing cabinets, wardrobe island is made up of drawers. All the same soft carpeting has been used to create a convenient and comfortable atmosphere in the selection of the image and fitting for flooring.

German Brick House Decorating Ideas in the spacious hallway

Also a bathroom with a contrasting interior is located not far from the bedroom. Proper use of white, black and gray shades in the design of the bathroom made it possible to create dynamic, interesting image of the room for water treatment. Using combinations of different finishing materials also contributed to the formation of the interior – ceramic tiles, mosaics, wall panels and painting in a single space looks harmonious and balanced.

German Brick House Decorating Ideas. Bathroom in classic black and white contrast and hi-tech style

The use of mosaic tiles in a spectrum of colors from black to white not only diversify the appearance of the bathroom, but also provided the reliability, water-resistant and durable coating of the most involved walls.

German Brick House Decorating Ideas. Unique mosaic tile and quadratic design of the bath tap

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