Grass Roof House Bold Design Project

Modern architecture seeks active use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies, which will not only protect you from harmful effects, but also will preserve the environment. In metropolitan areas such structures help, among other things, to clean and improve the environment. For example, the so-called inversion roofing or “green roof” is gaining popularity in different parts of our planet. Lawn grass, garden flowers and even small bushes on the roof not only helps to create an excellent sound insulation, protects the building from the negative effects of various climatic factors, but also gives the whole image of the building completely unique, unrepeatable appearance. It is with such grass roof house bold design project we can acquaint ourselves in this publication.

Grass Roof House Bold Design Project. Absolutely experimental facade and overall exterior of the building

The first thing that attracts attention in the form of a two-storey structure is a thick green carpet of grass on the roof. Only after careful consideration of the eco-roof, we notice the original façade – cladding panels imitating “a light wood” create incredibly refreshing image of the building, making it a summer-light and positive. a comfortable seating area in the fresh air is located in the back yard of a private home ownership, in front of a small artificial pond. Soft trestle-beds for taking air baths, a dining group for family meals or outdoor entertaining – garden furniture is in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscaping.

Grass Roof House Bold Design Project. Ecological style blends the landscape

Let’s review the interior of the original household. There are cozy living room, practical and yet unique kitchen and dining room located in the spacious room of the first floor. The living area is separated from the kitchen space with one single composition of the video zone and a fireplace. The entire space of the first level is decorated in the same fashion – white ceilings, wall cladding with light wood panels and dark concrete floor. Such a color theme not only contributes to the expansion of visual space, but also brings notes of the natural heat into the interior. The dark design of the oven-fireplace and a TV spot have added contrast and dynamism to the living’s design.


Opposite the fireplace and a video area there is a roomy and colorful segment of rest with upholstered furniture. The original model of the sofa and chairs with bright upholstery became a decoration not only for living room, but also the whole of the first floor. An unusual, but practical and ergonomic furniture looks modern, colorful and bold. Using of the “helpful” decor was the highlight of the interior. Big indoor plant not only serves to create the close-to-nature atmosphere of the room, but also decorates it and brings a variety of colors.

Grass Roof House Bold Design Project. Living room with bright furniture Grass Roof House Bold Design Project. long-long hallway

There is spacious kitchen and dining area on the other side of the fireplace. The large dining table of wood for up to ten people and a comfortable chair with wheels have constituted the original alliance – a heavy piece of furniture in the style of the country on the one hand, and almost office interior on the other. There is no less originality in a food segment. Main countertops, appliances, and storage systems are located in a large detached module – the island. In addition, part of the kitchen island is arranged for the organization of short meal – serving top with colorful ceramic liner serves as a place for breakfast.

Grass Roof House Bold Design Project. Top view of the kitchen island and worktop surfaces

The storage organization issue in the kitchen area and the dining room has been solved thoroughly – high-rise construction with floor-to-ceiling windows with black facades of the working area and hanging design in gray on the dining segment. The original home of the composition without pendant lampshades effectively completes the image of this sector.

Grass Roof House Bold Design Project. Kitchen with experimental color palette of facing the working area of the kitchen island

On the second floor there are private rooms – a bedroom and a bathroom. Designers did not depart from the basic concept of home decoration here and have used the light wood paneling finishing, combining it with items of furniture. Bright upholstered furniture and colorful lighting became centers of attention and coordination of all the other elements of the interior.

Grass Roof House Bold Design Project. Bright vivid bedroom with red furniture

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