Home Office in the Bedroom: Is it the Right Place?

A sleeping room is a place where a person regains his strength: not only physical, but also emotional. It is important to choose the design and decoration of the room, contributing to the relaxation and removal of psychological stress. For the allocation of the bedroom, a quiet, bright, isolated room, as remote as possible from the kitchen, is suitable.

The organization of the workplace in the bedroom has its advantage: a calm, quiet atmosphere will allow you to better concentrate on your activity. If there is no free room for the home office in your apartment or house, its location in the bedroom is the best option. The interior in this case can be arranged in such a way that the two zones – working and sleeping – do not conflict with each other, look harmonious and support a single energetics.

The Color Scheme of the Room and Interior

People from ancient times began to notice that color in a certain way affects the human psyche. So, for example, red, orange and yellow have a stimulating effect, and blue relaxes.

For the bedroom, combined with the home office or study, it is better to choose light, neutral colors:

  • Gray: A great choice for combining two zones. This color does not burden the psyche and eyesight, and against its background it is easy to hide the room’s flaws or highlight significant interior details.

Home Office in the Bedroom: Is it the Right Place? The workplace at the angle window

  • olive: another “calm” color. It balances the emotional state and relieves stress. When choosing this color, you should consider several features: olive absorbs light well, so the lighting should be proper; it is better not to choose dark tones, they can turn a room into a “swamp”.

Home Office in the Bedroom: Is it the Right Place? Table and shelves for small worktop at the wall opposite to the bed

  • creamy: a good option for a small room, as it is able to visually expand the space. It has a mild emotional impact, gives strength and confidence.

Home Office in the Bedroom: Is it the Right Place? Casual styled room in pastel colors

These colors in combination with white will create a favorable atmosphere, both for leisure and for work, as well as reconcile and bring together both zones.

To dilute pastel colors and revitalize the room, you can use the bright colors of some interior items. For example, a bedside table, a working chair and a lamp on an orange table “collects” space into a harmonious, modern and original composition.

Home Office in the Bedroom: Is it the Right Place? White modern interior and the orange blots of chair and box

Principles of the Location of Zones in the Room

To optimize the space of the room, it is important to correctly position the pieces of furniture that form the working and sleeping area. A well-designed layout of the room will allow the zones to fulfill their mission with high quality: to ensure a comfortable sleep or productive work.

Sleeping area

There are general recommendations for equipping a sleeping area:

  • it is better to place the bed in the opposite part of the room to the window or in the darkest part of the room. It is important to consider the convenience of approaches to the bed: they can not be cluttered;
  • locate the bed along the room, headboard to a smaller wall without a window;
  • it is not recommended to have a bed opposite the door;
  • according to the rules of ergonomics, the distance from the edges of the bed to the walls should not be less than 70 cm.

But we should not forget that of all the rules there are exceptions, sometimes a bed is better located on the diagonal of the room, if it is impossible to provide convenient approaches. In some cases, you can put a bed under the window, if the geometry of the room does not allow choosing a different solution.

Home Office in the Bedroom: Is it the Right Place? Girlish pink room with the neat zone for studying

Work Zone

The working area in the bedroom is better to be located at the window. Decent illumination will help create a working attitude.

Home Office in the Bedroom: Is it the Right Place? Large window and the working place at the windowsill

A good functional solution is to combine the windowsill with the desktop. This will save space and properly separate existing zones.

Home Office in the Bedroom: Is it the Right Place? Working zone at the windowsill of the ultramodern room in dark colors

Another option for the location of the workplace is the connection with other functional pieces of furniture: shelves, dressers or cabinets. Such a solution will hide the working area and create the main accent of the room as a bedroom. For example, a workplace as part of a cabinet:

Home Office in the Bedroom: Is it the Right Place? Casual interior style and the furniture set for study and work Convertible furniture set with smooth facades and functional inside

Workplace combined with dressing table:

Home Office in the Bedroom: Is it the Right Place? White matte colored room with wooden trimmed zones

In composition with shelves:

Open shelves and the modern minimalistic design of the room Cozy bedroom with zoning partitions, curtains and the working place

Lovers of the classics will adore a standard solution: a desk in hazelnut color. In this case, it is better to have it in the opposite side to the bed in order to keep the zones as far as possible from each other.

Scandinavian calmness and mix of wood and white paint for business styled bedroom White walls and wooden furniture in the bedroom

At the same time, the working area in the classical style exists independently and does not require support from the entire room.

Interior Elements in the Room

Lighting and additional interior details are of crucial importance in the visual perception of the room, in addition to color and furniture. When choosing calm colors of the overall finish, it is recommended to dilute the composition with rich details. It can be textiles and decorative elements.

Home Office in the Bedroom: Is it the Right Place? All-white glossy interior with dark spots of bed and working corner near the window

For a sleeping area, it is important to create a cozy atmosphere. Soft mats, pillows and bedside lamps can help.

Large window and the storage systems at the windowsill in the modern styled bedroom Canopy bed with wooden frame and upholstered ottoman at the legboard

The work area must be well lit, so the curtains or drapes on the windows are inadvisable. The ideal solution would be blinds and screens.

Home Office in the Bedroom: Is it the Right Place? Modern designed loft room of the bachelor

The work table should not be overloaded with unnecessary details: a table lamp and a computer – this is the necessary minimum for productive work. And the elements of decor is better to decorate the tables or shelves.

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