How to Choose a Tile for the Bathroom

If the hallway starts with a hanger, then the “highlight” of the modern bathroom is ceramic tiles. It is she who creates the beauty and comfort, the unique style of this amazing corner of the apartment. A specialized supermarket is ready to offer an amazing multicolor of different in texture and size tiles. At the same time, the opportunity to purchase the wrong tile that is needed is very high. How to choose this important bathroom decoration? What should you pay attention to?

It is not necessary to prove that tiles are practical, convenient and beautiful. It is easy to take care of. The tile also does not afraid of water, which is extremely important for rooms with high humidity. The main thing is to choose the right tile.


How to Choose a Tile for the Bathroom

  1. It is necessary to abandon the tile from gypsum and other hygroscopic materials. They absorb moisture, swell and do not stay on the bathroom wall.
  2. It is necessary to purchase ceramic tiles of only the first quality grade. After all, it is laid for 10 years or more.
  3. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer: the Spanish and Italian companies enjoy special trust from buyers.
  4. Tiles from porcelain stoneware are more durable, do not slip and do not wear off. It feels great on the floor. Also, the floor tiles are not covered with glaze, which is quickly worn off, and the tile will lose its refinement.
  5. Wall tiles like glaze, which increases its property of moisture resistance. It is very beautiful, thanks to an abundance of the most amazing drawings.
  6. You can choose a large in size tiles, in the form of a panel or a small mosaic tile. Large tiles will look ridiculous in a small bathroom. But in a large room it is relevant, since the seams between the plates are rare and do not spoil the overall picture.
  7. Mosaic tile allows you to create the most amazing pictures and decorate any bathroom. However, working with it requires additional time, effort and is more expensive.

Choose a Color

The color solution takes a special place in the decor of bathroom. It is important to remember that the bathroom “dresses” in the tile for years to come. Therefore, the color should not irritate or oppress. Classic white or beige colors visually expand the boundaries of the room, and dark ones narrow them. Any shades of red can cause an unexplained excitement or anxiety. And the green or blue tones relieve muscle tension and soothe. No room in the apartment can open the inner world of a person so good as bathroom can. Do not forget about it when decorating it with tiles. Now we know how to choose a tile in the bathroom. Have a pleasant acquisitions!

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