How To Store Your Vehicle in the Winter

Simply parking your prized car and leaving it for the winter can have some disastrous consequences. Prevent flat tires, a dead battery, paint scratches, and unwanted rodent guests by following these winter car storage tips. Discover the benefits of an inflatable car capsule, learn why you should wash a car before storing it, and check out must-have storage accessories.

How To Store Your Vehicle in the Winter. Red inflatable garage

How To Prepare Your Car for Winter Storage

There are interior, exterior and mechanical steps you should take to prepare any vehicle for long-term storage. These tips are particularly important for winter storage but can help you plan for any long-term storage situation. Missing any of these steps can result in repair issues that you’ll need to deal with in the spring, so it’s best to prevent common winter-weather damage.

How To Store Your Vehicle in the Winter. Lambo in the village

First, check out the mechanical side of storing your vehicle. An oil change, chassis lubrication and fluid check all prevent parts from becoming damaged while remaining stationary for long periods. A fuel stabilizer is a great addition, as it prevents your fuel from going bad after 30 days of unuse.

Batteries become compromised after two months, so connect your car battery to a trickle charger for safe charging all winter. Check the air pressure of your tires before storing your vehicle. A drop in temperature means a drop in air pressure, so a slightly low tire can turn into a flat in the winter.

Pamper the interior and exterior of your vehicle with your favorite car wash routine and the best car dusters for luxury cars. Any dirt or residue left on your vehicle can, over the winter months, eat away at your paint or cause scratches. There’s also something special about removing a car cover and finding your luxury car looking shiny and ready to drive.

After dusting out the interior of your vehicle, place a dehumidifying product in it. Outdoor temperature swings can create condensation, which leads to mold if left to sit in an unused vehicle. Cleaning and dehumidifying the interior prevents rodents, insects, and mold from affecting your comfortable driving experience.

Winter Storage Accessory Must-Haves

Preparing your vehicle for storage takes a few accessories. In addition to your typical car care tools and the best car duster, you’ll want a storage bubble or car cover. Storage bubbles use a continuous fan and durable material to seal your vehicle without moisture concerns. A storage bubble takes up slightly more space than a standard cover but is the gold standard for sealing up your car for the winter.

How To Store Your Vehicle in the Winter. garage at the snow pile

A custom-fit cover provides quality protection for indoor or outdoor storage. Indoor storage is best for long-term solutions, but an exterior car cover provides great weather and scratch protection if you don’t have room in your garage.

Shop online to check out all the latest winter storage accessories. From dependable dusters and custom covers to unique wheel dusters and other items, these accessories make your storage routine easy and effective. Prepare for the holidays with peace of mind as you put your summer luxury car to rest in a protective cover or storage bubble.

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