Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016

With each year the kitchen furniture manufacturers are trying to bring their collections to the highest possible level of convenience, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Interior designers, in turn, find new color and texture solutions for the finishing of kitchens. An army of professionals working for you and make us able to find and build the kitchen of our dreams – a highly functional, comfortable, beautiful, and fashionable space where the whole family will feel comfortable. We hope that the impressive selection of design projects, representing a novelty in the design of kitchens, will be useful for your inspiration. We`ve tried to gather to upmost examples of the kitchen design latest trends 2016.


Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Black island in the classic light interior for your inspiration

Features of Modern Trends in Design of Kitchen Space

The modern style of kitchen, as well as the manufacture of furniture, is very democratic and allows you to find a suitable model for every homeowner, even with the most demanding taste. A large range of color, texture, and design decisions is brought to the modern buyer. Yet, the latter trends have common features that will help us to form an idea of ​​the kitchen in 2016:

  • the greatest impact on the formation of modern style have minimalism and high-tech, hence the desire for simplicity, functionality, high technology, and a minimum of pompous and cumbersome decoration;
  • kitchen sets are simple and laconic, but at the same time comply with all the requirements of ergonomics and ease of operation and maintenance;
  • high-tech materials allow to use of the simulation of natural structures even in areas with high humidity and sudden drops of temperature;
  • facades of kitchen ensembles, as a rule, appear in a completely smooth form, hiding hardware;
  • storage systems have high-tech equipment – shock absorbers, adjustable feet, and closers are essential components of modern furniture;
  • countertops are increasingly represented in the thin version. Elegant shiny surfaces look actual in any design of kitchen space;
  • Decoration of the kitchen facilities makes in a form of simple, plain solutions with neutral colors;
  • the color palette of the modern kitchen is increasingly cool – white, gray, and black tones are dominating;
  • bright colors and colorful patterns can be seen only at the backsplash;
  • often in modern kitchen design projects, we can found “unfinished” decoration – brick walls, concrete surfaces imitation.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Black chairs near the island as peculiar accents in the overall decoration

The Color Scheme. The Key to Success

The three main basics which decide the color spectrum in a modern kitchen are gray, white, and black. Contrasting combinations are the obvious mainstream of kitchen spaces in 2016. This can be seen as variants with a predominance of white (which is quite traditional for kitchens), and completely black kitchen sets or design projects, which represent all shades of gray.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Gray themed kitchen set with yellow backlighting Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. White glossy facades in the tine space

White Kitchen with Contrasting Accents

White trim and furniture is the best option to create a visual expansion of space and light, pure image building kitchen of small and medium sizes. Elements of the interior in black (home appliances, countertops in glossy or matt finish, chairs dining area, and even the design of extracts) will emphasize the snow-white idyll with maximum effect.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Marble trimmed furniture and countertop Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Steel surfaces viz. of the kettle makes the atmosphere of the hi-tech premise homely

Wooden Surface Color Diversity

A great method to diversify a snow-white kitchen with a cool palette is the use of warm wood tones. Will it is a natural material or its good imitation (modern materials excellently manage with this role), but the “warming” of the atmosphere of your kitchen is inevitable. In modern design projects, we can meet the use of wood pictures for the façade of both upper and lower tiers of the kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Wooden MDF material for the trimming

Black and white colors together with wooden surfaces always look luxurious. You can choose as the base one of the colors and “dilute” it by dozes or equally divide the presence of each of the colors in the interior of the kitchen. Combinations of plain surfaces can effectively diversify the black and white ornament patterns of ceramic tiles or the backsplash or floor covering.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Totally wooden furniture set Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Unique wooden trimming of the village cottage

The Black Color is Dominant in Kitchens

Any housewife knows that the kitchen facades require special attention in the daily cleaning. Even a drop of clean water can be seen on dark surfaces. But the aesthetic appeal, incredibly modern appearance, and even dramatics of black kitchen unit take precedence over practicality, and many homeowners become owners of highly original kitchen sets.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Black and white contrasting atmosphere in the galley layout

Of course, for the harmonious integration of absolutely black headset in the kitchen area, it should be big and light – the presence of the panoramic windows or glass exit to the back yard is preferred. Otherwise, you may get very moody, dark, instead of a modern kitchen design.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Black kitchen with steel shades and light leather of chairs

Black kitchen set needs not only the bright and airy room but the bright accents that would be able to raise the intension of the interior, to bring notes of optimism and festivity in design. This may be a bright kitchen backsplash or bar stools, chairs in the dining area of ​​colorful shades.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Wooden and black fills the room with nobility and weight Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016 in spacious black interior in classic style with island

Furniture Set. The Face of the Kitchen

The whole image of the main functional areas of the home will largely depend on how kitchen looks. So, the color, texture, and facade pattern in the process of kitchen furniture manufacturing largely determines the style of interior. Modern kitchen sets, as a rule, have a simple and concise form, clean lines, and neutral colors. But as any rule, the field of kitchen design has its exceptions. Moreover, modern style does not impose any canons of design ideas to choose from, but only sends the color and design solutions to a given direction.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Luxurious classic furniture set of expensive natural materials

Modern kitchen fronts are often a smooth bright surface, devoid of accessories. Simple and concise solutions, absolutely unremarkable in appearance, hiding a lot of functionality in the depths of their storage systems.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Simple kitchen design with wooden flooring

The white high-gloss fronts are ideal for kitchens of small size. Not only white but also shiny surfaces contribute to the visual extension of small spaces.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Unusual forms of chandeliers is the zest of the atmosphere Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Nice mix of design styles of the European house

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Finishing Features


In the modern interior kitchen decoration often is a painting in bright colors. Perfectly smooth and white walls are an absolute favorite of the coming season. With white walls, you do not have to worry about combinations with color solutions of furniture, home appliances, and possible decor. The bright image of the area always leaves a pleasant feeling, airy holiday mood, freshness, and cleanliness. Moreover, against the background of a white finish, even neutral, pastel kitchen furniture will look expressive.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Snowe white walls blends well with light laminate

Decorating the walls with imitation of concrete textures is the timeless trend for functional premises. As a rule, for the implementation of this design technique in the kitchen area is often used water-resistant decorative plaster, but liquid wallpaper, paint can be applied either.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016 in the interior with concrete walls looks especially true

Masonry is the finishing, which requires the scope. Accent wall, seemingly without treatment, will look expressive in the spacious kitchen. Such techniques bring brutality, industrialism, and sometimes echoes of rural life into the high-tech modern kitchen design.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. brickwork in the private house interior

Another way to design the walls in modern kitchen space is the use of wall panels made of MDF or hardboard. Modern panels easily withstand moisture and temperature changes. They are easy to clean and can be used with chemical agents, thanks to PVC film. But we can`t talk about eco-friendliness here. If natural material is used for wall facing, we get a safe and the environment facing, but they have to keep an eye on getting moisture on the surface, and keep in mind the high flammability of the material.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. MDF panels for the furniture


In the modern kitchen design for the ceiling is usually used tension or suspension structures, allowing to achieve a perfectly flat and smooth surface. Find a design project with a non-white color of the ceiling is not easy. These may be both stationary and rotary lighting models.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. White and black ceiling cells with built-in light Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Sloped veneered ceiling and the built-in fixtures Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Mosaic plaster at the ceiling of the modern interior

With suspended constructions you can make two leveled ceiling, to allocate the area of ​​built-in fixtures. Depending on the location of kitchen units and placement of the island or dining area, you can create local lighting for each functional segment of the room.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016 in form of experimental ceiling and accent wall 3D panel in black Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Mutlileveled ceiling of oval forms and lines overflow


One of the most popular options for lining floors in the kitchen is to use stone or porcelain tiles. The use of ceramic tile allows creating a reliable, durable and safe coating that will endure the effects of humidity and high temperatures. In addition, the options of color and texture are plenty, you can easily find suitable flooring for your interior. Ceramic tiles can quite successfully simulate wood and stone surfaces.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Ceramic tile for the chic wooden set kitchen checkered_floor1

Thanks to modern additives and protective sprays, you can use the parquet flooring, even in areas with high humidity and temperature changes. Of course, as the parquet flooring is not cheap, but this finish will last for years and will look luxurious, noble and organic in any design of kitchen space.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Nice herringbone parquet in the room with brickwork wall and wide dining zone

Due to the improvement of production technology, a modern collection of the laminate may also face the floors in the kitchen area without any problem. Such the material is difficult to distinguish from natural floorboards externally. Also, the cost of such a liner is significantly cheaper and can be laid by homeowners themselves.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Modern laminate is not apparently inferior to the natural materials


The backsplash is almost the only element of decoration in modern kitchen design projects. It can be decorated in bright colors, colorful patterns, or colorful ornaments. The use of ceramic tiles in the style of patchwork is a great way to diversify the monotonous and neutral interior of a modern kitchen.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Trendy metro tile backsplash in Classic interiors

Kitchen backsplash, lined with single-color small “Metro” tiles does not go out of fashion for many years to come. You can be sure you spent your money on the veneering ceramic, not in vain. Practicality, durability, and attractive appearance are provided to your kitchen for a long time. And all this time you will be able to enjoy the design of the kitchen, which protrudes beyond any style – it is the techniques proven over the years.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Furniture set of dark wood with slightly different in color ceramic tile for backsplash

Backsplash, equipped as a wall storage system of a high level of organization and systematization is an echo of the high-tech style impact on the formation of modern kitchen design. Magnetic holders, hooks, and open shelves, shiny chrome surfaces look great on a dark background.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016 universal backsplash with storage system

Dining Area in the Modern Kitchen

Obviously, to set the dining group within the kitchen area, you need to retain extra square meters after the installation of all the necessary storage systems, domestic appliances, and work surfaces. But modern design projects to a greater extent are designed for apartments with the improved layout of the kitchen area of ​​private homes of the city or country type, where is a shortage of usable space there.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Dining area in the light rooms

In order to embed the dining area into the kitchen of a small size, it is sufficient to use an angular or L-shaped layout of the kitchen units and reject the installation of the island. Corner layout is the universal variant of placing the maximum number of storage systems, work surfaces, and appliances in the minimum amount of square meters. A full dining group is an important element of interior design for apartments and houses in which there is no possibility of organizing a separate room under the dining room and the family has more than three people.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. L-shaped with full dining area and wide windows

The dining group, consisting of a large snow-white table and black chairs of the original design, looks incredibly organic in the white-black interior of the kitchen space. Elements of black gave a snow-white kitchen clarity of lines, constructiveness, and dynamic contrast.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Hi-tech glance table with black contrasting chairs

The bright dining group for the kitchen in light, neutral colors is like a breath of positive and invigorating mood. Just one colorful shade enough to effectively dilute the gray color gamma of the room.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Bright theme of the furniture and trimming

Practical and herewith visually appealing way to organize the dining zone in the kitchen area is extension of the countertop of the island or installing spacious stands from both its sides. With this arrangement, the furniture keeps compactness, but the dining area appears as quite extensive and capacious groups for a large family.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Country style natural trimmed room with wicker chairs, island and flower decorated dining space Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Island with black chairs in the spacious room

Lighting and Decor. New design Items for the Kitchen

Given the desire of contemporary style to the practical and functional minimalism, the decor almost completely disappeared from the design projects of kitchens. As a result, the role of the decor assumes functional furnishings – lamps, for example. Considering the abundance of kitchen work surfaces of segments, each of which needs local lighting, lighting fixtures are located on different levels. Often within the same space, you can find two lamps – one for the dining area, and the second covers the kitchen island. Herewith, work surfaces are often equipped with individual lighting built into the top tier of the kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. Lighting panels with rotary fixtures for the most effective illumination

Cooker hood over the kitchen island with built-in lighting is a frequent design method for modern kitchens, in which stand-alone module becomes a place for the integration of a gas cooker or hob. You can use as one large chandelier, and the whole composition of the small pendant lights to highlight the dining area.

Kitchen Design Latest Trends 2016. White interior with marble countertop and furniture backlighting

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