Marine Interior Design Style for Country House

Marine interior design style is characterized by freshness, lightness and romance. The use of bright contrasting color palette creates a sensation of coolness in the midst of a hot day. For romanticists, who enjoys relaxing on the coast, this style can be a favorite way of their own home decorating. Often Marine style is applied to the design of one of the rooms – a bedroom, living room or nursery. In this article we would like to present you the design project of a country house, which all the rooms are designed in the stylistics of the Marine style. The bright and airy rooms of country mansion, filled with freshness and elegance, are incredibly welcoming, but at the same time relieved of all superfluous. Design project of this homeownership is a good example that it is not necessary to hang out anchors, ropes and steering wheels around the wall, buy linens in white and blue stripes to give the room a nautical theme mood.

Country House Marine style design Living room

We begin our tour with a visit to the living room, located on the first floor. The combination of white and blue hues is the basic concept of marine color palette. Typically, finishing of walls and ceiling should be white. This allows not only visually expand the space, but also give the room a sense of purity and coolness. Vaulted ceiling, which is used in the finishing of wooden beams and wood paneling, large windows, divided into several sections and wooden floor – everything points to an elegant country lifestyle.

Marine Style is shown in little elements as figurines, books, textiles and other ornamentation

The presence of a fireplace in the living room does not strike the eye immediately, thanks to the whitewashed stone finish. Armchairs with carved wooden bottom near the fireplace creates a cozy sitting area near the open fire.

Furniture makes the Marine style feel real in the interior

Light furniture is in contrast with the white and blue coloring of textiles and carpets. Table lamps are also designed in a similar scheme.

Marine Interior Design Style for Country House. Living room decor

Bright palette of the room is diluted with carved pendant lamps and decorative elements in dark colors. From the living room you can freely get into the dining room adjacent to the kitchen. The absence of doors between rooms creates the effect of a smooth flow while moving around the house.

Living Room in the Marine Stylized Country House

Decorating the dining area is sustained in the same light colors, which are dominant in the whole country house. Such color palette would be in tune with modern private houses in Marine style even far from the seashore.  Round dining table made of dark wood tones became the focal point of the dining area. Shades of hanging and wall lights, such as a small chest of drawers were selected in accordance with a central element of the room.


All decorative items and textiles in the living room and dining room are perfectly combined with each other, creating the effect of a uniform harmonious space. The dining area leads to the similar light and neat kitchen. It`s cozy, practical and moreover in full correspondence  with concept of Marine interior design style for country house.

Kitchen in the Marine style country House

Snow-white room of the quite spacious kitchen accommodate all the necessary worktops surfaces and even organize a breakfast nook in the form of a small bar. Bright built-in wardrobes with window openings on the upper tier, serve as the perfect storage system for all necessary kitchen utensils. Modern appliances are organically incorporated into the overall light atmosphere of a country house.

Kitchen with unique segmented water tap

The original design of the kitchen apron above the work area gives more individuality to the room. Incredibly thoughtful ergonomic space, allows to make even the most routine things in a positive mood and with pleasure. The best solution is to install a tap over the stove. This accessible placement of water eliminates moving of hosts with heavy pots from the sink to the stove.

Marine style bedroom in the townhouse interior

Next step, we come to the residential rooms, among which is the main bedroom. The bright, spacious and decorated with incredible ease and grace room, creates a comfortable mood of tranquility. Large windows and glass doors from floor to ceiling allow natural light to fill the room. There are also hanging chandelier and table lamps for night time.

Marine Interior Design Style for Country House. Bedroom with bedside table

Upholstery, bedroom textiles and decorative elements – everything is left to chance. There is nothing superfluous, but the atmosphere of the bedroom is comfortable and relaxing.

Marine Interior Design Style for Country House. Nice multifunctional chair

Small touch, added to the ambience in Nautical style, is a floor vase decorated of blue shades with white ornamentation.

Marine Interior Design Style for Country House. Bathroom with wooden trim

The bedroom is located next to the bathroom in warmer colors. Carved wooden lockers harmonize with the marble top of the warm light beige tones. The presence of houseplants makes utilitarian room more cozy and homey.

Marine Interior Design Style for Country House. Yellow decorated bedroom

The second bedroom is decorated in pale shades of yellow, serving as the perfect backdrop for dark chocolate decorations of furniture and decor.

Yellow upholstery on the bed

Warm and bright room is replete with interesting but unobtrusive colorings of textiles. Fancy table lamps of unique design bring an element of variety and surprise into the room.

Marine Interior Design Style for Country House. Yellow decorated bedroom second bath

The second bedroom is also equipped with a private bathroom. Spacious, crisp white room is literally flooded with sunlight, thanks to an extraordinary, additional  skylight. In a large room is located not only bathroom and washing, but also shower cabin with glass doors. Traditional bathroom design creates a comfortable atmosphere of relaxation and recreation.

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