Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016

Today we are going to plunge deeper into the most stylish and original execution of the kitchen. It is difficult to impress modern people with some design forms or solutions for this utilitarian premise, but we`ll have a try. Because nowadays a whole branches of science and industry works together to provide us the most ecological universal types of materials. And then the designers are working every day to combine the old traditions in designing and creating new trends and forms on their basis. And we have a collection of the most original kitchen design ideas 2016 gathered in one collage.

The laminate is the very widespread material because of its functionality, great practical usability and, of course, nice looking appearance and the ability to choose the most suitable structure and color. This kitchen studio with ideally white furniture and creamy plastered walls has entirely laminated floor. The wooden theme continues by original design of the counter stand. The kitchen island itself has unique building and appears as the white monolith with streaks of the drawers.

Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Laminate and white surfaces of the kitchen with the counter on the vault leg

The fans of the rustic and American country would love this unusual form of the bar stools in the form of horse saddles with harness. It looks especially bold in the overall atmosphere of industrial design of the kitchen, with its monumental thick tabletop, apparently rough treatment of the finishing materials and strict lines of the overall geometry.

Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Bar stools in the form of horse saddles

And how about the kitchen conjoint with the bedroom in the nice big private house decorated in the modern eclectic style? The mix of wooden and stone surfaces is stunning the eye, as well as the open hearth with fire and nicely done extractor hood. You can admire with fire before sleep and then get up with the nice smell of the cooking meal in the morning.

Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Luxurious kitchen-studio interior with abundance of colors, finishing materials and even the open hearth

Nice multileveled kitchen island of the bar counter and the sink bollard is definitely the most attractive part of this original kitchen. You can have the meal with a big company or just drink cocktails like at the nicely decorated bar.

Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Nice looking Marine thematic for the wall trimming with lighting panels

It is not so rarely there is been the situation when we can`t find some cutlery at the kitchen. Because of often use, washing and rearrangement, it`s hard to find one universal place to the cutlery, especially if you have a big family. Fir such cases we have a solution in the form of special wooden holder for knives and it is extremely cozy to use.

Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Unusual form for the knives` storage

Epic design solution for the high kitchen in the private house or the penthouse. Oval forms of the furniture set, complex stone-wooden kitchen is the highlight of the interior. Skylight chandelier with chromed parts looks a little bit inappropriate in such surrounding, but it is located high enough so is perceived as the absolutely different design composition.

Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Oval forms of the kitchen furniture

Carved kitchen sink to fit the mosaic tile of the backsplash is worth attention for sure.

Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Sink tiled with mosaic tiles

You`ll probably note the bright red spots in the floor trimming between the laminate panels from the first sight. It is absolutely new word in the modern design. The red spots can be met also in the backsplash surface. It looks truly amazing and will be a subject of discussion for you and your friends for a long time forth.

Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Unusual floor trimming with red spots

You might love this unique kitchen design with wooden trim of the ceiling and the floor, but take a closer look to it. Don`t you notice something in all this construction altogether? Yes, it looks like the house exterior where the backsplash is the brick wall, closet doors may appear as windows and extractor hood is in the form of the black roof.

Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Multifunctional interior with lots of stuff and mix of styles

A new trend in the kitchen design is the round tables at the end of the kitchen island or the tabletop. Such functional solution looks especially amazing in spacious kitchens or in studio apartment with dining zone. It allows to have a real complex of the kitchen which has everything you need from the hob to dishwasher at hand.

Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Studio kitchen with unusual furniture set in the dining zone Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Purple kitchen with the complex round shaped suspended ceiling Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Nice design of the purple interior and the unique bollard design for meat butchering

Unusual design for the rustic styled kitchen, framed with construction of beams. It surprises with the big number of different trimming materials starting with the metro tiles for the backsplash and up to the plastic covering of the ceiling.

Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Unexpected layout of the rustic kitchen

When the particular style of the decoration begin to dominate in the interior, the engineering idea breeds such an amazing example of the design. The almost true boat can moor at your kitchen instead of boring kitchen island. Its mast can carry the open shelves for your necessary household things, and the boat hull accommodates the drawers.

Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Marine theme with the decorative ship instead of the counter

Every admirer of good expensive alcohol would dream about such amazing airy storage at the kitchen with open shelves, supports for bottles and wineglasses. Dark and white combination of colors in minimalistic style is very easy for visual perception.

Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Amazing storage system for the bottles and wineglasses

And here is the sweet dessert of our small collection – pink kitchen in hi-tech design. The young and romantic female owner of such a beauty would cook here from dusk till down 🙂

Most Original Kitchen Design Ideas 2016. Unique vivid interior decoration for the pink room

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