100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos

Any hostess wants to see her kitchen not only functional, practical and comfortable from the point of view of implementing work processes, but also to have it cozy, beautiful, modern. Undoubtedly, in many respects the design of the kitchen depends on its size, but the ideas we gathered in concerning storage, cooking or consuming food can be used in kitchens of all sizes. The advantage is also that many of the accessories and design techniques can be implemented independently, without the involvement of specialists and serious financial expenses. So, you will review a collection of more than 100+ best original kitchen design odeas with Photos for organizing a practical, comfortable and aesthetic interior of the kitchen space.

100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. The alloy of natural wooden facade materials with dark plasticine texture paint at the walls 100+ Best O100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. beautiful painted panel instead of standard splashbackriginal Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. beautiful painted panel instead of standard splashback 100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. Original forms of the handles for storage systems

Ideas for optimizing space and saving usable kitchen space

In small kitchens each square centimeter worth their weight in gold, so you have to use all available space, for example – the height of the room. The location of the upper tier of kitchen cabinets starting from the very ceiling, allows you to increase the number of storage systems. This method is good for kitchen facilities in standard apartments with low ceilings.

100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. White inner contains of the furniture set with light wooden facades 100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. Charcoal dark wall panel with texture

100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. Nice lower LED strip lighting

100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. Deep blue Scandinavian interior with mere bulb lamp

If to the embedding of the kitchen set from the ceiling and to the floor we add white facades, then not only the number of storage systems can be brought to an optimal number, but you can achieve a visual increase in space.

100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. White contmporary space with nice floor rhomb tiles 100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. Gorgeous idea of highlighting the hob and extractor hood 100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. Light gray contemporary style in the large light space 100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. Scandinavian modernity for average space with all necessary properly styled appliances

Organization of a dining area in a small kitchen

If you have a spacious kitchen, then you will have no problems with the arrangement of a dining area for the whole family there – you can install a large table. But what if the area of ​​the kitchen can be called nothing but modest? There are many options, but everything depends on the number of household members, their age (for small children and elderly people it will be uncomfortable to sit at a bar counter, for example) and lifestyle (how often all members of the family gather for a meal). One of the options for organizing a place to eat food is to extend the countertop of the kitchen island. Therefore, the number of storage systems, cutting surfaces or built-in appliances can be increased, and the dining area should be left within the kitchen space (do not take the table segment into the living room).

100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. Wooden chairs' composition at the island Restrained but sufficient Western Europe modern style with wooden materials Rustic style in the kitchen with garish retro yellow cupboard 100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. Widely designed artificial lighting including LED strips in the suspended ceiling 100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. Contemporary styled area with spectacular inlays of wooden texture

Space you can use the model of a folding table, with the shape of a semicircle for the organization of the dining area in the kitchen space with a deficit of useful. There are models that can be fully reclining and draw upon on one leg, as well as tables having the lowering part, leaving a nearly rectangular table-top for use.

Modern urban kitchen with semicircular table at the large window White Scandinavian design style at the kitchen with island dining zone and plants

A round portable table is an excellent option for arranging a place for meals in a small kitchen.

Round small table and the vase with lushy flower at the classic styled kitchen in white Triangle geometrical expressionism as the splashback for modern kitchen with ash-tree kitchen set

Rational storage or saving of usable space

Storage systems can’t be too much, especially if it’s about a kitchen premise – any homeowner will agree with this statement. But it’s not enough to have only kitchen cabinets, it’s important to organize storage in such a way that you spend as little time as possible on finding the right object, store dangerous cutlery and various kitchen accessories in the safest way. Modern furniture manufacturers often offer us a ready-made storage solution – kitchen cabinets with built-in distributors, dividers, rotating shelves, pull-out organizers and other accessories to help keep the kitchen space in order. But there are many solutions that are already used in the finished furniture ensemble or even beyond it.

Original wooden plate holder at the tabletop Pull-out cupboard for bottles and other moistures - well elaborated space saving idea Good idea for utilising the angular space of the modern kitchen sets Warm artificial lighting at the modern kitchen with rhombed splashback zone

Household items and foodstuffs that need to be used on a daily basis (spices, oils, sauces and other additives) are best kept on open shelves. Then the whole assortment will be in front of your eyes (you can quickly find the right ingredient), and we eliminate the need to constantly clap the doors of kitchen cabinets. If your jars and bottles are not transparent, then the easiest way is to use stickers-labels on which you can sign the name of seasoning or sauce. This method applies transparent dishes as well – many products look very similar (it will be offensively to mix up salt and sugar and spoil the dish, for example).

Nice side-headed glass bottles for cereals in one common style looks spectacular in rustical kitchen Glass jars for storage with aluminum caps 100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. Pronounced rusticality and plenty of storage 100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. Succesfull space-saving method with universal wooden shelves at the wall Glossy surfaces looks well integrated into the Scandinavian styled kitchen with bar counter

Square and rectangular containers take up less space, both on open shelves and in drawers.

Plastic boxes for storage in the kitchen set box Kitchen shelves with built-in plastic cans for storage

To store bottles, you can use the following options for stands and shelves. The advantage of hinged wooden shelves is that not only the bottles are in a reliable container, but there is also a place for glasses. Metal holders can be fastened anywhere – even on the side walls of hinged cabinets. Saving the useful space of the kitchen is obvious.

Gorgeous rustic wooden rack for bottles and wineglasses

And how do you like the approach to organizing a place for creating notes, writing recipes and moreover creating a mini home office in the kitchen space? It took only the side wall of the cupboard and a small tray (or tray) for office supplies.

Stylish deisgn idea for gathering new information and letters at the kitchen blackboard at the kitchen wall for important information

Another option for using a black magnetic board to organize a place for notes, recipe records and a list of products is the inside of the door of any hanging cupboard.

Blackbaord at the top of styled black cutlery hangers

Conventional tin cans (from baby food or large canned food) become creative stands for cutlery, just wrap them with burlap. It is noteworthy that such decorative elements will look organically not only in different variations of the country style (Scandinavian, Provence, Mediterranean), but also in the kitchen space, decorated in modern stylistics.

Sackcloth wrapped cups for storing cutlery

You can also use organizers in the form of wooden trays, containers or boxes with low beads. The convenience of using such supports is that a whole range of necessary household items is at hand, in the right place at the moment.

Every item is at the hand Nice tiered contruction for storing the sugar and salt Nice wooden box for storing the most necessary items in cooking process

For products that are not desirable to store in the refrigerator (onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.), you can use special boxes with perforations. They can be made of plastic, metal, woven from a vine or rattan.

Another variant for storage the vegetables right in the kitchen set in woven trays

A few ideas on how you can store various cleaning products and appliances for washing dishes and caring over kitchen surfaces that you would not want to display for public.

Metal framed stands for liquid detergents Storage space under the sink Nice side pullout shelves for household things

And to store a set of knives and other metal kitchen accessories perfectly fit magnetic strips. They can be attached directly to walls or inside storage systems. But also you should be careful not to harm yourself when the item can slide down the magnet. So it is strongly recommended not to overload the stripe with too much of knives.

Magnet strip on wooden base for storing knives Open shelves for storing dishes

Decorative elements with functional load

Almost any item of kitchen use can become a decorative element. For example, the original old-fashioned mixer in brass or copper, golden or white-ceramic version is able not only to fulfill its functions of supplying water, but also to decorate the interior, introduce originality or support the overall concept of decorating the kitchen.

Original form of the cupboard at the kitchen Nice mosaic tiles for kitchen White walls and pattern on the backlsplash at the milimalsitic designed kitchen

Combination of various finishing materials can become a decorative element. And it’s not just about the original or bright design of the kitchen splashback. For example, you can combine ceramic floor tiles with laminate or parquet in the working and dining areas of the kitchen space. You can also make a porcelain stoneware segment at the entrance to the backyard (a variant of the kitchens for private houses).

Combined floor materials - tiles and wood - look amazing

Shelves and countertops of wood, which looks as if untreated (in fact, it is impregnated with special antiseptics and covered with moisture-repellent varnishes) not only bring natural warmth into the modern kitchen design, but also perform many other functions.

Wooden shelves at rustic styled kitchen Wooden box made of building palette for small bottles

A socket-tee folds out right from the table top. When its use is necessary? Nothing is impossible. Only an obvious space saving and ease of use should be planned in advance, at the stage of ordering a kitchen set and countertops to it. But it is apparent, that such an outlet is needed for temporary used things: food processors, blenders, mixers etc.

Pullout hidden extension cord in the tabletop

Another convenient device is a hole in the countertop for garbage. It is not difficult to get rid of the waste of cooking – just discard all the unnecessary in the hole at the countertop under which the trash can is located.

Nice lid to the trash can right in the tabletop

Virtually any element becomes decorative, if it is highlighted. The use of spotlights or LED strip lighting allows not only to create the right level of illumination of the kitchen, but also to create a special cozy atmosphere of the room..

Garland of mere bulbs at the wooden suspended basis at the kitchen Black cords of bulbs and wall, tabletop at he background of the white textured with tiles wall in the modern minimalsitic contrasting kitchen Nice three levels of wooden shelves

100+ Best Original Kitchen Design Ideas with Photos. Living plants in the kitchen

Nothing adds a whiff of nature, freshness and spring-summer mood even on the frostiest day better than the bright greenery of living plants in the interior. And if these plants not only add beauty and freshness to the design of the kitchen, but can also be used to make delicious and healthy dishes, they deserve the most original design. The usual flower pots on the windowsill have long ceased to be surprise, and often this surface is converted into a functional countertop. How to organize the placement of indoor plants and growing green for a family table and do it decoratively, adorning the kitchen space?

A real garden at the kitchen Small pots for the cactii and other plans Plants at the window sill Nice aquarium-looking battles for breeding new plants Prominent eco style with greenery shelving at the modern kitchen Plants in the black boxes at the kitchen

How about hanging pots or containers of ceramics, plastic, glass and even metal on special holders that are attached to the wall? As a result, a whole green wall may appear in your kitchen, and greens for delicious and healthy dishes will all be at hand.

Couple of level of living plants at the kitchen Metal shevings for suspending vases with flowers Charcoal blackboard for designation of plants with chalk Styled and painted bottles for orchids Mere glass cans for plants

If there is no pet that loves climbing curtain rods in your home, this way of placing pots with indoor plants can become a highlight of the interior. Ideal option for sun-loving plants.

Plants at the spectacular suspended round stand of wood Complex of plant holding carcass

If the area of ​​the kitchen allows, you can use really large plants in floor pots or tubs. Even the most rigorous, modern interior design “softens” from the presence of such an abundance of greenery.

Large tub for growing living plant

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