Original Country House Design in Red Color

We bring to your attention the original design project of a country house which managed to fit incredibly organically into the surrounding landscape. The brick color of the land surrounding household ownership is reflected in various shades of the facade design of the house and even in its interior. The exterior of the building and the interior design of the rooms of a private house are a reasonable reflection of the surrounding nature, achieved with the help of modern building and finishing materials.

Original Country House Design in Red Color. The overall view of the house Original Country House Design in Red Color. The cinder decorated site with the large cottage at the backdrop

Neat pathways, framed by pebbles, lead to a large household with garages, carports for organizing parking lots and other ancillary buildings. The use of reddish-brick tones in the design of the facade of the building and elements of landscape design allowed creating an image of the structure, which became inseparable from the surrounding nature. Facing the walls with a large block of brick-colored and bright terracotta tiles of porcelain stoneware as a material for creating adjoining lanes became the key elements for creating such an image.

Original Country House Design in Red Color. Large span-arch under the roof

Around the perimeter of the building the roof is equipped with a canopy. As a result, the area near the house is always protected from rain. To safely stay near the house in the dark, the canopy is equipped with built-in lighting system throughout the perimeter.

Original Country House Design in Red Color. The backyard decorated with large pebbles

Right next to the house there is a small outdoor seating area. Metal garden furniture in dark colors looks great against the background of the reddish hues of the site lining and the brick walls of the building.

Original Country House Design in Red Color. The rest zone at the bakyard

There are also many red and terracotta shades in the interior design of the country house. For example, in the living room, part of the walls are made in the idea of ​​windows and glass doors with frames imitating natural wood; some items of furniture are made of the same material;

Original Country House Design in Red Color. Large common space with plenty of lighting

But not only the reddish color palette and the presence of wooden elements are “warming up” the living room atmosphere. You can warm up yourself in the literal sense near the corner fireplace – there are enough seating places of various sizes and capacities in the living room, – from a large corner sofa to compact ottomans.

Original Country House Design in Red Color. Modern styled living room with panoramic windows and large angular fireplace

Despite the abundance of red shades and the presence of brickwork, the room looks bright and sunny. This is not only due to the large windows and glass doors, but also with the help of the built-in lighting at different levels. You can easily proceed to the space of the kitchen and dining room from the living room. Thanks to the open layout, all functional areas combine harmoniously, while maintaining the feeling of spaciousness.

Original Country House Design in Red Color. Two rows of windows and the built-in lighting

The decoration of the dining area and the kitchen is exactly the same as the design of the living room. The only difference is the lining of the kitchen splashback was made using snow-white mosaic tiles. Against the background of decoration, furniture with snow-white and woody surfaces looks incredibly organic, fresh and stylish.

Original Country House Design in Red Color. Kitchen island at the open space cooking area

The dining area, which is located near the glass wall, looks very modern. Light dining table with a wooden tabletop and plastic chairs from a famous designer in white made up a harmonious union and practical to use dining group. Making only a couple of steps, we find ourselves in the cooking zone. This is a small kitchen with an angular layout of a furniture set and an island.

Original Country House Design in Red Color. Dining group of the plastic chairs at the kitchen area

The facades of the cabinets with wooden imitation are perfectly combined with the snow-white countertops. And the brilliance of stainless steel brings a little coolness and touch of modernity to this union. It was possible to ergonomically position the elements of the “working triangle” on such a small area of ​​the kitchen space, and the sink by the window is the dream of any hostess.

Original Country House Design in Red Color. Shiny steel surfaces of the fridge and overn in the modern styled wooden trimmed kitchen

The snow-white kitchen island serves not only as a roomy storage system and a butcher block, but also a place for short meals — legroom on one side of the tabletop allows you to sit on bar stools with a metal frame and plastic transparent seats with backs.

Original Country House Design in Red Color. White plastic coated island and the wooden designed kitchen

In the children’s rooms, the entire decoration of the walls is wood paneling. Built-in storage systems are completely hidden in the niches of the walls through the use of facades of similar material. In the small rooms, there are comfortably accommodated beds with variegated textile decoration, open shelves for small things and tables — chairs for games and creativity.

Original Country House Design in Red Color. Children's room with wooden trimming and panoramic door-window Original Country House Design in Red Color. Wooden trimmed children's room with the workplace for study

In the bathroom, which is adjacent to the children’s bedrooms, the design is simple and concise. Snow-white mosaic tiles on the walls, plumbing, shining with whiteness and wooden surfaces of storage systems made up an organic alliance.

Bathroom in white and with the wooden sided vanity

In the master bedroom, there is enough space not only for a bed with two bedside tables, but also for organizing workplaces and a spacious dressing room. Unusual decoration for the bedroom interior in the form of a brick wall, wooden panels and porcelain stoneware flooring became the highlight of not only the sleeping room, but also the whole private house. On the red background, the snow-white bed and the tonal floor lamps look particularly impressive.

Master bedroom woth large bricks imitating tiles

When closed, wooden doors look like a regular built-in storage system, but it turns out that there is a whole dressing room behind the doors. Nearby is the door leading to the bathroom.

Wooden sheathed bedroom in contemporary style

Even in the design of the utility room, the designers used the bright red color of the earth that surrounds the suburban dwelling. The brick-colored, colorful floor perfectly harmonizes with the snow-white walls and the wooden facade of the storage system.

Modern designed bathroom with glass shower cabin

The cabinet is also finished with facing wooden plates. From the same material made furniture home mini-office. The area of ​​the room is small, but after all, a few square meters are needed for organizing a modern office. The main thing is to place a small desk (computer), a comfortable chair and several open shelves for storing office and papers. There is also a pair of comfortable armchairs with a metal frame and upholstery imitating the pelt of an animal was placed in the office of the “red” household.

Home office with the sleeper and panoramic glass entrance


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