Scandinavian Style Private House Interior Design

For residents of the Scandinavian countries it was never inherent the pursuit of luxury and wealth, which is reflected in the interior design. Scandinavian style exudes simplicity and brevity, convenience and comfort of home. No wonder that many of our fellow citizens are looking at this all clear and concise style when planning remodel in their own homes. Typically, homeowners are captivated by simplicity of finishing, practical furniture and bright accents in the decor of design projects in Scandinavian style. The abundance of natural light, bright palette of natural materials and a certain minimalism, which are made according the style of northern areas of Europe, attracted the attention of many Americans too. We, as well as Scandinavians, familiar with cold winters, endless snowfields, warm fireplace or furnace, gathering the whole family and friends at home in some regions. In this publication we would like to show a modern interpretation of the Scandinavian style private house interior design on example of European mansion. We hope that the design ideas of brevity and ease of dwelling will be useful.

Firewood stack in the Scandinavian styled living room of the private house

Barely entered the household, we see that designers have used virtually all prescribed to Scandinavian style canons in this housing which are common both for apartments and private houses. Using crisp white decoration of walls and ceiling, wooden plank floor covering with a unique natural pattern kept the feeling of spaciousness even in rooms with limited space. It allowed the sunlight to permeate everywhere, without being stopped by curtains. Natural materials were used for furniture. Fur bedspreads and rugs are also in use.

Scandinavian Style Private House Interior Designю Eco materials in the white living room

Passing the hall, we find ourselves in a small but free furnished living room with a snow-white finish and the use of dark wood for flooring. A small sofa with black leather seats and backs, rocking chair and a small built-in seating place – that’s all the furnishings for the austere living. Due to the large window, the space is literally flooded with sunlight and snow-white finish makes it even bigger than it is. In fact, it creates a light, even airy atmosphere.

Girl reads in the Scandinavian interior

Fireplace, located in the living room, is part of the dining room and kitchen space. Double-sided design allows you to admire the fiery flames both from the recreation area, and from the functional segments of cooking and dining zone. Laconic fireplace design does not stand it out against the rest of the decoration of the room, but it still becomes the center of attraction of all views.

Scandinavian house passage to the open layout kitchen

The next room is the spacious kitchen-dining room, decorated with the same conciseness and simplicity. we see only one difference in the decoration of this space: flooring design that is for practical reasons not continue Scandinavian tradition of using wooden material. Bright finish blends with no less white performance of furniture suite. Only dark spots silhouettes of household appliances and countertops` work areas are diluting bright idyll. The linear layout of kitchen units with an island leaves enough space not only for comfortable implementation all the work processes and free moving, but also to feel the space and freedom in the kitchen.

Scandinavian Style Private House Interior Design in the spacious and bright kitchen

Dining table is pushed up close to the kitchen island to save useful space. The composition of the dining room group is completed by light design of white metal chairs. Several white pendants virtually dissolve the general background of the room.

There are two exits from the kitchen space and dining area – to the backyard and to the neighboring space of the room for rest, through which you can also get on the street. Large glass door of dark design not only allows access to the back yard of home ownership, but also provides the internal space housing with a bright natural light.

Minimalistic and ecological Scandinavian style kitchen

Space for rest and sleep is not railed off the remaining rooms, but it is a slightly elevated relatively to the kitchen. Once again, the snow-white trim, dark spot bed, a small metal chair and built-in stack as a practical decor. Nothing disturbs the idyllic simplicity, warmth and comfort of space decorated in Scandinavian style with its characteristic minimalism and love for natural materials.

Nice broad and light rest zone of the Scandinavian house

The Scandinavian style everything is subject to practicality and simplicity, brevity and comfort. In the utilitarian premises style does not change its concept – simple, bright surface finish, only the necessary home furnishings, furniture and accessories. Design of the bathroom with a shower demonstrates that for comfortable, practical and visually pleasing environment you need quite a bit.

Small bathroom in the Scandinavian house

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