Small Mobile House Design. Wooden Home

During the summer season and the time of holidays, travel and outdoor recreation, a growing number of our fellow citizens think about the long term purchase of portable mini-homes. In Europe and America small motorhome had been received recognition and appreciation of fans to travel, more precisely called “wander travel”.

Wooden mobile house exterior designSmall Mobile House Design. Wooden Home

The idea of the mobile house is already not unique and such portable homes are widely used all over the world. And what is so unique about this particular house? It is called “small tack house” and was created by family pair from USA. The most interesting thing, it was produced using ecological wooden materials and metal compounds on tacks. But abstracting from the unique technique of its production, we can speak a word about its full-featured design and functionality.

Tiny Tack mobile house creators

A small house on wheels, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay in all weather conditions could serve as a holiday home during your vacation. In this case, you do not have to worry about your suburban home in winter, because the mobile home will be in the garage or at a guarded parking lot.

You can take a trip, “grabbing” with a comfortable accommodation for a small family, which has the necessary segments for a comfortable sleep and rest, cooking and the ability to produce all the necessary hygiene procedures on the go and while parked.

Solar batteries as a energy supply for the mobile house

Electricity for home and digital technology to a country house comes from solar panels. Therefore, the use of such a model of residence in the garden or just outside the city is expedient in the warmer months when the days are longer and the sun pleases us most.

You can arrange the barbecue area near the mobile wooden house wherever you want

The interior of the portable house

Let us review how the interior of a country house on wheels is arranged – how the designers managed in a few square meters to place many vital segments integrated appliances and digital equipment, do not forget about storage systems and cozy bedding.

Interior of the wooden mobile house. Living room and the hall in one

Almost all of the surface and built-in furnishings of the home on wheels made of light wood. Only the floor for the visual effect of expansion of space is made in a darker coloring. This total presence of wood creates an incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere where, even away from home, you can feel yourself comfortable and secure.

prospective on the ladder and upper tier with bed in the mobile wooden house

In spite of the mingling in a small room zones, that are usually located in several rooms of conventional dwellings, the house does not look overloaded with furniture, appliances, or parts of the interior. You can even talk about a space, which is very important from a psychological point of view, for a comfortable stay of a few people in a small space.

photo of the interior design of the small mobile wooden tack house

In a small space zones have very conventional boundaries. Living room (it is either the hall) smoothly flows into the study, meets with kitchen and dining room. You can say that bedroom is located here, just at the top level.

Top view of the small mobile wooden house interiorLadder transforming and cozy bedroom place at the upper tier of the wooden home

Storage systems are placed wherever possible, so as not to interfere with the movement of the portable house. Seats in the hallway-living room, which if necessary can be transformed into a bed, can be used as a storage systems required on the trip. There are originally placed small baskets above the refrigerator. As a result, storage space used for the benefit and a place for all sorts of little things in the area of ​​easy access.

Small Mobile House Design. Wooden Home. Storage system under the bedThe space above the fridge can be also a storage

Another, perhaps, the main storage system is located under the top tier, which is a sleeper. Even in such a small cabinet the one can accommodate all the necessary clothing and shoes for your stay at the cottage or on the road.

small improvised wardrobe in the wooden mobile house

Kitchen is quite a separate room – it`s a small narrow bay. Despite its modest size, it was able to include all the necessary work spaces, appliances and even the sink to wash dishes. Not every kitchen, located in a city apartment is possible to wash the dishes, looking at the beautiful scenery outside the window. All the small kitchen space is used to the maximum. Even open shelving for food and all sorts of spices are there. Of course, you`ll need to remove everything from the open shelves as it is not safe to transport glass jars unfixed.

Kitchen with all necessary elements and open shelvings in the design of the wooden home on wheels

Only half-step to the left of the kitchen area and behind the curtain we find ourselves in the bathroom and shower, located in a small segment of the camper.

Kitchen and bath cabin perspective in the mobile home design

Shower “cubicle” is a proper shower, above the wooden tub, bounded by the curtain. It is certainly not a spa at home, but the shower performs its main function – you can have water treatments without leaving the portable home.

Shower tub in the mobile wooden home

It is not easy to provide a sufficient number of storage systems in utilitarian room, avoiding glittering in it is at the same time. Cause most of the space takes plumbing. Therefore, there are different methods to save places.

Toilet in the portable wooden home

Using a variety DIY storage systems, carrying a piece of comfort and warmth, help alleviate the atmosphere of a portable home, bring it to the principal place of country house owners` residence.

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