Small San Francisco Apartment Mixing Styles

Most of the masters of design art are using elements from different styles for their projects. Blending different things ,belonging to different epochs or trends, you can achieve a stunning effect.

Small apartment in San Francisco contains design elements of the various style flows. Here you can find vintage furniture alongside contemporary pieces of furniture. The intelligent combination makes a house a cozy and functional.

Small San Francisco Apartment Mixing Styles with unusual idea for perimeter fixtures lighting

The original living room, bathed in light

The first thing that catches the eye in this room, it’s large windows. The room gets plenty of natural light through them. If necessary, you can create a pleasant shade by sliding together dense curtains.

Small San Francisco Apartment Mixing Styles of marine, hi-tech, minimalistic, urban and notes of many others

Paining of the walls corresponds to the fashion trends. Only one of the walls is excreted by a bright color, the rest of them remain white. In the middle of the room there is an original coffee table, reminiscent of a solid piece of wood. This unusual object can be considered as the center of the composition.

Near the window there is conveniently located little table with vintage chairs. The appearance of this ensemble resembles the situation of cafes in 80s.You can get comfortable and read a good book or have a meal at this table.Small San Francisco Apartment Mixing Styles. Closer look to the dining relaxing zone


Function room of Small San Francisco Apartment Mixing Styles

Special attention should be given to the home office. It is decorated in a special way. Its whole appearance indicating that its owner is a man. The furniture in the office is sturdy and solid. Here and there you can find metal elements with rivets.

Comfortable home workbench with modern designed furnitureSmall San Francisco Apartment Mixing Styles. Close-up of the workbench with instruments

Small desktop looks reliable and functional. This workstation is equipped with additional lighting for easier use. The table is similar to the workbench. It is conveniently situated for all the necessary home work equipment and tools. Cover of the table is able to withstand mechanical impact, without losing its form for many years.

Another desktop is more appropriate for the paperwork. Herewith, it is made in the same style as a workbench. Large open shelves that allow store everything you need conveniently are next to the table.

Small San Francisco Apartment Mixing Styles. Working table with laptop and monolithic wooden chair

Upholstered furniture is represented here by two small leather sofas. Near them is a simple lamp. Big bright picture on the wall dilutes the severity of the situation.

Modern and fashionable leather benches on the steel frame in San Francisco apartment

Other rooms of the San Francisco apartment

The bedroom is sustained in two basic colors: dark blue and white. Gray carpet on the floor is successfully blended into the interior. There are small tables with bedside lamps on both sides of the bed. Large mirrors above them are carrying decorative load rather than the practical one.

Big vintage chest to match the base color is used as a nightstand. However, its participation in the overall composition makes the mood. Small soft bench near the window makes the interior more comfortable.

Small San Francisco Apartment Mixing Styles. Modern looking bedroom with saturated color palette

The kitchen is dominated by bright colors. The abundance of chrome surfaces diffuses the sun rays and allows the room look more spacious and bright. The working area is separated from the rest of the partition, decorated by imitation of chrome-plated metal. appliances and other kitchen utensils are hiding behind the partition.

Small San Francisco Apartment Mixing Styles. modern bachelor`s kitchen with steel, glass and plastic finishing materials

You can also notice the presence of a deep blue color in the kitchen. It dilutes the basic color and creates an original contrast. High bar stools are made of metal and wood. They have quite simple look, thereby completing the image of bachelor`s kitchen.

Small San Francisco Apartment Mixing Styles. Multifunctional and comfortable men`s kitchen

Overall impression from the apartment says the housing is intended for men living. At the same time, adding few bright spots to the interior, you can achieve softening  of the lines and general mood of the situation.


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