Swedish Private House Design Ideas Mix

We offer you a Swedish private house design ideas mix within original architecture. This private household is located in Sweden and it is not surprising that the fundamentals of the Scandinavian style have left their mark on its design. Adding the Nordic modernity and even a bit of pop art to the style, designers and homeowners have received a non-trivial approach to the use of the complex structure of the building in the creation of comfortable and functional home.

We begin our little tour around the interior of the Swedish house with a hallway. From the first steps it becomes clear that the apartments have a very complicated architecture. Many different ledges and ramps, niches and cubbyholes create difficult for decoration and arrangement room on the one hand, and on the other – an opportunity for the designers’ team, together with the owners of the house, to create a completely unique project.

Entry near the brickwork wall and zoned with laminate hall

There is the living room with dining area and kitchen in the first large studio area of a private house thanks to of an open-plan. All functional areas use the same approach for surface finishes – dark elements of the architecture of the building are the contrast on the white background of beams and floors. Using an unlined masonry surfaces as an accent helped to bring not only diversity, but also notes industrially to the image of the room.

Skylight from the upper level in the Scandinavian private house

Recreation area living room is located in a cozy corner. Roomy sofa corner modifications was the perfect piece of furniture to accommodate the maximum number of households and their guests on a small piece of the space of the first floor. Cozy lighting, as well as elegant coffee table and a comfortable pouf-stand, and floor lamp in the form of office lights – everything in this segment of the housing is matched in accordance with the harmonious combination of practicality with visual appeal.

Swedish Private House Design Ideas Mix. Nice lighting arrangement in the sitting area of the living zone

We can see white finish, dark beams and shades of gray, used as mediators between these contrasting combinations. The use of gray and shades as a buffer always brings a certain modesty in the interior of the premises. It “smoothes corners” and calms.

Swedish Private House Design Ideas Mix. Unique setting in the modest Scandinavian styled living

There is a dining room next to the living room, which smoothly passes into the kitchen area. Dining group of well-known designers have already become classics of modern European and American houses. The spacious dining table with a snow-white oval top and comfortable plastic chairs on wooden legs made incredibly harmonious and practical union. The dining area is highlighted not with only individual illumination in form of hanging lamps, but also a colorful carpet which is free to symbolize the Scandinavian style in a modern home.

Swedish Private House Design Ideas Mix. Unusual dining room setting with the sloped wall

The room has a complex trapezoidal shape. This fact, of course, affects not only the choice of the layout of furniture but also decoration to create a harmonious atmosphere without drawing attention to the complicated architecture of the building. The snow-white background in this case is the best possible option. Not only because of its ability to visually expand the space, but also thanks to the properties of hiding (or at least not to focus attention) on complicated involute architectural features of the room.

Dining group in the spacious studio area

Kitchen and dining zones have enough useful space to accommodate a sufficient number of storage systems, work surfaces and appliances. But even in this area the shape of the room can not be called “right”. All sorts of ramps and ledges make their adjustments in the formation of furniture suite. The angular arrangement of kitchen cabinets with one-sided location of the upper tier became the best arrangement option of practical, ergonomic and attractive functional segment of the home.

White surfaces of the low-key designed kitchen

Here, on the first floor, there is the master bedroom with a beautiful arched window and the unusual shape of the building. Only the white wall decoration could adequately highlight all the nuances of the original building. Bedroom space is small, but it was enough for the arrangement of not only a berth, but also an impressive storage in form of a closet with mirrored doors, visually depriving the room off boundaries and increasing a modest space.

Swedish Private House Design Ideas Mix. Practical bedroom interior with the tiny "staircase" of plastered brick wall

On a white background decoration wall decor looks particularly expressive. The decoration took special place in the Swedish home – original artwork, photos and posters in the style of pop art are not only decorating the room, but also bring a completely different aesthetics into the interior.

Swedish Private House Design Ideas Mix. Pop-Art notes in the bedroom

But not only wall decoration was the hallmark of the house’s interior. Live plants are found in almost every room of the Swedish house. We can see not only a love of nature in this, but also following the traditions of Scandinavian style of the space design.

Swedish Private House Design Ideas Mix. Astonishing wall hole vault window

The original design of the arched windows makes the design of the whole room unique. Swedish apartments are among those design projects, where especially complex architecture features become the very “cherries on the cake.”

Swedish Private House Design Ideas Mix. Standing adjustable lamp and the eco touch in the bedroom interior

The second bedroom, designed for one person, occupies a room with an even smaller area. Very large bevel ceiling imposes a special stroke on the way of furniture arrangement in the room to sleep and rest. But at the same space it looks very nice. Not just a sleeper, but also all the necessary accessories for a comfortable stay have found their place in this room.

Swedish Private House Design Ideas Mix. Home office near the arch window

They’ve managed to place the workplace near the original arched windows. Desk cool design, a comfortable chair with a back and a couple of open shelves – what else do you need to organize a mini-office?

Washing machine built into the furniture set of the white kitchen interior

Near the bedrooms there is a bathroom space. It is decorated with a considerable share of originality. If the use of black and white color combinations, application ceramic finishes and brick wall as an accent within a single room, may be expectable, but to meet large giraffe as a decorative element in the bathroom is at least unexpected.

Glass interior partition zoning bathtub from the utilitarian space

Utilitarian space is divided into a zone of morning water treatments with sink and washing machine segment and the area of evening ablutions with en-suite bathtub, lined with square tiles. It achieved just with walls of glass blocks.

Swedish Private House Design Ideas Mix. Standart stairs near the storage and brickwork wall

From the ground floor apartment of Swedish we climb the wooden stairs to the upper floor where hosts have the rest room. It appears as something between a library, a place to relax and read, and the light-area for family gatherings.

Scandinavian styled library with the brickwork and white walls

Very often the simplest solutions for arranging the home are the most effective, practical and beautiful. For example, the open shelves for storing books, stationery and other small items. What could be simpler? And meanwhile an entire wall, which is decorated with the help of just such white storage, looks fresh, light and modern.

Scandinavian stuffed animals and stylized antlers in the round design of the rooms

Upper tier is the kingdom of unusual residential architecture. Here we can see vaulted ceilings with curves and asymmetrical columns and floor beams of original positioning.

Unusual ceiling design with thin beams in the living room with large Eastern carpet and white trimmed walls

Space for relaxing and reading, fenced on both sides of the grid appears as the recreation room, similar to the Middle East styled boudoir but in a modern interpretation. It is certainly a pleasure for hosts to be in such a cozy and bright room, because every piece of furniture or decor makes your home a touch of warmth and relaxed atmosphere.

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