The Most Common Home Problems

 Homes are a constant work in progress and no home is ever completely finished. It’s constantly getting messy; home technology is constantly going out of date and home appliances are constantly getting broken. This perpetual flux can either be accepted or fought, but problems with appliances and systems can cause major headaches to otherwise happy homeowners. Here are the most common home problems to watch out for and what can be done about them.

  • Fridge Problem #1 – The Icemaker

Problems with a fridge’s in-built icemaker are the number one most common complaint homeowners have with their appliances. 17% of homeowners have problems with their ice dispenser, with no water or ice coming out of it. 13% find their icemaker won’t make ice and 7% find a build-up of ice in their fridge.

The Most Common Home Problems. Refrigerator problems with freezing the cooling system

Often this is due to the evaporator fan motor breakage, which moves air over evaporator coils and is the thing responsible for cooling water into ice. The thermostat could also break, which regulates the temperature. Sometimes everything is molded into the unit, making it difficult to repair, but prevention is always better than cure so try to service your refrigerator to stop these errors from happening.

  • HVAC Issues

Heating and air conditioning are essential home functions for most Americans that don’t live in a perfect climate. HVAC systems are quite good at petering along and working until they break, but breakages are incredibly expensive to fix and should just be avoided. According to this air conditioning servicing company in Adelaide, when that air con unit starts to feel a bit lazy and doesn’t work as well as it used to – it could be a sign of a major mechanical issue in the future and should be serviced to avoid a costly problem.

The Most Common Home Problems. Repairing the HVAC system

  • Oven Problems

Over one in 20 homeowners complain that their oven doesn’t heat up effectively or that the gas or electric cooktop elements don’t function properly. These problems are normally due to the ignition system in gas-based ovens (a system of different components that contribute to that spark the gas needs to ignite) and the oven bake element in electric systems (the thing that actually produces the heat). It could also be due to malfunctioning temperature sensors. One of the most effective ways of fixing minor oven problems is to clean regularly and thoroughly, as many issues can be due to being clogged up with food.

The Most Common Home Problems. Repairing the oven

  • Washing Machines – Mold and More

A very common but not particularly damaging issue with washing machines is the presence of mold, which impacts 14% of owners and is easy to remove. A far more problematic issue is when the machine fails to drain or the drum doesn’t spin as it should do, both of which impact about one in 20 owners. These can be caused by errors with the tub bearings or the drain pump, which removes water. You want to fix these problems as soon as you can because they are relatively minor compared to the motor breaking, which can happen if you continue to use it when it shouldn’t be used.

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