5 Reasons Why Timber Vanities are Best for Your Bathroom

Laminate and melamine timber vanities have become a fan-favorite variety in the market, especially for their durability to withstand the harsh wet-bathroom environment. It is more because of their plastic build.

Vanities have become a popular option for customized and clutter-free homes where folks like to maintain their products in one place instead of being scattered. Hence, you would want to keep things sanitized and fresh in a bathroom.

Such a storage space can be vast enough to hold all the varieties of equipment, from the hairdryer and shampoo on the top cabinet to all cleaning equipment arranged at the bottom, so that you can find everything in one place under complete safety from dirt and contamination.

Of course, there are some other benefits, which can help in finalizing your plan and get those install timber vanities for the bathroom.

  1. Endless Customization

Timber vanities come with complete customization options like repainting the structure to suit your tiles as you get to choose how your vanity looks within the bathroom.

You can change the knobs, add more storage within, and change the sliding panels and more! Moreover, you can give it a traditional look or contemporary design to make it look like your dream vanity.

5 Reasons Why Timber Vanities are Best for Your Bathroom. Rustic styled furniture with vivid light wooden color

  1. Makes Cleaning Easier

Weekly cleaning can be a hectic but important thing.  You should be sure that all the installations within the bathroom are completely clean and safe for everyone to use.

With the help of timber vanities, you can reduce your bathroom cleaning duties by storing everything within the cabinets. Hence, there’s no need to remove objects or hold them up while cleaning the bathroom surface.

It will not only take up too much time but also can waste your weekends with excess work at hand. However, a vanity can be the solution to such hassles.

  1. Zero-Mess Look

We all that one friend whose bathroom stays cluttered all the time with things gathered over the sink counter. Not only does it make the bathroom look dull but it also can be quietly unhygienic.

But your bathroom can be different from such flaws by installing from a wide range of timber vanity. You can keep your everyday objects within the cabinets and lock them up from prying hands as well.

As the bathroom can be quite wet and slippery on the weekdays, maintaining safe storage can increase the shelf life of many products, such as hairdryer, toothbrush, and more.

5 Reasons Why Timber Vanities are Best for Your Bathroom. Blue walls and separately standing wood trimmed bathtub

  1. Wall-Mounted Options

Timber vanities with wall-mounted options are safer than any other cupboard on the ground. Just imagine yourself cleaning the bottom, scrubbing off residual soap stains, and algae from under it. You may hate this visualization, buts it’s true!

Floating or wall-mounted vanities do a better job by maintaining a safe distance from the wet floor and your essentialities. Hence, there’s no need to aggressively clean the bottom to get rid of any dirt.

On the weekends, you can just sanitize the installation and stay assured of its cleanliness. Wall-mounted vanities can also help make the bathroom seem wider with more space around the installation.

5 Reasons Why Timber Vanities are Best for Your Bathroom. Hovering vanity and the plant to decorate small space

  1. A Good Investment

Being durable and sturdy makes the bathroom vanities a clever buy for years to come. These can also increase the home’s value.

Laminated surfaces have the benefit of providing the option to fix it after accidents. Hence, in case of any such scenarios, you need not worry about getting a new but you can opt for redoing the surface. It will also help save both money and time maintaining the house’s value.

Therefore, bathroom vanities are the one-stop solution to safe, sanitary, and cost-effective options to store bathroom products from prying hands and a messy look. All you’ll need to do is choose the one that fits your tileset theme.

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