7 Pro Designer Tips for Redoing Kitchen Cabinets

Are you trying to make your kitchen look fresh and new? Read this article to learn what the pros know about redoing kitchen cabinets.

7 Pro Designer Tips for Redoing Kitchen Cabinets. The trying of different colors for modern facades

Redoing kitchen cabinets is one simple way to take an outdated kitchen and give it a new life. Your kitchen cabinets are a focal point of your kitchen space and deserve a good amount of attention. However, because the cabinets are such a main point of focus in your kitchen, it’s vital that you take the time to redo them the right way.

There are many different ways that you can redo your cabinets. Some upgrades are simple fixes that don’t require much labor while others take a bit more time to do. Whether you feel like making a big change or focusing on the smaller details, one thing is for certain: you need tips from the pros.

Before you dive into your kitchen cabinet remodel project, you should first check in with the professionals to see what they’re saying. If you live in Calgary or somewhere around in Canada, you can refer to guys from Kitchencabinetscalgary.ca. Anyway, a few tips and tricks from the ones who know everything about redoing kitchen cabinets is the best starting place. Continue reading below for several great ideas.

  1. Using Two-Toned Designs

If you suffer from outdated cabinets, but they aren’t in bad shape, then all you need is a bit of paint to give them life. Orange-shaded woods give your kitchen that old and outdated feel, but when you use a two-toned design on them, it transforms your entire kitchen.

For example, consider painting the bottom cabinets a shade of grey while painting the top cabinets white. These two colors work well with one another and give your kitchen a more modern look. To create this look, first, clean the cabinets with a cleaner made for pre-painted surfaces.

Then, apply a high-adhesion primer before slapping on the paint! Be sure to allow enough time between coats of paint for it to dry properly.

  1. Try Chalk Paint

If you don’t have the time or patience for completing the necessary steps to create a well-painted cabinet, then you can consider trying chalk paint. Chalk paint makes repainting your cabinets simple. It’s a thick paint that doesn’t require you to use a primer.

When it’s done drying, you’ll be left with an aged finish. After applying the chalk paint, you can paint on a glossy coat finish if desired. Using chalk paint makes an otherwise week-long process only an hours-long process.

  1. Bring Transparency to Light

If those old cabinet doors are beyond repair, or you’re not in the mood to get your hands dirty with paint, consider bringing on the transparency. Take your old cabinet doors off and replace them with glass doors instead. Doing so is an inexpensive project that doesn’t take a lot of work.

To to do this project, remove all of your cabinet doors and bring them to a local carpenter. The carpenter will cut out the center panel in each door. If you have a niche for DIY projects, then this is something you can most likely do yourself.

Replace the wood with glass panels and then sand and prime the doors. Be sure to paint the remaining wood a color that will go well with the rest of your kitchen. Insert the new glass panel last and then reattach it to your cabinets.

  1. Jazz Things Up with Wallpaper

Wallpaper has come a long way since the 70s. Although you might feel resistant to hanging up wallpaper, it’s an easy way to update your kitchen cabinets. This is especially true when replacing the cabinet doors with glass panels.

Consider using wallpaper on the inside of the cabinets and as the backsplash underneath them as well. When adding this element to white cabinets, it really brings the “wow” factor. Now, we don’t want you to head out to the store and find colorful wallpaper patterns of red and orange flowers to hang.

Of course, if this is your preference then go for it! Otherwise, stick to wallpaper patterns that trick the eye such as designs made to look like grey wood accents and other similar patterns.

  1. Install Task Lighting

Installing task lighting is cheap, easy to do, and a whole new way to brighten your dull cabinets. Place LED lighting under your cabinets and above your counters for preparing meals or snacks in the evening. You should also consider installing task lighting above your cabinets as well, using LED tape. You at least have mains powered or battery operated under cabinet lighting options to opt for.

If your bottom cabinets are built in a way where you’re able to install LED lighting under them, do so. This creates a neat effect and helps you get around your kitchen at night.

  1. Go Doorless

If repainting or replacing cabinet doors with glass aren’t tasks for you, then imagine going doorless. How would your cabinets look with no doors at all? This is a fabulous design idea to use on cabinets that float over an island, for example.

The open shelving concept is also a great way to take a small and closed-off kitchen and transform it into a more open and inviting kitchen.

  1. Update Your Hardware

One of the last things you can do to update your kitchen that doesn’t require any effort is to update your hardware. Browse through an online hardware store to see what options are available to you. Switch out those old hardware pieces and go for something new and unique!

Consider using knobs made from amber or black metal. You can also install diamond-shaped clear glass knobs as well. Your options are endless!

Redoing Kitchen Cabinets Made Easy!

When planning on redoing kitchen cabinets, you’ll want to first seek some tips from the professionals. Keep this guide handy when beginning your own project and you’re sure to be left with an end result that you love!

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