8 Tips For Keeping Your Interiors Picture Perfect

Once in a while we visit a friend or a colleague’s house and get wowed by how picture perfect it looks. The entire setting looks like those interior ideas you find on Pinterest. With piqued interest (and envy) you compliment their picturesque home.

8 Tips For Keeping Your Interiors Picture Perfect. Patchwork art designed headboard wall for Fusion styled bedroom with spotted carpet

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That house with sensational interiors can be yours. We may think that people can keep their house looking like a dream escape by spending a ton of money. Keeping your house dazzling can be cheaper than you would think.

With a little creativity, conviction, and hard work, anyone can make their house look impeccable. You can finally look around your own house and feel proud! These eight neat tips can help you keep your interior looking picture perfect.

First Step To A Picture Perfect House: Scheduled Cleaning

An untidy house is a turn-off. Due to our busy schedule, we often find it difficult to keep our house clean. But, if you do not keep your house spotless, it will never look picture perfect.

Choose a  weekend as your house cleaning day. If it is too much pressure for one day, divide it into small tasks and spread it over the week. It’s crucial to stay consistent and on schedule.

Do not get lazy and abandon your schedule. The longer you put off cleaning the more time consuming and difficult it becomes. Work hard on the cleaning, as a mediocre quality effort always shows.

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Care About The Floors

Just because you can walk all over your floors does not mean you should. Dull and grimy floors take away the limelight from your home.

Dusty carpets are an absolute no-no. Get rid of carpets if possible as they are hard to keep clean. For your tiles, marble, and other reflective surfaces, regular cleaning can keep away stains and dust spots. Use a quality cleaning agent to scrub out marks or use these homemade D.I.Y Cleaners.

Hardwood floors are always in style but do not let them grow dull. When the shine wears off, consider polishing and/or waxing your hardwood.

Thoroughly clean your hardwood before application. People with pets should keep their paws trimmed to avoid scratches.

Impeccable Wall Decor

Your wall decor needs to stay clean and organized if you want them to look at Instagram worthy. Anything from a wall clock to mirror needs to stay clean and dust-free.

8 Tips For Keeping Your Interiors Picture Perfect. Unusual designed home office with beveled white matte ceiling

If you have a collage of framed pictures, make sure it always stays aligned. Instead of wiping your dusty glass-covered items with a dry wipe, use a wet cloth. You can also try alcohol-based cleaning agents. Spray it then clean it with a moist wipe and leave it for air drying.

Oil paintings are difficult to keep clean but they increase your wall aesthetic level a hundred times. If you maintain them regularly, they stay in a good condition forever. Check out these tips to properly maintain your art collection.

Aesthetic Bathroom

If you ever check out bathroom design ideas on Tumblr you will be disgusted by the current state of your own. The bathrooms you see there look unreal, yet they are owned and used by people.

An anesthetic bathroom can really dazzle your guests. If you creatively decorate and maintain your bathroom, yours can look just as amazing.

8 Tips For Keeping Your Interiors Picture Perfect. White bathroom with retro design and light wooden window

Get aesthetic bathroom inspiration online and create your own bathroom paradise. But, always remember these two maintenance tips:

Keep the Fixtures and Fittings in Top Condition

You must keep your bathroom porcelain clean and shiny. Due to constant use, they can get covered in spots and water stains, making them look worn out and ugly.

Regularly clean them to remove the stains. To stave off stains use a shower spray on tubs and showers after use. You can also make D.I.Y shower sprays at home.

For deep stains make a paste with baking soda and vinegar. Apply the paste and keep it for a few minutes. Use a brush to scrub and rinse with water.

Your faucets and showerheads need to keep shining as well. You can use the same soda-vinegar paste to clean these. Wipe away excess water from fixtures to avoid stains.

Say No To Mold

Nothing ruins your aesthetics like molding. It looks gross and is also incredibly unsanitary. Unfortunately, mold occurs in wet, humid places.

When steam rises from baths and showers, it clings everywhere and inevitably makes molds. It’s crucial to keep your bathroom dry. Keep the bathroom door and windows open after the shower. You can also install an exhaust fan to dry out extra moisture.

8 Tips For Keeping Your Interiors Picture Perfect. Dark chocolate octagon tiles and dark wooden bathroom trimming

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You need to remove and clean mold if it is already in place. Use these non-toxic mold removers to keep your bathroom clean.

Clean and Shiny Furniture

Nothing is more pleasing than a house with clean and shiny furniture. That is why no dust should cling to them. Weekly dusting should keep your furniture dust free.

You can also use a vacuum, a necessity if you are going to dust your seating arrangements. Your furniture wood can also lose shine. Keep them shiny with a fresh coat of paint or wax.

Two Words: Organized Shelves

Some people manage to keep their shelves always organized. It is only human that your shelves might become disheveled. After all, you might need to use its belongings. Clever shelf arrangement ideas will make your shelves look picture perfect.

However, every time you remove or replace an item, always rearrange it back to its original state. The moment you get lazy and avoid doing it, it will remain that way until guests come in and see your messy shelf.

Change The Knobs

If you are still using the same, boring knobs you had on your cabinets and other furniture, you are missing out.

There are many splendid and inexpensive knobs available now a day. Installing these knobs can be so simple, you can do it on your own. You will be surprised how it changes the image of your house.

Good Lighting

Just as bad lighting can ruin a picture, it can make your interiors look dull. Installing different types of light fixtures can make your house look luxurious. Make sure your house is well lit, but do not install glaring lights.

Warm lights make your house appear welcoming. Poorly lit bathrooms can look unappealing and straight out of horror movies. Get inspired by these clever house lighting ideas to make your house look inviting.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your interiors picture perfect is not impossible. With a little devotion and hard work, you too can convert your house into a Tumblr aesthetic. These useful tips will keep your house clean and appearing visually appealing.

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