All about Using LED Lighting to Improve Your Shower Experience

Bathroom lighting is always important because illuminating the place will help facilitate several important tasks, like brushing your teeth, showering, and fixing makeup. When making a plan for bathroom lighting, LED lighting has a certain impact on your mood.


Now, according to your own choice, you can shower under different colors of LED lighting and enjoy a pleasurable shower. You can also visit Faucets Reviewed to check out the best shower fittings in the industry for a mesmeric experience.

All about Using LED Lighting to Improve Your Shower Experience. Great stone bathroom with bottom lighting

Reasons You Should Use LED Lighting to Illuminate Your Bathroom

Before knowing which color has what impacts on your mind, LED lighting has several useful features. These are energy efficiency, emitting multiple colors of light, high brightening power, and safety. Let’s take a brief look at these helpful features:

Energy Efficiency

You will be surprised to know that LED lighting is 90% cheaper than traditional alternative lighting. This means that installing LED lights in your shower or bathroom will drastically lower your electricity bill. Another great feature of LED lighting is that the light is highly durable. You can use a LED light for years and thus saving you from the hassle of replacing it frequently.

All about Using LED Lighting to Improve Your Shower Experience. Dark wooden structure of the facade of bathroom vanity for two persons and the large mirror

Multi-Color Lighting

LED light can emit different colors of light. The light like a rainbow is capable of emitting red, green, blue, orange, pink, and yellow colors. Based on your mood and preference, you can select one particular color and take your shower under that color. And, interesting this is the main feature that is the capability of emitting multiple colors that make your showering experience a joy.

Below are different colors of LED light and their inherent meaning.


According to color experts, red is the symbol of vigor and energy. Red also represents determination. For years people believe that red increases your metabolism rate, which in turn makes you more active. Many sports clubs use red color jerseys.

So, at the beginning of a hectic working day, to invigorate and stimulate you, shower under red color LED light. The bathing will not only refresh you but also get you ready to handle the working day ahead of you.


On the other hand, blue is diametrically opposite to red. So, if red implies ferocity blue represents calming, sedating. If you are stressed or mentally fed up, show under blue color LED light. The color will ease your tension and offer you a soothing, relaxing experience.

All about Using LED Lighting to Improve Your Shower Experience. White and dark accentual design in hi-tech style with stone wall

Showering under blue color is recommended after an eventful day when you needed to tackle many stressful events like a lengthy business deal. The showering will calm you down and ensure you have a sound sleep at night.


Green and blue are quite similar. Like blue, green has the same calming power.  When you look at the greenery outside of your window, for example, you momentarily get relaxed.

Shower under green light is efficient after a tedious and strenuous workout. Your muscles become tensed up after a vigorous exercise. Showering under the green light is a great relaxing experience for your tense muscles.


Pink is an emotional color. Shower under pink color if you desire for love. The color will soothe your longing for love.


The meaning of orange is somewhat different than red, blue, green, or pink. The orange color implies sex drive. Showering under orange color light will enhance your libido.


Like blue and green, red and yellow have many similarities. The yellow represents the same sturdiness as the red. The color is a great self-confidence booster. So, if you felt the slump and drained out, shower under yellow color LED light. The showering will get back you to an active life.

All about Using LED Lighting to Improve Your Shower Experience. Futuristic designed kitchen with wooden inlays


Illumination is a critical criterion of your bathroom light. It is because the bathroom is a wet place. If the place is not well light up, there is an accidental fall that leads to a fracture of your leg or hand. Hopefully, most LED lights come with enough brightness to illuminate your shower room. The brightness of the LED light is 250 lumen 2600 lumen.  Lumen represents the brightness of the light.


Your bathroom lighting also needs to be safe in terms of your health and environmental aspects. There many light bulbs on the market that use elemental mercury. Mercury is a hazardous chemical. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, even a limited amount of exposure to mercury can cause insomnia, headache, muscle atrophy, mood changes, and irritability.

All about Using LED Lighting to Improve Your Shower Experience. Dark stone trimming of walls

Emissions of mercury from the mercury-vapor bulbs can also pollute the air. The toxic air is equally harmful to both humans and wildlife. However, the LED light is completely safe since the light does not emit any hazardous substance to the air. So, you can install an LED light in your bathroom without worrying about safety.

From the above discussion, as you can see how LED lighting has a direct impact on your mind. So, when you shower under LED light, it can invigorate you or calm your nerve. It can fuel your sexual drive. Furthermore, the LED lighting is entirely safe for your health and the environment as well. So, get a LED light in your bathroom today and experience a fantastic showering experience.

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