Fireplace Decoration: Choosing Material and Fresh Design Ideas

Beautiful, modern decoration of an apartment or a house is an important goal for every family. It is here that you want to feel comfortable and calm. Of course, achieving this effect is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. It is because not only a shade of walls or furniture makes the difference, but also various decors with which you can set the right atmosphere in the room. For example, a fireplace always adds a touch of home comfort and warmth. And it does not matter whether it will be a classic version or a decorative design.


Unusual figured wood carving around the chamber hearth Gorgeous wooden design with mantelshelf for fireplace Wooden planked accent wall with concrete framing around hearth Strict black cast iron wrought framing Modern interior decoration with minimalistic setting White accent wall with the shelf and the fireplace as if it is TV-set

Nuances of Decoration of the Fireplace in the House

Owners of a country house are especially lucky because they can install a luxurious fireplace, which will be the main accent in the overall interior. But it is also important to pay special attention to its qualitative design. After all, everything must match the style of a particular room. Then, we should pay thorough attention to materials. For example, if you decide to paint the fireplace, this should be special brick fireplace paint. It is a heat-resistant material that will not burn or change its color with time. See some other decoration options below.

Classic and Scandinavian mix of styles for the light colored room Classic decoration of the hearth with stucco Black textured accent wall area of the fireplace Absolutely chic execution around the fireplace in the royal styled living Childish perky design for modern Pop Art living room with blue walls White gypsum fretwork for artificial fireplace

Ceramic tiles can rightly be called a universal material, which is ideal for any interior. There are simple, one-color options, as well as rather unusual ones with interesting patterns and textures. In addition, absolutely everyone can adorn a fireplace with this material, since the process itself is very simple. However, there is one nuance on which the appearance and durability of the structure depend. It is special building glue. The fact is that it must withstand high temperatures.

Mid-century style of the living room with plenty of pictures


For those who prefer a simple, concise, but at the same time modern design, we propose paying attention to the brickwork. This option is ideal for any interior, from Classic to minimalistic style. Moreover, there are several shades of material, so no difficulties in the choice will appear.

Eames chair and library shelving for reserved style of Classic living room

Marble Fireplace Decor

No less popular material for decorating the fireplace is a marble. It is very heavy by itself, so individual marble elements are most often used for decoration. That is, the composition itself is compiled in place. Despite this nuance, such material will always look attractive and expensive. Therefore, be sure that the fireplace will definitely not be left without attention.

Electric fireplace and gypsum semi-columns around it

Unusual Decoration of the Fireplace with a Stone

Particularly noteworthy is the facing of the fireplace with a stone. Regardless of whether the natural material is used or artificial, this solution always looks solid. In addition, there are quite a few varieties of stone that differ in appearance. Therefore, before you buy it, decide on the style of the interior.

Stonework of the wall and mantelshelf

Also, many people note that due to this the room gets too austere appearance. To fix this, we recommend adding a light accent. For example, it can be a shelf, candlesticks, a small statuette, or even a flower arrangement.

Amazing Classic design in the room with Marine touch

Unlike previous versions of the material, stone facing requires special knowledge. Therefore, it is better to seek the help of a specialist who can correctly choose a solution taking into account the characteristics of the selected material. Only this way you will be confident about the quality of the work done and the durability of the fireplace designs.

Dutch Tiles. Luxurious Decor for the Fireplace

Not many people know that Dutch tiles are clay plates that are created by hand. Beautiful, relief drawings are painted with a special glaze. It is thanks to this they become fireproof and are ideal for decorating any fireplace. As for the installation, it’s not so simple. Without the help of specialists, you won’t manage it, since even during construction it is necessary to install special metal braces. But at the same time, the result is really worth it.

Pink Dutch plates forming dome around the fireplace

Decoration of a Fireplace with Wood

A truly luxurious, beautiful material for decorating the fireplace is certainly wood. It is not used often for this purpose, but nevertheless, it is such a texture that can improve a simple fireplace. This solution looks especially beautiful in houses with high ceilings.

Wooden mantelshelf and sandy colored walls for decoration of the fireplace

Polyurethane Stucco Molding

Perhaps, polyurethane is one of the most modern materials. Despite the fact that it perfectly tolerates the heat, it is used only for the decor of the fireplace. Therefore, it will never change the shade, as well as easy to clean, and does not require special care.

Coffee white living room with organically inscribed fireplace decorated with mirror

Decoration of an Artificial Fireplace

Many people associate the fireplace with home comfort, family conversations over a cup of tea, and special warmth. But it’s impossible to install it in a small apartment. In this case, the ideal solution will be a decorative fireplace. Moreover, you can arrange it in almost any style, based on the design of the apartment and your own preferences.

Classic design for the living room with touch of minimalistic arrangement Green designed frame for the fireplace in Classic atmosphere of the living Classic mid-century design with stucco fretowrk and coffered ceiling Crystal chandelier, large mirror and other decorative elements in the Classic styled living room with the false fireplace Shabby chic strokes and the fireplace for bathroom

Lovers of natural materials in the interior will certainly favor the decor of the fireplace with wooden blocks or logs. It looks really nice even in a small room. The main thing is to choose the wooden elements of a suitable size so that the composition does not look congested.

Flamingo dummy for the sparkling white Scandi living room False fireplace opening in the Classic designed living room

The false fireplace looks great as a frame for storing various accessories. It can be a beautiful decorative flower stands, a wicker basket, several decorative candles, or even your favorite books. All this looks really nice, especially if the color scheme of the details corresponds to the general interior.

Kids' room with toys and the fireplace

Decorating a Fireplace in the Interior: the Most Stylish Ideas in the Photo

In fact, there are many different options for decorating the fireplace, both in the house and in a small apartment. Each of them looks interesting in its own way. Therefore, we have prepared for you a selection of original ideas, among which you will find an ideal solution for yourself.

Unusual floral theme in blue hues of the wallpaper in living room and large mirror over the fireplace Wooden log over the Classic styled fireplace Unusual open layout design of the cottage with gorgeous idea of decorating the accentual central fireplace Scandinavian style in large living room with accent wall having firewood racks and the immersed fireplace Stone trimmed accent wall with shelf, TV and the fireplace

Decoration of a Fireplace in the Living Room

It is in the living room the fireplace is most often installed. This is not surprising, because this room is often quite large and is ideal for a cozy family pastime.

Casual modern design of the living room with different chairs, floral themed rug and the built-in gas fireplace Oriental touch of the style in the apartment Minimalistic and beautiful design of the modern version of American style in the living room with open dark ceiling beams Mix of styles for the living room with large firewood rack at the top Plank-decorated accent wall with small fireplace and TV

A beautiful, modern fireplace is an ideal solution for those who appreciate cozy family evenings. Be inspired by a selection of ideas, analyze the interior features, and boldly start creating your ideal variant.

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