8 Best Large House Plants to Use for Décor

Large house plants add a tropical feel and grandeur to an indoor space. Learn the best large plants for a home in this guide.

8 Best Large House Plants to Use for Décor. Stunning modern interior design with the greenery all over the place

Does your living situation lack a sense of vibrancy that you think can make it a more fun environment? Are you interested in adding a more tropical feel to your apartment or house?

If so, then you should consider what large house plants can do for your setting. There are certain plants that are perfect for your home if you have high ceilings and spacious rooms.

With our knowledge of interior design, you will be able to use these plants to create an environment that’s fun for when you want to relax by yourself or having people over for a party.

Here are the eight best large house plants to use for decor.

  1. White Bird of Paradise

Some of the best tropical house plants are those that can work just as well as decor in your living room as they would on a patio or back porch. Among the prime examples is the White Bird of Paradise, which comes in large leaves that make you feel like you’re in the jungle.

Make sure to provide plenty of sunlight to this plant, whether you want to place it next to the window or outside on the patio for a couple of hours. We recommend positioning it somewhere inside where the outside light will create a silhouette for a more creative presentation.

  1. Yucca

Another indoor tree that relies heavily on sunlight is the Yucca, which you can use when you are a little low on space but still have the height to spare. This plant is a reliable option if you’re a fan of the desert areas of the United States and want something in your home that provides the same feel.

8 Best Large House Plants to Use for Décor. Yucca plants in the contemporary styled interior with wooden trimmed wall

While watering your plant is often an important part of the caretaking routine, you’ll need to avoid giving your Yucca too much. The soil needs to dry out before it receives more water, and you can go for several weeks without rewatering this plant, which should save you time and money.

  1. Ficus

If you’re looking for indoor trees that tower over everything around them and last for a long time, then a ficus tree is the way to go. This option is among the many rubber plants that don’t require too much care, and it can last up to thousands of years, depending on which kind you get.

The ficus tree originates from Southeast Asia, India, and Australia, which provides several areas where you can get this plant. The leaves on this plant are also the right size in case your living space doesn’t have too much room.

  1. Dragon Tree

Fans of interior design from the 1960s will want to get their hands on a Dragon Tree, which is a prime example of the mid-century modern style. This is one of the tall indoor plants that add to the scenery of your furniture instead of hogging it for themselves.

8 Best Large House Plants to Use for Décor. Nice calm Oriental philosophy of the living room with dragon tree in the pot with pebbles

The Dragon Tree, also known as Dracaena marginata, can reach heights up to 10 feet, making it a good fit for people living in different arrangements. It can grow vertically so that it can fit in rooms with lower ceilings.

  1. Norfolk Island Pine

Some of you may be looking for large house plants that fit in your living room around the holidays, especially Christmas. In this case, you should get the Norfolk Island Pine tree, which doesn’t require too much maintenance to save you time for preparing for holiday parties.

While the needles on this plant seem stiff and prickly, they are actually soft, which keeps the setting comfortable. Like with our previous options, you’ll need to give this plant plenty of sunlight, whether inside or outside, to keep it in good shape.

  1. Kentia palm

Some of you may want to add an Australian feel to your home, whether you’ve been to the country before or have yet to venture over there for a dream vacation. That’s where the Kentai palm tree comes in, as it is among the toughest indoor palm trees available.

8 Best Large House Plants to Use for Décor. Family room with kentia palm

This option can add a natural feel to a variety of locations in your home, such as your living room, bedroom, and office. Make sure to provide plenty of moist soil in the summer and reduce watering in the winter to keep the plant in good shape throughout the year.

  1. Philodendron

Certain homes come with rooms that have ceilings of different heights, and those living here will need plants that can work in all of these settings. In this case, you’ll want the Philodendron, an option that can work as both a smaller houseplant or a tree for larger rooms.

White balcony with filodendron

This plant is among the best options for those who want to add a jungle feel to their rooms, especially if they live in a more urban area. You don’t have to take your Philodendron outside for sunlight, as you can keep it next to a window or door that lets just enough sunlight in for nourishment.

  1. Croton

If you’re looking for an indoor plant that adds more color to your rooms than just green, then the Croton plant is the way to go. The color options for this tree vary from dark grey, brown, and green to yellow, purple, and red, and the best ones combine several of them in one.

The Croton, also known as the Codiaeum, can grow as tall as 10 ft., which suits homeowners with high ceilings. You’ll need to keep the indoor temperature relatively warm to keep the tree in good shape, and it’s best to position it in a place where it will get plenty of light when the sun rises and sets.

Croton in the interior of modern styled living room

Our Take on Large House Plants

When it comes to giving your home a more natural and lively feel, large house plants are among the most creative ways to do so. All you need is a plant of the right size and a room with the right amount of space.

Some of our options make you feel like you are vacationing in a tropical environment, while others add color to a blank living room or office. With these indoor plants, you will be able to make your house relaxing for both yourself and guests.

Check out more of our interior design expertise so that you can get creative and have fun improving your living situation.

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