Boy and Girl Bedroom Ideas of Functional Space Organization

Arranging the space for two or more kids with different gender is unbelievably hard task. Because we should satisfy the needs of every kid, allocate a zone for everyone without intermixing or constrain of some of the children. Over the years we should renovate the bedroom to fit growing and changing needs. Some psychologists and many people are unanimous that children should not share the common room when they (or the elder) turn 8-9 years old. Because they reach 4-5-th grade, consequently know more about their bodies, they achieve friends, have their own “grown” interests thus demanding for privacy. Kids in their 15-16 years have almost full rights as citizens and of course may show sexual attraction to each other. However, there is no strict view on what age should be children to necessarily have their own rooms. There is no law in US legislation that directly or indirectly prescribe the number age or gender of chldren that can’t share a bedroom. The same situation right for Europe, CIS countries, developed Asian countries etc. It all depends on your cultural, moral and general social norms in your region or state. But we can give examples when adult people share one single condo with their almost grown up childrens and pets… This doesn’t show their bad culture, but likely very limited financial capabilites. It is comfortable to give an advice to just move to another place. But today we will review the small range of boy and girl bedroom ideas of functional space organization. They are not too expensive and doable for parents who really care about their children.

Bedroom for boy and girl of 2-8 years old

Even kids who go to school in the earlier grades begin to understand the difference from the sibling of other gender. This leads to desire of privacy. Children begin to be shy of changing clothes when sister or brother in the same room, want to have place to talk to friends and many other. Some kids can’t do their homework when somebody’s shouting or even speaking around. However, children should negotiate and come to consensus together. But parents can alleviate the possible arguing between their own children by following some simple psycholigical verities that can find the reflection in room design.

First of all, children should clearly understand the difference between genders from thes very small age. It can be manifested in special color decoration of room zones for each of kids. If children do not differentiate themselves as two different genders, they can achieve strong bond to each other. They will play, sleep together, have absolutely identical interests. So it will be hard to separate them when they grow up a little. This is mostly right for male-female twins or children with small age difference.

Zoning of the chidlren's bedroom with semi-wall and huge pass. Green walls in the perky designed childrens' room with beds in perpendicular to each otherClassic decoration for the childrens' room with colorful curtains and navy blue bed linen

Bedroom for boy and girl from 9 years old

The whole situation is very dependant on specific family. Some sisters and brothers can live together till their adulthood absolutely normal; somebody can’t stand each other in under 10 years old age. But the core of conflict can be found and resolved. Find the difference in interests of your children. Maybe one of them want to watch TV on a big screen and play game console and other child likes smartphone chatting, reading and studying and asks for bigger desk. The common room can be designed based on these wishes.

Separated yellow wardrobe zone in the modern decorated room Private cabinet for girl in the common room

Another example of profound approach to the kids’ room design. The room with upper level for boys can accommodate more than two children. Of you have three children, two of them are boys of about same age, such design is brilliant for satisfying of their desire of competition. They will also get a basic rules of social behavior and sharing small space together.

Additional level as the sleeper for one of children at the top

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