Classic Bathroom Design Ideas

Beauty and luxury, elegance and refinement, practicality and rationality – all these features classic style in the interior. No matter how many years had passed, whatever new stylistic trends were offered us by modern culture, but classics remains out of fashion and time. Traditional environment has always been popular with most homeowners. With the advent of new technologies, building materials and technical capabilities have improved. And classics is only transforming, adapting to the new pace of life, but does not change itself.

Mosaic tile as a classic interior decorative element in the bathroom

Classic style in the bathroom – it is always elegant cover with functional content, calm neutral colors, pleasing textures, traditional, ergonomic layout of sanitary ware, furniture and accessories.

Royal interior of the bath with chair and carved wooden furniture in white color

In classical bathroom you will not find a expressly rough finish, gaudy colors, modernistic decor items or ultra-modern gadgets and appliances. The whole atmosphere is subordinated to the general concept of luxurious comfort.

Ideally white bathroom with textured tile walls, terry clothed towels and a sink

Let us review the components of a modern bathroom in a classic style, its color palette, how to trim, furniture placement options more closely.


Classic bathroom design ideas for a bathtub

Classic style does not impose restrictions on the bath of extraordinary design with unusual shapes and colors, but it’s better to stay on the traditional version of the light shades.

Classic bathroom design ideas. Wooden furniure in the classic bathroom with vaulted ceiling

Bath on fine carved legs will look relevant in the interior of a classic style.

Contrasting wooden floow in white bathroom with classical form of a bathtub

Brass or bronze feet baths are perfectly combined with the interior in soft, pastel colors and transform a little bit bohemian atmosphere.

Blue picture as a decorative element in the white classic bathroom

If the bathroom space is not large enough, it is better to locate a bathtub near the wall. Most often plumbing is “sewn in” all available sides and facing of the folding screens is performed using ceramic or stone tiles in light shades mostly.

Unique bathtub design in the classic white bathroom

If the area of ​​the bathroom allows, a bath can be centered or in such way that you`ll be able approach to it from several sides.

Wooden laminate of high quality in the classic bathroom with TV set

By placing a bath in the center of the room. We change the entire situation, giving it some royal luxury. A white tub against a background of wood flooring looks incredibly advantageous.

Classic European design of the bathroom with chic shower cubicle and bathroom at the bay window and marble floor

If the bathroom has a spacious bay window, as on the photo, it will be the perfect place for a bath of unusual shape. This location is royally representative and yet rational.

Wooden chair and a plant brings naturality in the white bathroom interior

Our days bathtubs are made of different materials. The days when you could buy a cast iron or steel bath passed. Products made of popular now acryl are much lighter in weight and quite practical, easy to maintain and clean.

Unique attic bathroom with brown steel bathroom and brickwork as decoration

Baths made of natural stone including marble, glass, solid wood, bronze and copper, are also produced nowadays, but in smaller quantities, and not for mass sales, mostly by order.

Dark bathtub in the classic bathroom interior

Bath of unusual shapes or colors, and sometimes both, can become the center of attraction, a key element of the entire room. Suchlike contrasting colors invigorate the interior and give personality to it.

Snow white bathroom with a bathtub in a center


The trend in the interior of bathrooms of the last decades is the placement of the two sinks with the respective accessories within the same space.

White two sink designed bathroom with unique form of bathtub and steel chrome plumbing

If the size allows, the two sinks or washing room quickly recoup their installation with incredible convenience and time savings, especially in the morning and evening hours.

Two mirrors and two sinks in the bathroom for large family

One of the methods for the location of sinks is next to each other, perpendicular to the bath. This layout saves space and allows you to combine an ergonomically functional segments of the premise.

Bathroom with rwo sinks at different walls and a bathroom in center with marble trim

Sinks, located opposite each other, bring symmetry to the room. It is important that the distance between them was sufficient to accommodate two occupants, standing back to back.

Black contrasting wooden furniture set in the white marble classic bathroom

Sinks can be located parallel to the bath next to each other, if the size of the premises allow.

White drawers and marble bathtub in the classic interior

And the last option of placing two sinks is with bath between them. This arrangement allows you to have access to the bath from different sides. Tenants, who stand in front of sinks do not interfere with each other, and each has a private space. Of course, this arrangement can be implemented in large enough room.


Most often, a shower is a small space, usually in the corner of the room enclosed by walls and transparent or frosted glass partitions.

Shower Cubicle, toilet and bathtub in one bathroom

Glass partitions in transparent version does not burdening space. Facing of surfaces of the shower and bath area in one palette creates a harmonious and balanced appearance of the premises.

Narble trimmed bathroom in classic light style with French balcony and a soft upholstered chair

Just one glass partition can create space for the organization of the shower. Modern shower accessories and marble trim and created an incredibly pleasant atmosphere for water treatment.

Shower cabin and glass partition of it

In a small room the bathroom is sometimes necessary to completely abandon the bathtub and confine yourself with installation of the shower equipment only. The cool palette and modern decoration create an elegant atmosphere of the room.

Nice design idea for nethroom with shower arrangement in classic style

Another variant of the area organization is bath and shower in one place behind a glass partition. Efficient and versatile location allows you to use different capabilities of bath and shower within a small room, which can be visually increased with the help of mirrors.

Royal shower cubicle in the country house

If necessary, and if you have of a certain number of square meters you can built the shower walls of any shape. In this case, recessed lighting and a transparent hinged doors are required. This is an important aspect for a comfortable, from the psychological and practical point of view, taking a shower.

Shower cubicles in classic spacious bathroom

Here is a version of the arrangement of a spacious room bathroom with not only two sinks, but the shower is so large that two people can take water treatments simultaneously. The room, made in light beige palette, is supported by the warm of wood surfaces and furniture as well.

Super roome bathroom looks like sauna with marble trimming and long gur at the floor

Bathroom furniture

Average bathroom in old buildings is not large enough to place some furniture among other things there. But in country houses, town houses and apartments with improved design you can manage to put not only storage but also chairs, dressing tables, display cabinets or dressers in the bathroom.

Wooden finishing and furniture for bathroom

Wooden showcase and high pedestal for it blends fine with exposed beams on the ceiling and bath podium trim, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Unique wooden chest of drawers in the classic white bathroom interior with two sinks and mirror surface of the shower cubicle

Decorating the space under the sink in the form of wooden drawers not only organizes the storage of bath accessories, but also hides from our eyes engineering systems and pipes.

Unique wooden trimming all over the classic pastel bathroom interior

Sometimes the bathroom area is so big that it is possible to organize a set of storage systems, with built-in pair of sinks, and a dressing table with a mirror. Warm, nice looking finish of the premise affects no less than the design features of the interior – stained glass in the window frame, similar to the frame for a mirror, beautiful chandeliers, wall lamps, mounted in the mirror, interesting decoration of the lower tier surface near a bath tub.

Chic and fashionable bathroom design with lambrequins and soft puff in front of oval ceramic bathtub

Another example of a spacious bathroom in pastel colors, instead of the system cabinet, in addition to the necessary plumbing elements.

Fireplace in the white bathroom interior

If your bathroom area is so great that even after the installation of furniture, not excluding the case and upholstered one, there is enough space, you can consider the option of placing a fireplace. In the case of the room shown in the photo, fireplace visible from the living room and bathroom, it is embedded in the wall is a partition between two rooms. An incredible feeling is to watch live fire, lying in the bath foam. Royal scale, large scale, pleasant peach palette.

Modest and low-key design of the bathroom with pictures and rug at the floor

In this bathroom designer decided to place a pair of comfortable soft chairs with covers made of towel cloth. These chairs are easy to care. Simply remove the cover and wash it in a washing machine. In return you get the atmosphere of a relaxing spa.

The color palette

Of course, the favorite in the design of classic style bathrooms is white color and all its shades. The bright gamma relaxes, adjusts to rest and solitude.

Unusual wall construction at the attic white bathroom creates unusual shades

Among other things, the bright surfaces expand the space and perfectly blend with the contrast-dark interior objects.

High wooden cabinet in the interior of classic white bathroom with tile finishing of the low side

Almost dark wood species used for the manufacture of bathroom furniture, look as a festive contrast against the background of the white walls.

Blue shades in the classic bathroom interior

But other than a pastel color palette is not alien to the classical style. Restrained color combinations but in bold colors create an incredibly positive and comfortable environment. The combination of light beige with sky-blue and a deep chocolate color has created a non-trivial bathroom image with traditional classic furnishings.

Wooden heaven in the bathroom with plenty of light

Warm wooden tones inherent to natural materials, which has been actively used in this bathroom, create a special atmosphere of the room color.

Attic bathroom with ceiling window and mirror above the wooden greenish chest of drawers

Active use of gold-plated accessories and sandy hues in the stone decoration on one of the bathroom walls allowed to present an image in light golden tones.

Blue mosaic tile floor and strict lines in the classic bathroom

Use of wallpaper or tiles with patterns contributes not only to the introduction of diversity in the color gamma of the space but also gives a bathroom its inimitable identity.

Terry bathrobe and a sink with marble surface next to glass shower cabin creates a really bohemian atmosphere in the classic designed bathroom

Pale blue shades of surfaces, coupled with the snow-white sanitary ware, created an incredibly cool atmosphere in the bathroom. Genuine accessories and floral motifs in the picture and on the rug have complemented the resulting image of stylish and elegant room.

Lighting system

For the classical style in the interior of any premises the use of beautiful chandeliers is characterizing. And large-sized bathrooms are no exception. But given the difficult combination of different areas within the same premises, there may be a need for additional light sources – embedded in the shower ceiling fixtures or a table lamp on the dressing table, wall lights near the sink etc.

Glass shower cabin, oval bathtub and a fern near the bench diversify strict luxurious bathroom interior

Chic chandelier with an abundance of glass, or even crystal elements – the perfect complement to the luxurious bathroom with a fireplace and artwork on the walls.

Unique sombination of forms and light in the classical designed bathroom in light tones

This bathroom is literally bathed in light, thanks to the central chandelier with intricate design, built-in mirror and lighting fixtures integrated into the ceiling. Reflecting on a variety of mirrors, light transforms space and makes it infinite.

Top splaying bathtub in the classic interior of the bathroom

Despite the full of contrasts bathroom atmosphere, design of the main chandelier immediately attracts attention.

French semioval window and mirror showcase next to the doorpass with transom and little windows in the classic bathroom design

Another example of how extraordinary design of the pendant lamp can become the focal element of a classic interior.

Huge bathroom fullo flight and a table-island for linens and clothes in the centre

The curtains in the bathroom

Designers use the textile very carefully in the bathrooms. Some of them never use any decor for windows, for example. But there are situations when not only the window openings are in need of drapery.

Steel glossy bathtub surface decorating th noble marble if the bathroom

For the window decoration in the bathroom of classical style designers more often use rolling or Roman blinds. Their sleek appearance and ease of care allure decor creators.

Wooden pieces of furniture in the classic and full if light bathroom design

We can also see the use of more elaborate versions of drapery of window openings and bay windows spaces.

Elaborated bathroom interior with candles at the trimming edge

Or the simplest of all possible options for the window curtains.

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