Bold Country Style Bedroom Design

Often we associate country style with a rural tendency in the interior space, elements of hunting lodges and American ranch. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, there is a certain affiliation to the country, especially culture, nature and mentality which leave their imprint on the stylistic direction. But the style of the country as well as geographically, has the ability to change eventually. Nowadays, the use of the bold country style bedroom design ceased to be a canonical character, became more flexible to the needs and tastes of the modern homeowner.

Bold Country style Bedroom Design in completely wooden execution

Country style is, first of all, eco-friendliness. The presence of natural materials in the construction and decoration of this style orientation is mandatory. Raw stone, rough wood – nature itself dictates the design concept.

Classic American rural country-bedroom of white wood tones

Fireplace in the bedroom country style

It is difficult to imagine a bedroom in country-style, which located not in a country house, but in a city apartment. The warmth of natural materials, the use of untreated cells and the very concept of the country style tunes everyone on vacation near nature. Therefore, that is a part of design techniques for country style bedroom to locate the fireplace directly in this room. The heat of the fire will warm the soul and the body, and originally decorated fireplace becomes the focal point of the bedroom.

Ecological wooden country bedroom in townhouse

Country style is also called “village”, “cottage”. Indeed, the abundant use of wood and stone for finishing and decor elements brings a spirit of calm small settlement.

Little round wooden bedroom interior design

Classical mantel space lining with stone of impressive size is very typical country design course.

Wooden bedroom interior with stone fireplace

Even if the fire itself designed in a contemporary style and is often electric, the “medieval” stonework of space around it allows us to forget about progress and plunge into the primordial heat of created atmosphere.

Cool warm hearth in cottage bedroom

The mere presence of a chimney or stove in the bedroom dictates the use of certain algorithms of interior design. If we talk about furniture, it is certainly solid wood of impressive size and nice, smooth shapes. If textiles, it must be certainly tight, deep natural hues and with a comfortable texture.

Restrained fireplace in English country bedroom interior

The bedroom, where stone and wood are actively used as finishing materials, bright accents are needed. Bedside rug or curtains, bed cover and pillows, even small decorative elements of the active colors can bring a special mood to this room.

Even the small sized bedroom can be equipped with a fireplace. Private rooms in country houses often located on the top floor or attic, but it is not an obstacle for construction of the stone hearth.


Country-bedroom with two or more beds

For the organization of a berth for two or more people country-style fits perfectly. Especially if you want to place a few beds in a small area and use the bunk beds.

Bunk bed of wood in the rustic bedroom

You can make excellent structures of solid wood for multi-storey beds that will last for years to come and will give its natural heat to tenants.

Wooden lodging living room transforming into bedroom

Equipment of double bedroom in the attic space is a great way to use the entire area of ​​the country house rationally. Placing beds in areas of maximum bevel of the ceilings is a logical solution for the country-bedroom.

Bevel of wooden roof bedroom with bed

Original headboards design of deep dark shades perfectly with neutral walls and allows to zone bedroom for two.

Absolutely “wooden” bedroom for several households is a vivid example of the use of country style in the interior living rooms. Stylization of cabinet doors similar to the shed gate “cow” drawings at the curtains and bedspreads only emphasize belonging to the village style.

Dark deep colors in the wooden lodging bedroom interior

Bedroom for three in calm warm colors, charms with its ease and comfort. The use of natural stone for the walls to draw attention to the country-style is optional. Wooden beams and furniture, textiles in natural colors and decorative elements with floral print will suffice.

Rustic wooden house bedroom in light wood colors

There is a feeling in this room that it is not wood was brought from the forest to build the bedroom, but the bed itself was just moved to the thicket. The whole interior of a country bedroom is saturated with nature.

A viable alternative to the massive wooden beds can be steel or metal frames beds. Their dark shades repeated in cornices and window frames, and the bright and calm color of the wall decoration is an excellent contrast.


You can often meet the following constructive interior method in the bedroom of country style: in addition to the main big bed there is built one or two more beds in the room which are usually made in the form of tiered wooden structures.


Country-style bedroom in light colors

Country style has no clear rules about the use of a particular palette for finishing and decoration of premises. Most of the colors used for the interior of the bedrooms of this stylistic direction, have warm natural colors. But often the use of a particular type of wood dictates the choice of palettes and other decor for the room.


Spacious and snow-white bedroom is literally immersed in the light, thanks to many windows.


Simple and concise, at first glance, this bedroom holds many design finds. An interesting way of performing bedside tables, unusual wall decor at the bedhead, wooden bench – everything points to the extraordinary character of the room.


Light colors in the decoration of the walls and bedroom`s textiles, serve as excellent contrast to dark curtains, wrought-iron chandeliers and impressive wooden ceilings.


Light wood, which lined the walls, complete with white textiles to create a festive sublime look of the bedroom in country-style.


Simplicity of forms and brevity of performance give the room a contented look. The unusual design of the bed creates the effect of hovering in the air. Wood at the bedhead and rug, stylized to grass at the foot of it, returns us to a natural explanation of country style.


Heavy, wooden beams of impressive sized and dark carved furniture just have to be supported by very light walls and crisp white bedroom textiles.


Natural elements of decoration in the country-bedroom

In the classical or industrial style, we could not afford to use tree branches or animal horns for room design, but the country-style is made for such decorative techniques.

It seems that the trees grow right next to the bed, creating a unique bond of premises with nature.

Modern white rustic country-style bedroom ideas

Well, what if the trees in this room are just painted on the walls, but no one doubts the accessories of the interior relates to the country-style. The door, stylized as wooden gate, is a firm evidence.

White country interior style in bedroom

Unique design of the pendant lamp stands not only as a highlight of the interior, but also serves as the focal point of the room, around which develops the whole concept of the bedroom.

Unusual design of the headboard with wooden oars will not allow anyone, who has ever seen the interior, to forget it.

The wooden boards instead of a headboard, wooden mini-bench instead of bedside tables and hanging lanterns instead of bra – weight in this bedroom is impregnated with a non-trivial and free from prejudice spirit.

Natural elements of decoration in the country-bedroom

Niche for bed, lined with wood, can meet, perhaps, only in country-style. Bright details and color textiles only support rural festive and positive atmosphere.

Unusual nice wooden rustic interior bedroom design with the lamps in form of fir-tree

The use of tree branches and antlers in manufacture of furniture and decor is a fairly common way to give the interior even more rustic style with a touch of hunting lodge character.

Country-side bedroom in light tones with deers and birch-trees

The original performance is the motto of the interior of the bedroom in country style. Unusual decor elements over the bed, tree branches as cornices, unique table lamps and handmade textiles – the interior can be viewed forever.

Original country-style bedroom with wooden ceiling, decorative antlers and wide bed

Antlers above the bed, wicker chair of bizarre form, the use of fur for decoration and so on – bedroom with such interior simply can`t retain you indifferent.

Antlers above the bed makes the interior as hunting lodge

The originality of this country-bedroom is not only in its attic location, but also contained in an interesting furniture design, using tree branches, a massive door on forged hanging loops and a subtle combination of different types of wood in one interior.

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