Curtain Rods: Types, Production Materials, Fastening Overview

A tastefully decorated living room, kitchen, or bedroom cannot do without window decoration. As a result of this, thousands of ways were invented to make them one of the most important elements of home interior design. Today you can choose from a huge number of beautiful curtains, blinds, but you need to somehow hang the material on the window, so you should pay special attention to the purchase of the appropriate curtain rod.



  1. How to hang curtains and drapes?
  2. Which curtain rod to choose?
  3. Main types
  4. Ceiling mounted type
  5. Wall mounted type
  6. Pros and cons of different models
  7. Features of double-row and single curtain rods
  8. Remote controlled model
  9. Flexible option
  10. Window width fit
  11. Self-assembly and installation
  12. Curtain rods for different windows and room type

Curtains Rods: Types, Production Materials, Fastening Overview. Cozy living room with chic blackout drapes

Curtain rod for Curtains: How to Hang Curtain Rods?

Before buying stylish curtains and/or drapes, estimate their installing. What length of curtains will you need and is the model suitable for a particular interior? It is worth paying special attention to the correct installation of curtains.

Curtain curtain rods are available in a variety of materials, colors and diameters today, and even in a version with one or more rods. They are suitable for curtains on grommets as well as for curtains with hooks. If you choose curtains with eyelets, make sure that they match your curtain rods. Ceiling curtain rods are available in different versions. Attach curtains or drapes to them, easily moving them back and forth along convenient guides. These mounting options are ideal for classic curtains and even blinds. Curtain rod with an internal guide rails combine the functionality of ceiling slats. If you choose a two-row curtain rod, you can create a composition with a transparent curtain and a lightproof curtain. This solution is very popular and works great in any room, creating a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Curtains Rods: Types, Production Materials, Fastening Overview. Bay window and light hardwood floor and the sofa

Which Curtain Rod to Choose?

Metal and wooden, double and single curtain rods, as well as their fasteners – all this allows you to perfectly design the window. Thanks to the rich offer, you will receive a model that harmoniously suits the style of the interior that you are decorating. With the help of a perfectly selected rod, the room will take on a unique look. It is on this element that you hang a curtain or drapes, creating the most popular window decorations that significantly affect the arrangement of the entire room. Modern forms and solutions allow you to choose sensational models of the curtain rods, taking into account the style prevailing in the apartment or the interior of the room, as well as your preferences. Depending on the type of mount you prefer, use curtain rods with clips, rings or pins. Clips can also be mounted on casters that are placed in the curtain rod. Modern models are distinguished by functionality, aesthetics, as well as excellent workmanship, so for many years they will serve as a wonderful decoration of windows and at the same time the whole interior.

Curtains Rods: Types, Production Materials, Fastening Overview. Two-rod execution with golden color Curtains Rods: Types, Production Materials, Fastening Overview. Arched cornice with drawing Curtains Rods: Types, Production Materials, Fastening Overview. Plastic kernel with ring fastenings

Useful Tips

Curtain rods are chosen for specific rooms, so they do not have to be the same throughout the house. This applies to patterns as well as thickness and color. An exception is interconnected spaces, for example, a kitchen and a dining room, where it is safer to choose the same solutions if there is no clear difference in the style of each of these rooms.

Pay attention to the length of the window sill and radiator

When choosing a curtain rod, also pay attention to the fact that the curtain does not rest on the windowsill or radiator. It is necessary to measure how many windowsill, radiator or other element protrudes from the wall, and to add about 2 cm to the curtain.

Curtains Rods: Types, Production Materials, Fastening Overview. Purple curtains

How many Clips do You Need for a Curtain Rod?

The basic rule is that for standard mesh curtains (overlapped) you will need 1 clip for every 10 cm of the curtain rod. For example, if the length of the curtain rod is 240 cm, 24 rings (with clips) are needed. If you hang a curtain of light fabric, there can be fewer clips, and for a dense curtain or lambrequin, there should be more of them. It is better to buy some clips and rings to hang curtains and drapes. Make sure that the fasteners can support the weight of the window decoration, and if necessary add or remove several clips. Unused accessories will definitely come in handy when using the curtain rod in the future.

Curtains Rods: Types, Production Materials, Fastening Overview. Purple embroidered curtains and steel gilded rod

The main Types of Curtain Rods: Ceiling or Wall Mounted?

The main criterion for choosing a ceiling or wall curtain rod will be the weight of the material that you intend to hang on it. In the case of heavy curtains made of jacquard, brocade, or velvet, the wall curtain rod is best suited, and if they are of considerable length, you will need to fix them with brackets. Lighter materials will be successfully hung on the ceiling curtain rod. Another question is the choice of whether you want to accept the curtain rod as one of the decorative elements of the windows. Wall rails will go well with beautifully designed curtains, while those who care about the charm of the translucent tulle enveloping the window will prefer hidden curtain rod.

One of the most important criteria for the differentiation of curtain rods in the interior is the method of their fastening. The most popular types are currently considered to be the curtain rods on the wall and ceiling, the first of which are mounted above the window frame directly to the wall. In this category you can distinguish metal and wooden curtain rods for walls, depending on the material from which they were made. In turn, the ceiling curtain rods are attached to the ceiling directly above the window. The choice of installation method should depend primarily on the location options, including the size of the space between the upper window frame and the ceiling, in accordance with the planned window design.

Another criterion by which the categories of curtain rods are distinguished is how curtains and drapes are attached to them. One of the most commonly used traditional types are curtain rods, on which curtains are fixed with special ribbons or eyelets. Manufacturers catalogs now offer a large selection of wooden, metal and brass beams of various shapes and sizes, so you can easily choose a product that fits almost any interior: from rustic to modern.

Curtains Rods: Types, Production Materials, Fastening Overview. Turquoise curtains and dotted wallpaper for calming down atmosphere

Curtain Rods for Curtains: Ceiling Models

The most beautiful interiors are those whose individual elements make up a harmonious whole. The colors compliment each other, but the impression of a refined and finished motif is created on the whole. Decorators know that the details are always the most important, and they will determine how the entire interior is selected. In this embodiment, ceiling curtain rods will be an excellent solution.

Angle cornice with pastel colored cutain Rounded cornice and peach colored curtain Figured cornice for amazing silver curtains

Elements of interior decoration offer products that delight not only with their shape but also with quality. One of the most important elements of decoration is the ceiling curtain rods, which, if correctly selected, corresponding to the rest of the environment. You can choose both classic and avant-garde offers that are ideal for lovers of modern styles.

When choosing ceiling curtain rods, you should first of all remember the functionality of the product, as well as whether its shape is suitable for interior needs, that is, for the arrangement of the entire room. There are many options for intriguing design to choose from, which allows you to diversify the interior of the house. The right choice will guarantee a perfectly finished interior, for which the ceiling eaves will be a striking element and the design will impress both family members and guests.

White tulle and pastel colored drapes for panoramic window of the living room

Are Ceiling Curtain Rods Suitable for Heavy Curtains?

It is generally recommended that you choose wall-mounted curtain rods for heavy fabrics, such as tapestry, jacquard, or velvet curtains. Their design shows that they are more resistant to stress than ceiling railings in the form of rails. Modern production technologies and material quality are definitely better than they were several decades ago. Nevertheless, for really heavy curtains, wall curtain rod made of wood or metal is the right choice. It should be remembered, however, that in their case it is advisable to use additional brackets, especially when the curtain rod is long, to ensure uniform support. Rail-shaped ceiling rods are ideal for light curtains as well as medium-weight materials. The quality and load resistance of the hanging hooks used are also of great importance.

Tender tulle and the curtain on the cornice looking rod at the casual bedroom

Ceiling Rails – Aluminum Curtain Rods

Everyone should know that the nature of the interior is determined by many important factors. The most decisive are decorative elements, but you can not underestimate the elements that directly affect the functionality of the room and the convenience of staying in it. Ceiling rails for curtains are a great example, thanks to which you can decorate windows and windowsills in a simple and effective way. Functional and at the same time very elegant curtain rods are aluminum models. Each ceiling curtain rod is a product characterized by a durable and very accurate design that will last for many years. Strong and durable aluminum ceiling rails create an attractive interior design. They will make the arrangement of your home amazing with a fashionable and at the same time very aesthetic look.

Dining room with greenish curtains and chic leather upholstered chair group

Curtain Rod for Curtains Wall

Curtain rods are an integral element of the interior decoration if you want curtains to embellish the window. They are available in various forms – decorative or simple and discreet. Installing wall curtain rods is easier than ceiling rails, which require a perfectly even ceiling and often masking strip. In addition, curtain rods come in different options, not only in color. By combining various elements or ordering curtain rods in size, you get a solution that is ideal for your apartment.

There are many types of curtain rods. In addition to the classic ones with a round cross-section, you can choose, for example, folding bars for the living room window. This type with a modern design is a flat bar, easy in the installation. This curtain rod will look great in an interior with large windows, and traditional massive models perfectly reflect the nature of narrower openings.

Pink powder curtains on the sash window dark brown walls and pastel colored curtains for grandeur living room

Plastic curtain Rod as an Economical Choice for Every Room

Customers visiting the curtain rod store are also looking for more functional models than decorative solutions. For this reason, the offer includes cheap curtain rods, which are designed to perform their functions as best as possible, without differing in a special decorative component. In this embodiment, a plastic curtain rod fits very well. It goes well with a short curtain, it is easy to wash, which is important, for example, for the kitchen.

The choice of colors is different for each model. The most classic and decorative ones are brass, silver, or black. A white curtain rod for a bedroom or living room will refresh the room. A room in which every detail has bright colors not only gives the impression of spaciousness and order but also helps to relax. A window decorated with white will always look as if pure freshness flows through it.

Pastel colored curtains on the palstic rod Beige curtain rod and fastening rings

Wooden or Metal Curtain Rods?

Depending on the style that you use in the interior of the house, you can use wooden curtain rods, which belong to the classics, rustic layout or in the room where you plan to create a bright window decor, as the wood is easy to paint. Metal curtain rods, as more durable, will be used where you do not expect frequent changes in the design, and the curtains used will be quite heavy, deforming the wooden models.

Simple plastic curtain rod Golden ring for decoration of double curtain rod

Galvanized Metal Curtain Rods in Size

There are several types of wall curtain rods. They differ in how they are made. The first group is curtain rod made of metal having a galvanic coating, which increases the resistance of the product to abrasion. The second is powder-coated metal curtain rods. Exceptional product quality is ideal for any interior decoration, emphasizing good taste. Modern curtain rods have an aesthetic form that will bring a special atmosphere to your room.

Crustal sphere to decorate the curtain rod Metal sphere at the end of the shiny steel curtain rod Metal stoppers at the end of souble metal rod

Pros and Cons of Curtain Rods and Ceiling Rails

The indisputable advantage of wall curtain rods is their function as decoration of the space around the window. They will work as a permanent element in a window arrangement in which the curtains have a significant role and complex compositions. Remember, however, that not every window can be equipped with wall curtain rails. For large glazed surfaces, a different solution will be required, namely the ceiling guide. Rails can be combined into long structures of several meters and can be bent at right angles. This solution works great in large office rooms where you need to close the windows. The disadvantage of ceiling curtain rods is the weight limitation of the materials used. It should be light fabrics. Otherwise, the rails will not fulfill their function. The advantage is that they can be hidden and used everywhere where the influence of light and the optical increase in the room is important. Rails will be an ideal solution if the materials of which the walls are made may not withstand the weight of a traditional curtain rod.

Bay windowtotally shaded with curtains Woman's boudoir with heavy curtains on the window and suspended LED TV Thick panel to place curtains in modern designed room

Curtain rod for Curtains on the Wall or Ceiling: an Aesthetic Choice

A very important selection criterion in interior design is also whether this solution matches the rest of the decor. Here, the possibilities presented by both types of curtain rods will be completely different. Wall-mounted additionally equipped with decorative endings ones are ideal when the window frame should serve as decoration. They also harmonize visually with heavy curtains, allowing you to hang decorative lambrequins. It goes well with classic or rustic style. Ceiling curtain rods are easy to integrate and hide. They can be painted, lined or placed behind a decorative strip, also illuminated by LEDs. Curtain rods of this type are perfect for casual and modern rooms. With their help, you can cover the entire width of the wall, and not just its part right at the window, creating interesting opportunities for interior decoration.

Lightweight tille for industrial designed room with concrete wall Light peachy colored bedroom with Roman shades

Double Curtain Rod or Single One?

It all depends on how you are going to decorate your window. If it should be a single material, then a single curtain rod is enough. Double or even multi-row curtain rods will become necessary if you want to hang curtains and drapes or create a Japanese wall composition using several textile panels.

Double curtain rods are products that allow you to attach curtains and drapes at the same time. This is a practical solution for rooms with traditional and rustic decor, in which the window decoration consists of a thin curtain and a slightly heavier impermeable fabric. In turn, single curtain rods are often chosen in modern interiors and are inspired by the Scandinavian trend, which uses only one curtain.

At the first stage, you should think about whether you need single curtain rods or double curtain designs. If you are not completely convinced, you can order a single curtain rail with double brackets and leave empty rear mounts on the handle, and if necessary buy only tubes and clips for the rear rail.

Curtain Rods: Types, Production Materials, Fastening Overview. Twisted steel double curtain rod at the backdrop of the grey wall Accent black rod for light curtains

Electric Curtain Rods

Electric curtain rods are one of the modern and convenient types to use, allowing you to control the curtain or drapes without getting up from the couch. Curtain rods are equipped with an engine that drives the entire mechanism. Depending on the type of curtain rods, you can control the curtains with the remote control or with the button located on the wall. This product works well in office rooms, including in conference rooms, as well as in large-sized living rooms, where traditional curtain rods can be relatively inconvenient to use.

Striking gray leather upholstered sofas and remote controlled curtains

Flexible Curtain Rod – Adaptation for Non-Standard Interiors

The big advantage of a flexible curtain rod is the ability to create models of different shapes from it. This is an ideal solution for living rooms with non-standard windows, where you want to hang decorative curtains. And thanks to the corner connectors you can connect two curtain rods in one. This is a good solution for large terraced windows that embrace two walls. Thanks to the long curtain rod, you can accurately protect yourself from excessive outside attention and from bright sunlight.

Bay window in modern gray setting

Curved Curtain Rods Shaped Like an Arched Window or Wall

Not all windows are rectangular as standard. Increasingly, in modern construction, light openings appear, crowned with arches or even round shapes. Window decorators call them difficult architectural elements. Indeed, such windows are not easy to decorate but that does not mean that it is impossible. Fortunately, there is a decision to hang curtains on curved curtain rods. The curtain rod bending service is custom-made based on a template or very accurate measurements. Two types of bending of the curtain rod are possible. If the wall or top of the window is rounded to a certain length, then the curtain rod should be bent continuously, reflecting smooth lines:

  • in accordance with the shape of the arch of the wall;
  • in accordance with the arch of the wall where the curtain rod is attached;
  • in accordance with the shape of the window;
  • in an arc corresponding to the top line of the window.

Wavy angular steel curtain rod for modern interior design

However, if you are dealing with a corner window or bay window in the form of a broken line, then you can bend the curtain rod at one or more points. You can also use the local curvature of the curtain when you want the curtains to reach the wall and there are no gaps between the curtain and the window surface. Local bending of aluminum profiles (round and rectangular) and tubes made of brass or steel is possible. Local bending is not possible for a rigid metal rod.

Bay winfow with classic theater-like curtain location on continuous rod

How to Choose a Curtain Rod to Fit the Width of the Window?

When choosing curtain rods, remember that when you left the windows open for the whole day, you need a lot of space on the sides of the window frames for sliding curtains. Presumably, you need about 30 cm on each side, that is, the curtain rod should be at least 60 cm longer than the width of the window frame. You should apply an even larger margin in the case of double curtain rods. The rule is that the material of the curtain should not impede the illumination of the window. It is important to know how to measure the window so that the bar you buy (often custom made) is not too small. For heavy, less well-placed curtains, the curtain rod should be 70-80 cm longer than the recess in the window. Good measurement will allow you to freely open and close the window with the curtains lowered.

Simple design of black curtain rod and ring mounted drapes Chic bright red curtains for bay sash window in classic white interior Nice combination of Roman blinds and tulle at one window

Curtain Rod for Curtains: self-Assembly

Ideal curtain rods will be a decoration on their own, but also fulfill an important function of the elements, thanks to which you can hang curtains or drapes. Thus, with their help, you will not only create a window ornament but also provide the interior with appropriate lighting conditions, as well as creating privacy in the room. The classical form of window design does not mean that you cannot use it in modern compositions.

The offer includes modern and traditional rods. You can choose a ready-made set of curtain rods and create your own set to match the window. All the necessary items are sold in stores: rods, corner connectors, ends, profiles, brackets, and all fasteners. You can use them to create a double curtain rod on which to hang curtains and drapes in an attractive composition. Consider the suggestions for rail curtain rods, thanks to which you can adapt this element to your interior design.

Orange curtains at the closed type of steel rod Dark wallpaper for modern designed interior with dark beige glossy silk curtains at the window

Ready-made Kits for Assembling the Curtain Rod

You can mount the curtain rod from ready-made elements. This practical solution will save you time by choosing the individual components required to mount the rails to the ceiling. In addition to rods, get brackets, wheels with clips, plugs, and mounting pins. Such a kit will allow you to very quickly handle the curtain rod according to the instructions, so you can easily hang even thick, heavy, blackout curtains. Aesthetic considerations are also an advantage of buying pre-selected items. Everything you find in the set matches perfectly as it is made from the same materials and has the same shade, which will positively affect the consistency of the interior design.

Double curtain rod with matte steel shine Gilded rod with the shut-off sphere

Installation of Curtain Rods and Ceiling Rails

If we have a well-measured window opening and have selected curtain rod or ceiling rails of the correct length, then we are already in the middle of success. It remains to equip yourself with the necessary tools (measuring instrument, angle, and pencil) to mark the points at which you will drill holes for the mounting pins. The easiest way is to install ceiling rods. Dowels and fasteners usually come as accessories for the product, although it happens that the manufacturer does not take into account all types of walls and ceilings, so it is better to prepare in advance for the fact that you will have to choose the appropriate dowels and screws. You should determine the locations for fixing to the ceiling using the measuring and angle bar. Installing the curtain rods on the wall will take a little more attention, but we have no reason not to do it ourselves. After determining the attachment points, drill holes, install dowels, and screw on brackets or rails. In a house with drained walls, after drilling, fasten the cornices only with the appropriate screws.

Gild painted broad plastic curtains rod Pink tulle at the golden colored rod

Curtain Rods for Different Sizes of Windows and Rooms

When choosing, remember that the method of hanging curtains must be adapted to the size of the room, as well as the location of the window. Therefore, when the light opening occupies most of the wall, and at the same time the room is not too high or broad, then the options for ceiling cornices will perfectly fulfill their role without taking up too much space. With very high windows almost to the ceiling, this is the only installation method available. On the other hand, wall moldings can be useful to optically reduce too large and thus unfriendly interior spaces or even equalize of its proportions.

Semi-circular living room richly decorated with tulles and drapes Panoramic window with translucent tulle on black rod for amazing minimalistic designed living Casual light colored room with lightweight tulle

Window Recesses and Curtain Rod Selection

An indisputable condition is also the size of the window deepening and even more so how the window sill or radiator under the window is located in it. In the case these elements are securely extended beyond the wall surface, the brackets attached to it may not be sufficient. Then the ceiling rod will allow you to hang the curtains further from the wall and the protruding window sill so that even the curtains that reach the floor do not catch on anything. If the battery under the window fits into a recess or protrudes just a few centimeters beyond it, you can install the curtain rods on the wall. Sometimes it may be necessary to use unusual solutions such as notches. However, ceiling rods should be considered the most versatile option.

Classic room atmosphere with white sash window and pastel colored curtain Pinky powder curtain for casual room

For many years, special attention has been paid to window styling. This made the designers surpass each other in ideas, thanks to which today it is possible to choose from increasingly interesting curtain rods designs to hang curtains and give expressiveness to windows. It is now possible to adapt the arrangement of the windows to any style so that it is unique and attracts the attention of all people who visit the house. Curtain rods are, at first glance, inconspicuous products that in fact make up a very important part of window decoration.

Peach colored room with pastel curtains

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