Effective Design Solutions for Narrow Corridor or an Entrance Hall

The peculiarity of the typical apartments of the real estate market is extremely limited space of the hallways. For many years the most passed place of the apartment performed an exclusively functional role. As a result, the uncomfortable narrow hallway dominated and prevailed. But nevertheless, it is possible to make a highlight of an interior even from the most impractical premises. How’s that possible? The most trendy and effective design solutions for narrow corridor or an entrance hall, we will explore in the article.

Yellow bright accent wall with puctiresBlack door and the elements of steampunk styleAngular hanger and open shelving for wearYet another example of successful Classic style with royal chandelier for the wallpapered premisesClassic gray furniture for the tiled hallwayUnique architectural solution to place staircase right at the entrance door

Design of an entrance hall for a narrow corridor: color, mirrors, accessories in decoration

Color design

Competent decoration with color is a universal solution that allows you to visually adjust the space. You can achieve the desired effect by correct combination of light and dark colors. For this, it is necessary to adhere to several rules:


  • if you decorate the walls and ceiling in dark colors, in this case you need to choose cold or light colors for furniture – beige, ashy, creamy, etc.

Black and white contrasting color theme for every side of the premises

  • even more bright options are allowed. For example, olive furniture is an excellent choice. It is important not to overdo it with a color background;
  • light colors will also be preferred to decorate doors.

These tips are universal for both the design of the new apartment, and for remodeling the existing flat.

Green accentual part of the wall behind the hanger Dark gray facades of the hidden shelving and light wooden benchBright yellow entrance door in the light interior


It’s no secret that the most popular method of visual expansion of space is the use of mirrors. There are basic aspects of working with mirrors. So, in a long room, the mirror can be attached to both the furniture (for example, to the closet) and hanged at the end of the corridor.

White strict design with the cabinet Classic design of the white hallway with planked floorMirror as effective zoning item

It would seem that mirrors in any variation of a narrow hallway design will always look good. But not everything is so simple. In not very long narrow corridors, it is better to give preference to several compact mirrors than one large. It is good if in the hall there is also a neat chest with a mirror. If it is too small, then the optimal, and sometimes the only option, is the installation of a mirrored closet.

Thin furniture in the gray corridor Mix of natural and modern artificial materials to trim the narrow space

In the design of a narrow corridor, a full-fledged mirror wall is fully permissible. It visually doubles the space. Such a decision is not an excuse to refuse a dressing table or a conventional mirror in the frame. Just the opposite, the mirror effect in the mirror will add a narrow hallway not only volume, but also some kind of surrealism.

Continuous mirror panel to enlarge small area


Even small parts can significantly adjust the narrow room. Color paintings will look as spectacular accent on the light walls and visually unload the interior.

Black entrance door in the light interior Picture collage at the wooden trimmed hallway

You can also use two or three pretty bright mats. Design in the form of flowers or leaves will look very original in the appropriate interior. They will hide the shortcomings of a narrow corridor. But this solution is the best option for long, but not very wide hallways.

Creative green leaves at the hallway

A great idea for the corridor is a folding ottoman. And if a folding system is built into the chest of drawers or a cabinet, this will save a lot of space.


Furniture for a narrow corridor

Full-size furniture is not suitable for narrow hallways. It takes a lot of space. Remember that the free width of the corridor should be at least one meter for passage. Therefore, the best solution in this case will be to order custom furniture. Required minimum: shelf for shoes, wardrobe, hanger, mirror. An important criterion for furniture for a narrow hallway is its multifunctionality. Each object should be placed as practically and comfortable as possible, without overloading the room.

Beige wooden door with decorated fanlight for the light styled modern hallway Black and white rhomb-lied tile for the hallway Nice idea of storing the footwear at the cart on castors Black and white mosaic in the corridor Small hanger and lamp on the cord. Cute design idea with small numbered boxes for storage Nice contemporary styled contrasting interior with black ceiling and wall Solid wooden door at the entrance

The main rule is do not put furniture on both walls of the corridor. The hallway will seem even narrower.

Regarding the choice of the cabinet, the best option is to install the model with the sliding door. Its feature is a sliding system that significantly saves space. The doors of the wardrobe can be mirror, matte, translucent or combined. A great idea for a compact hallway is a practical closet with open shelves.

Closet with mirror doors in the contemporary styled light gray corridor

To store seasonal casual wear and shoes, you can purchase an open zone with shelves and hooks. Also, designers are advised to hang several shelves above the ceiling, which will save the area even more.

Light gray casual stylistic in the narrow corridor with shelving and cupboards Wooden trimmed narrow corridor furniture in the modern styled house White design of the narrow hallway with open shelves and boxes of rattan

Custom-made furniture for a narrow hallway

Today there is always an opportunity to make custom ordered furniture. Most often, this choice is due to despair, when the necessary furniture is not easy to find in stores.

Custom-made furniture has a big advantage – the ability to independently adjust the dimensions for every inch of the room. However, prices in this case may exceed store prices. A great alternative will be a set of necessary pieces of furniture. You can pick up the modular kits and put each item in its place. Most often, such a set consists of a cabinet for shoes, clothes hangers and a large mirror. In addition, you can hang additional shelves on the wall.

Wooden entrance door with glass inlays and the wooden changing area Brown door as an accent in the light hallway interior with black hanging storage boxes

Lighting design

Properly selected lighting for a narrow corridor is able to radically change the perception of a small space. In general, small hallways suffer from lack of light. Therefore, it is important to provide several lighting scenarios. In addition to the central chandelier, it is worth using point- or any other fixtures, sconces. In addition, you can arrange extra lighting on the ceiling.

Brown door as an accent in the light hallway interior with black hanging storage boxes American rustic style in the halway with open shelving Renaissance Classic right at the corridor

Remodeling the hallway with a narrow corridor

If you are planning a repair, you can use the following methods:

  • you can expand the opening between the hall and the corridor. This will unite the space, but here it is important to follow the single style design of the adjoining rooms and the area at the entrance;
  • you can decorate the walls in different ways using textured wallpaper. Give preference to light tones;
  • designers are advised to add decorative details to the walls and ceiling. It can be cornices, architectural arches, high skirting boards.

Classic interior of the hall with arch and white wall trimming Simple design of the narrow hall leading to the kitchen with brickwork Cozy casual interior of the narrow hall with colorful rug

And finally we would like to give universal advice: if you doubt in one or another decision, always follow the principle “the less, the better”. Do not overdo it with furniture, color and look for discreet contrasts.

Given all the recommendations, you will undoubtedly get an amazing result! And the design of such an inconvenient at first glance room will not be a problem for you.

Curtain zoning for the hall area Artificial light for the modern hallway with the bench and red carpet Green and white wallpaper for the casual styled hall Yellow soft bench as an accent element in the hall

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