How to Pack the Kitchen for Moving

When shifting to your new home, packing your kitchen items seems to be the most difficult. There are many appliances and gadgets that you might have invested in over the years in your kitchen. All of them have to be carefully packed so that you won’t have to buy these supplies all over again.

The best way to do this is by hiring the services of a professional moving company. You can get a moving quote by getting in touch with a few of them and compare their rates and services.

How to Pack the Kitchen for Moving. Collecting all the things in the boxes

Steps to Pack your Kitchen

Your kitchen packing needs to be systematic so that not only are they packed in safely inside, but they are also easy to unpack in your new kitchen. Here are some steps you may follow for convenience.

  1. Declutter Your Kitchen

There is no way that you are going to carry everything that your kitchen has. Old cartons and boxes, disposable cutlery, and other insignificant items should be done away with. Make clear piles regarding what you need to carry and what you are going to leave behind. This will instantly reduce your movable kitchen belongings by about a third, and the task will seem less overwhelming.

  1. Collect Packing Supplies

Instead of doing some last-minute shopping and ending up with boxes that are too large or too small, order your packing supplies a little in advance. Order a mix of large, medium, and smaller boxes if required, along with some heavy-duty ones. Ensure you have enough packing tape and bubble wraps to pack the delicate items in your kitchen like china and glassware.

  1. Gradual Packing

When you eventually start packing, start with the items that you will need the least in your present kitchen and slowly move to the items that you might require till the last day you spend in the house. This will prevent a lot of unnecessary repacking if you manage to pack in something first that you need daily.

How to Pack the Kitchen for Moving. Packing and dismantling the furniture in the kitchen

How to Pack your Kitchen Items?

Here are some tips on packing your kitchen items.


The dishes are the most delicate items in the kitchen. They are often made of glass, bone china, or even porcelain, some of them being family heirlooms. Leaving them behind is not an option, and you do not always have the budget to invest in a new set of fine dishes after moving.

Moving companies use ample amounts of bubble wraps, and they should be tightly secured inside the boxes so that they do not move around inside, leading to cracks and chipping.

Small Appliances and Cookware

Kitchen appliances are expensive, and discarding your perfectly functioning appliances and cookware is not a good idea. Kitchen appliances can be heavy, and you have to be careful about cookware to prevent any damages. You might end up dropping them, and appliances like a refrigerator and oven might be too big to fit at the rear of your car. Moving companies have their vans, so transporting them is not a problem at all.

Glasses and Stemware

They are among the most delicate items in your kitchen. Your precious wine sets, crystal glasses, and exotic tumblers require careful attention. Even the slightest bump is enough to make them crack. Experts from moving companies are specially equipped to pack and move such delicate items, so you should leave it to them.

How to Pack the Kitchen for Moving. Nice casual styled space with all the necessary domestic minimum

Food Items

Food items should be packed at the end because the less amount of time they spend outside the refrigerator, the better. Moving companies have vans that come equipped with refrigerators to carry perishable items like food. This is the best way of transporting your food items if you want to avoid food wastage.

Hiring Professionals for Moving Kitchen Items

While kitchen packing seems like a manageable job, it is best to hire professional services to do it for you. Packing your entire kitchen before making a big move can be stressful. Doing so with inexperienced hands will lead to broken glasses, chipped china, and faulty appliances by the time you are ready to unpack in your new home.

Not only will the moving company help you pack the items safely, but they are also responsible for their safety en route. Moving company vans are far more secure, and your belongings are insured. As a result, you will be compensated if any item is damaged under their care.

The professionals can do the job in far less time and with much more efficiency, leaving you with time on your hands to look into the other details of moving to a new location. Get a moving quote today, and you will be thankful for it.

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