Modern Interior Fireplace Main Types

Today the construction market has a huge number of different heating devices, including various types of fireplaces. On this evidence, not only the owners of private houses, but also ordinary residents of city apartments can easily afford a fireplace. Modern interior fireplace main types are: classic fireplace, Bio fireplace, electric heater. It is quite expensive to construct a fireplace in the room. This process is very time-consuming. If the fireplace is supposed to be made in the new building, it is necessary to reserve a place for it at the initial stage of interior designing.

Fire has always been a decorative element. That`s why it can not be the main source of heat for a long time.


Modern interior fireplace main types overview

  • Timber, coal – one of the oldest versions. Still relevant in our time.

    Modern Interior Fireplace Main Types. Modern timber or coal fireplace

    Classic Open English Timber Fireplace Design

  • Gas – easy to maintain thanks to the absence of combustion waste, in contrary to a coal and wood fire.

    Modern Interior Fireplace Main Types. Modern gas fireplace in the living

    Modern fireplace decor in the hi-tech interior

  • Biofuel – this type incorporates the convenience of the electric device and the charm of live fire. At its core it is an upgraded oil lamp using specifically treated ethanol as a fuel.

    Modern Interior Fireplace Main Types. Bionical fireplace on the wooden floor

    Nice solution for small livings

  • Electrical – made on the basis of the heater or infrared heating technology.

    ModeModern Interior Fireplace Main Types. electrical fireplace rn Interior Fireplace Main Typesю electrical fireplace

    Classic dark wooden firplace decor

  • Pellet – pellets are used as fuel, which supply is automatic.Modern Interior Fireplace Main Types. Pellet fireplace

By design features

  • English fireplace (deepen in niche);

    Modern Interior Fireplace Main Types. English type of the hearth

    Classic English fireplace decor for the celebration

  • “Alpine” or “Swiss”, standing in the middle of the room;

    Modern Interior Fireplace Main Types. Swiss or Alpine type

    Unique Alpine design of the fireplace decorating

  • Rumford fireplace;

    Rumford firplace type

    Rumford fireplace in the house under construction

  • “Semi-open” (Attached to the wall and not connected with the construction of the wall);

    Modern Interior Fireplace Main Types. Semi-open desgin

    Nice stone decorated fireplace design

  • fireplaces with built-in furnace.

    Modern Interior Fireplace Main Types. Built-in furnace design

    Victorian style of the fireplace design with built-in furnace

By architectural styles

  • tiled;

    Modern Interior Fireplace Main Type. Tiled Russian one

    Unique classic Russian tiled fireplace design

  • Classic;

    Modern Interior Fireplace Main Type. Classic royal design

    Fireplace in classic decor

  • Modernist and high-tech;Modern Interior Fireplace Main Type. Modern minimalistic or hi-tech design
  • rustic;Modern Interior Fireplace Main Type. Modern rustic design
  • Bionic.

    Modern Interior Fireplace Main Type. Bionic design

    Bionic fireplace is the great solution for people willing to design their apartment in Futurism style

Own project or ready-made fire?

Private project. It gives originality and individuality, but will almost certainly require the construction of the foundation because of its considerable weight.

Ready set. Selecting this option, you must be aware of the appearance and characteristics of the future fireplace. The prices for the kits can vary in significant range depending on the materials and characteristics.

After all, another question goes in top while choosing a fireplace – what furnace is better to use: open or closed?

If the fireplace is going to be used as a heating device, the best option would be a closed furnace. Chamber furnace, in this case, has a door made of a special fireproof glass. These modern fireplaces sometimes equipped with a system of room air intake.  It means the device will warm all the incoming to the room air.

Fireplaces with open fires stop warming the room as soon as the fire is extinguished. In addition, these fireplaces require closer attention, because a spark from its burning may scatter to all directions. Among the advantages of this type of fire is only worth noting that it is a classic fireplace.

open heat source fireplace in the ultramodern house near the lake

Open fireplaces are the unique peace of design. Their popularity is eternally growing and will never fade out

There is also a variety of different modifications of electric fireplaces are produced our days. You can meet even high-tech type devices among them (reproducing the real furnace fire, hissing, coals crackling and mimic the noise of exhaust). Decorating of the fireplace can be very diverse. Basically, the fireplaces are executed in classic style (unless it is a tiny electric heater).

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