Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection

To make our home both comfortable and functional, there is such design method as zoning of the premises. Thus dividing the room into separate areas, we gain a lot of advantages from as a practical side as well as aesthetic. Especially when the room has a small area – rational use of space is imperative and each winning square meter counts. And in case of large apartment, living room space should look dynamic. Because it is there are going to socialize family members, here they will gather guests and celebrate different holidays and even banquets.

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Wall color and gypsum plaster partition in the action

How does we zone the premises?

To start we have to consider and weigh all the details. Zoning involves not only the rearrangement of furniture and objects in the room. It is not recommended to divide the space more than two to four zones in order to avoid a chaotic clutter of objects that in no way would add comfort. Basically,  according to the designers, you can combine any premises. The only thing to remember is that the functional elements of the room should not contradict each other.

When zoning of the living you should take the tastes and preferences of all family members into account, as despite the name, living room in an apartment is designed not only for visitors but primarily for the owners themselves. Typically, zoning pursues a number of specific objectives:

  • splitting the area into different functional zones. For example, the rest corner or the playzone;
  • division of space into zones of general personal character. For example, creating children`s place from the rest of the living room;
  • to provide a more attractive interior room from an aesthetic side. For example, to visually increase a small space, or vice versa if the room looks too big and hollow.


Modern living room zoning methods collection

With the help of various devices and constructions there are several ways to zone the living room:

  1. using the furniture. For example, the most common method of zoning areas is with the help of the bar is. Also zoning can be done with a mere sofa, located in the center of the room, or better if it is not a sofa but narrow flat aquarium or shelf of gypsum plasterboard – the premises will have more attractive and aesthetic look;

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Rest zone and the kitchen divided by furniture

  1. with sliding doors. using light wardrobe-like door to the ceiling, you can achieve quite elegant zoning areas. Especially in the separation of a small area in the end of the room, which contents is not desirable to show to others. In this case it is better to use opaque doors, in all other cases the glass or made of translucent rice paper similar to the Japanese shoji surfaces will look most advantageous;

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Sliding doors for separation of the area

  1. using false walls. This method of zoning is borrowed from the loft style which is perfect for developing studio apartments of writers, artists, journalists and other creative individuals. Screen can serve as the partition. In addition, it may be solid or consist of several pieces, as well as can be made of glass painted as a stained-glass window;

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Shelving-partition for zoning

  1. using arches. It is a classic elegant way of room zoning. Arched openings may be straight or bent, but the style of arches should certainly be in harmony with the overall design of the room;

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Arch as the main object

  1. using the ceiling. Use a different material for finishing the ceiling, so you can provide zoning of the living room by changing the color. In addition, if you hang semicircular plasterboard frames, the angularity of the apartment would be smoothed. The room with such a zoning separating from each other easily and weightless;

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Complex ceiling for the zoning of premises

  1. using decorative designs. It is the method which requires sufficient floor space, but it is much more aesthetic and easier than using a blank wall. As a plus you can integrate niche, backlight, glass or plasterboard shelf and even an aquarium or fireplace into such constructs;


Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Floor cover used

  1. using podiums. Such option of zoning of the living room is ideally suited for families, finding many points of contact. For example, the bed is not hidden from prying eyes. By the way, such zoning has a great advantage for tight apartments since the podium can replace bulky storage cabinets. The main thing that should be considered is the height of the podium. To make calculations, you should imagine how convenient and comfortable will be to move after all the furniture is placed;

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Two-leveled living

  1. using curtains. Good option for design of combined living room are curtains. They are easy and weightless and if necessary they can be easily hidden. In addition, this method of zoning is the cheapest and easiest. It reminiscent of college or university years, when the dorm room was separated by a curtain;

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Bed behind the curtain

  1. using wallpaper. This method is convenient because it clearly divides the space into zones without requiring the installation of additional structures. Two ways are usually used – horizontal wallpaper zoning, where the lower part of the wall is papered to a darker color and the top goes lighter (if you use horizontal stripes, the visual space is expanding, and the vertical ornament also adds height to it). The second method – using a combination of wallpaper in different colors. It is used for any particular wall or part of it in order to visually distinguish the space. For example, combined wallpaper is often used for pasting a niche where you can place the table and get the area for study;

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Wallpaper print attracts to the game zone

  1. using carpets. even if you`ll place the smallest rag, you can not only make visual focus with it by decorating and “warm” this interior with such floor insulation, but also to find it as a great tool of zoning;

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Carpet outlines the spacious living room

  1. via a floor covering. Using different coatings, such as bathroom`s and kitchen`s, occurs a visual separation of one zone from another . Especially if the coating have contrasting colors. and the best way is to use different materials. For example, if the floor of the main zone is covered, for example, with laminate and kitchen area is faced with decorative tiles;

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Classic interior with lots of royal noble furnishing

  1. With lighting. You should not be afraid of experiments using different lighting, such as spotlights and diode tapes since the achievement of individual artistic effect depends on the direction of the lighting fixtures and use of a variety of their designs and colors. And the light can be directed both straight and diagonally. Different direction of light is the point that creates separate functional areas with a certain environment.Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Lighting to highlight the room spaces

Wardrobes and shelves are very often used for zoning the living room and bedrooms. And also successful approach is to use the podium in the area of ​​the bedroom. In this case the part of the room containing bed can be raised, and due to this elevation it is separating from the living room. Also a sleeping area can be separated by means of curtains or transforming furniture;

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Matted semi-transparent partition for separating

When zoning a living and dining area you can use to the bar to separate upholstered furniture from the table. Also it can be wallpaper of different color or pattern in these two areas of the room. Other than that, you can use a variety of floor coverings or various lighting;

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Dining and living separation thanks to bamboo partition

When zoning the living and the children’s rooms the best option is to use lightweight shelves, which can be used to store toys. Also they can be zoned using curtains of tulle, or use the above mentioned wallpaper of different but harmonizing with each other colors;

When zoning the living room and home office designers often use glass, wood or metal partitions, shelves, which are also used to store all kinds of necessary items, such as books, magazines or photographs. But you can just decorate them with flowers;

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Screen of the grid of frill

When zoning the living room and the corridor it will be the best way to use a false partition, or an arch, which will also help to increase the visual height of the room.

Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Corridor and Living separation

Let us examine separately the existing options of the living room zoning:

Nuances, which also should not be forgotten

If you arrange two totally opposite in the functional purpose rooms, recommend completely abandon the use of traditional overhead lighting. Firstly, a chandelier would get to only one of the zones in any case. Secondly, the bright light can become a nuisance for someone who is going to sleep. Therefore, the best option would be a separate lighting for each zone using various sconces, floor lamps or table lamps.

If you plan to zone a small living room, you should avoid the method of different floor finishing, since uniform floor background will visually increase the room area. It is also best to avoid all kinds of vivid contrasts, as any contrasting touch hides the space of the already small room. Large and bright paintings on the walls that can flatten the room are also unwanted. The bright-colored wallpaper or paint on the contrary will make the room bright and airy. Also, the most popular for small rooms is the floor rising, but without changing the coating, multi-level ceilings, spotlights.

If you use a tiered system which change both the ceiling and the floor, you can also achieve the separation of space. On the ceiling can be constructed leveled passages, while a podium is being built on the floor with a height of 70 cm. For example, in relation to the living room – the podium wonderfully separate reception area from the working one.

Mixed zoning method involves several stages of functional space division. The best effect can be achieved using both color marking of boundaries of different zones and multi-level division. In this case you will achieve a great contrast of two zones.Modern Living Room Zoning Methods Collection. Plastic transparent screen to the bedroom zone

Which option to choose specifically for zoning of your living room – all depends on the room itself, its dimensions, as well as the preferences of the owners. And, of course, for the first you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons and try to maximally visualize the living room and imagine what you want to see after the transformation.

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