Original Interior Musical Design Ideas

In search of the fresh design ideas to decorate the apartment, professionals sometimes resort to bold and unobvious solutions. We have gathered a real examples of using musical decorative elements or whole design patterns in different rooms of condos and apartments to show you how organic it may look igniting the creative and amused spirits. We hope these original interior musical design ideas can excite your imagination nad fill your household with absolutely unrepeatable pieces of artistic atmosphere.

The most easy and widespread way to decorate your living room with the fireplace is to male a print at the accent wall above the mantelshelf of the musical instrument or notes. At the example below we can see how drastically such print can change the overall perception of the living.

Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. Nice guitar print as the decoration of accent wall Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. Treble clef at the headboard accent wall

The use of musical instruments and musical theme to ornate the headboard zone is also very effective. But here we can see a real composition of musical instruments, including plate of Ramones at wall, stage illuminators and even linens depicting electric guitar.

Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. Guitars as the headboard decoration

Kids’ room also deserves to be arranged with artistic taste. The musical notation decorating of the walls can arouse interest of your child and encourage him or her to play music.

Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. Notes in the kids' room

And such unique symbiosis of modern hi-tech apartment with musical theme probably will leave no one indifferent. This masterpiece of design art is a real godsend for a person addicted to music. This interior can arise sympathy or aversion (everything depends on personal preferences), but it definitely will not leave you without emotion.

Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. Unusual floor and walls decoration in the form of piano keybaord

Glowing music plate with the silhouette of big city on the accent wall is a very symbolizing and dynamic element of the interior. It can emphasize the utmost creativity of the homeowners and their striving to be in step with the times and fashion.

Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. Glowing music plate in high light orivate house

And in contrast to the photo higher, we got to the classical interior, yet with bright red wall paint and curtains it doesn’t creates en impression of fully conservative place or just museum of musical instruments. Not every room full of instruments can have spectacular look and can be possibly cluttered and overloaded. Make sure, all design elements are in logical and color liaison with one another.

Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. A lot of instruments to show in the classic styled living room Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. Broad collection of a real fan

Contemporary style can also boast with originality and modern approach to the designing of striking interiors. Absolutely unique “chandelier” built of rock guitars gives the unique shadow and charm to all the place and organically echoes with glass round table with drumsticks set under the surface.

Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. Unique chandelier of rock guitars

Vintage with touch of English classic style can also be effectively decorated with the help of musical instruments and accessories. Just take a look how easily this nice living for poetry readings became a really full-fledged musical studio.

Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. Black and white combination for artistic bohemian atmosphere

Sometimes your apartment can resemble the restaurant decorated for wedding. But if you are creative nature and you don’t mind of country wedding photo location to be in one of your rooms, this design idea can be your savior.

Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. The light decorations mostly appropriate for wedding

Not only musical instruments can provide the logical foundation of setting the room atmosphere. Here we can see the really unique black wall and ceiling painting giving you ability to write right on them without distracting from creative process.

Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. Creative atmosphere set by a black wall for chalk writing

And what if designers of the furniture go further and want to give you the ability to keep your instruments right in the wall unit? We receive such unusual but spectacular design solutions for classic interior.

Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. Nice approach to make a wall unit

Staircase will emit positive energy, dynamism and airiness by adding musical pattern to its decoration. Just look at these jazz performers as if running up the stairs pleasing our hearing with improvised melodies.

Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. Jass decorating of the stairs

You can also tap the musical themed paintings or a whole installations to rise up the overall degree of creativeness. It is better option for such design styles as hi-tech, contemporary, fusion, or some classic styles.

Original Interior Musical Design Ideas. Wall painting and musical instrument in the room

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