Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets

Small bathroom: how to arrange it to make it beautiful and functional? Restricted square meters, contrary to common opinion, do not interfere with the creation of a bathroom that will be useful and aesthetic as well as no less comfortable.


  1. Tile selection
  2. Color selection
  3. Shower cabin in the bathroom
  4. Corner Baths
  5. Mirrors
  6. Lighting
  7. Placement of a washing machine
  8. Bathroom design on 4 square meters (45 sq. feet)
  9. Beautiful interiors


Tile Selection

Tile is the most commonly used material for decorating walls and floors in the bathroom. This is not surprising, given the fact that it is able to cope with the special microclimate that prevails there – humidity, frequent temperature changes etc. Properly selected tile have the greatest impact on the final look of the bathroom. For all these reasons, the choice of material is often the biggest problem in organizing the interior. The difficulty level increases when the hygiene room turns out to be small.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets, Dark marble lower part of the room

In a small bathroom, large tiles in bright colors are the best option. Avoid too catchy drawings, especially small ones, and materials with different textures. If you like a fashionable mosaic, then use it only on the floor, provided that the rest of the decor will be softened with light and monotonous finish. Limit yourself to a narrow “belt” with such tiles on the wall.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets, Blue navy finish an mosaic at the bathtub screen

Tip! With the help of properly laid tiles you can improve the proportions of the bathroom. If you choose rectangular ceramic tiles arranged horizontally, then the room will expand, and with vertical ones it will appear higher. It is worth choosing tiles for the bathroom in bright colors and with reflective surfaces.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets, Dark mosaic in light interior

What tiles should be chosen for a small bathroom so that everything looks aesthetical and not optically reduces the size of the room? There are several ways to do this.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets, Dark gray inserts to accentuate the modern room

Reflective Tiles will Increase the Small Bathroom

The first important trick is to use tiles that will reflect light and diffuse it. Sparkling glossy tiles and corresponding lighting create the impression of more space.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets, Gray and light ceramic tiles to finish the walls and floor

Tiles in Light and Cool Colors

For a small bathroom, it is best to choose bright tiles. Cooler colors create an impression of space. You can decorate the interior with accessories. Avoid contrasting drawings: a checkerboard on a small surface will visually reduce the bathroom.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets, Light tiled pattern at the wall

Large Tiles on the Floor and Suspended Plumbing

The more items on the floor, the higher the feeling of chaos in the bathroom they create. Therefore, it is better to install suspended ceramics in small rooms and place the equipment so that the smallest number of it is located directly on the floor.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets, Dark wooden imitating tile for the shower zone

Horizontal and Vertical Decor

Depending on whether the bathroom is long or narrow, use decor that properly expands the interior (horizontal, with wide patterns) or lengthens it (vertical prints).

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Zebra tiles in the modern styled area

Creating Ceramic Niches

Instead of cabinets and baskets, choose shelves using niches trimmed with ceramic tiles. Due to the fact that the furniture will be less visually, the bathroom will look more spacious.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Calm relaxing atmosphere in the minimalistic room with tropic shower

Large Tiles in a Small Bathroom

A common myth about designing a small bathroom is the belief that large tiles optically reduce a room. It is nothing like this. This gives the effect of a uniform surface, which (if the tiles are glossy) further brightens the space.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Pastel color mix for matted finish of the room

Tile up to 2/3 of the Wall Height

This arrangement of tiles and wall decoration with the appropriate color expands the optical room. If you additionally use a glossy suspended ceiling, the walls will look much higher than they actually are.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Darker tiled lower zone for small room with acrylic bathtub

Rectangular Tiles for a Small Bathroom are Just at Place

They give the impression of the greater width of the room. An interesting trick is also one horizontal strip in a contrasting color that will expand the bathroom.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Blue and white color theme Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Nice pattern in the light tiles

Color Selection

A small bathroom can not only look cozy, comfortable and elegant, but it can also be comfortable and spacious. All thanks to thoughtful design and correctly chosen colors. These colors affect the character of the room, creating a certain atmosphere for each visitor. This is the first impression that is remembered, having a decisive influence on how you will feel in the interior in whole.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Classic pattern on the zoning wall

Green bathroom

A small bathroom should not be dark. When organizing such an interior, first of all, make sure that it is properly lit, has light equipment and bright colors. Highly saturated colors will make the interior smaller than it actually is, creating an oppressing sensation. If you want to use green color in the interior of the bathroom, limit it to several decorative elements that will add bright notes to the design of the room but will not be irrelevantly catchy.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Green tiled shower zone Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Green accent shower wall Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Green tiled stripes in the gray and white colored area

White Color in the Bathroom

Uniform bright colors look great in small areas. If the fragments of the walls are covered with ceramics, adjust the colors of the remaining surfaces to the shade of the tile. This will create a monochrome impression that will optically increase the small interior. If your bathroom is very small, install a large, unframed mirror on one of the walls. This is a known and proven way to create the illusion of space. The interior in white will seem twice as big, and the whole bathroom will receive a lot of light.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. White glozzy modern design of the bathrrom with high vanity Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Crude large tiles and the Steampunk styled interior

Modern Bathroom in Beige

Choose cool or neutral colors because they make the rooms calm, elegant and spacious. Beige decoration elements, white accessories are another decorative trick that will make your bathroom beautiful, fresh and clean. A white ceiling will raise an optically low room and fill it with a lot of light.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Beige top, white glossy bottom area with mirror

Navy Color in the Bathroom – Classic Style

The combination of two or more colors in a small space should be harmonious. It is better to choose bright shades of colors and combine them with white or use the same tone of different saturation. In drawing up the interior color palette, you must consider all the elements that are included in the interior: the color of ceramics, bathroom fixtures, lighting, textiles, etc. It is because all these objects affect the final decor of your bathroom.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Green floor and the side strip Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Blue glossy tiles for the bathtub zone Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Unusual turquoise colored ceiling

Shower Cabin in the Bathroom

A small shower cabin is ideal for a small bathroom. A limited interior requires thoughtful design and the use of smart solutions. Sometimes it is necessary to abandon the bath in a small room of hygiene to get a place for a comfortable shower.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Classic gray marble imitating ceramic tile

Shower in the Bathroom: How to Choose It?

Have a small shower or bath in a small bathroom? When organizing a limited space, people are often forced to abandon a large and comfortable bathtub for the sake of a shower. The choice of the right shower cabin in combination with functional accessories results in a competent arrangement of the room. See how to arrange a comfortable bathing area in a small bathroom! Which shower will be comfortable?

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Dark wooden imitating tiles for the glass zoned shower

Shower Cabin

In a small bathroom, it is best to use wall-mounted showers, that is, those adjoining only one wall of the room. You can choose corner shower cabins, which will appear an excellent layout of the free space in a small bathroom. As for its form, there is a wide range. The size of the shower should be selected depending on the size of the bathroom. The standard model is considered to be one in which the shower tray has a size of 80 × 80 cm. It is possible to install a shower cabin with a base in the form of the:

  • square;
  • rectangle;
  • oval.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Dark gray tile for the bottom part of the room with large mirror

Think about choosing a shower door. The most convenient will be a shower door that opens on one or two sides. Remember, however, that this type of sash requires free space in front of the cabin. If you have a small and cramped bathroom, a shower with sliding or folding doors is the best solution. An important aspect when choosing a shower cabin is also the door material. They are usually made of plastic or tempered glass. The walls of the shower cabin made of plastic will be much cheaper and lighter, but more susceptible to damage. On the contrary, tempered glass will be more resistant to all types of scratches and easier to clean.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. Dark mosaic for accent wall

Small Shower without a Tray

Bathrooms without a shower tray are increasingly used in bathroom design. You have to solve one, but very important question: how to develop the outflow (sewage)? In the case of a shower without a tray, the outflow can be planned in two ways:


  1. Directly in the floor. If you want the drain surface to not exceed the floor level, then consider this solution. The sewage, which is placed on a layer of polystyrene foam, should be under the surface. It has a floor drain with an integrated siphon point or line that is mounted in parallel to the edge wall of the shower. The total thickness of all layers ranges from 12 to 15 cm.

Small Space Bathroom Renovations and Arrangement Secrets. White wall paint and wooden filling of the bathroom

  1. The second and extremely functional solution to the problem of sewage is to arrange it in the wall. Siphon with drain is installed on a special frame. After the frame is mounted, the siphon is hidden between the wall and the case. In the final, only a masking plate and a small gap are visible.

Marble imitating tiles for bathroom with gray streaks

Corner Baths

Faced with the difficult task of organizing a hygiene room, the owner often has to choose between a bath and a shower. You may have both, but it requires more space. Those who prefer a bath, will inevitable solve the problem of choice: a simple model against the wall, angular, or perhaps stand alone one? If your choice is a corner bath, then you need to take into account the place you need. In fact, it takes more than a classic rectangular bath, but in the case of asymmetric models it should be adapted to the capabilities of the bathroom.

Orange bottom wainscoting for modern designed bathroom

In addition, the corner baths are at least 140 cm long and 75 cm wide, automatically increasing comfort of taking bath. The corner model is also a good solution, which, due to its shape, will fill in the difficult to use part or corner of the room. In addition, the corner bath provides an optical increase in space, ideally fitting a bathing bowl to the walls of the room.

Unique lighted reccesses for niches in the chic decorated bathroom Coffee designed mosaic to decorate the modern bathroom


In the bathrooms, where there is no natural light, you should provide shiny, shimmering surfaces. Varnished cabinet facades, chrome taps, shiny ceramic tiles optically increase the space. Another tool that will help you to increase the interior of the bathroom is mirror. Reflective panels placed on large surfaces make the small interior spacious. An interesting and practical solution is to place hanging cabinets with mirror facades on the walls. This solution will visually enlarge the interior of the room and at the same time provide plenty of storage space.

Light finished contemporary bathroom with wooden vanity and shelf

Tip! A mirror that reaches the ceiling visually expands the interior of a small bathroom. The use of large glossy surfaces has a positive effect on the interior design in small rooms.

Mirror construction for modern bathroom in white

To increase the optical space, it is necessary to have glued-to-walls mirrors in the bathroom, without frames or beveled at the sides. Frames in a small bathroom create the impression of confusion. It can be one mirror or several, located against each other or perpendicular.

Bathroom with gray large mosaic pattern and gray inserts

Tip! It is good if the mirror reflects, for example, a wall lamp. Then the bathroom will look at least twice as large. Mirrors that reflect light will also make the bathroom brighter.

Wooden modern suspended vanity and the same constructed toilet for comfortable interior


Comfortable and fashionable bathroom should be properly lit. Planning light sources often causes great difficulties in bathrooms without windows. General lighting, one or more lamps that turn on when entering a room, is usually placed on the ceiling. Depending on the type of bathroom, the light can also fall from the sides, for example, under slopes and even from the bottom. Each bathroom area should have additional lighting, regardless of the general one. The shape of the luminaires and the type of light bulbs are a matter of taste, so there are no specific tips for choosing in this case.

Modern bathroom interior with the reccess in the tile at the shower zone

The choice of lighting in the bathroom, the most suitable for a specific plumbing:

  • Washbasin – light is needed, but should not be annoying, so that you can easily shave or make up. Lamps should illuminate the face, not the mirror. The best are sconces over the entire surface, located at the height of the face.

gray and white color mix for classic bathroom

  • Dressing table – its proper lighting is usually the most difficult stage. Lamps should be selected, similar to those used in the washbasin: bright ones. The person sitting next to the dressing table should be lit, not a mirror.

Glamour designed bathroom with studio mirrors and suspended bare bulbs

  • Bath – you do not need a bright light, but you can create a mood. It does not have to be a chandelier, ceiling plafond or a group of lamps on the ceiling. Light can be supplied from the side, for example, from a niche in the wall or from lamps built into the sidewall.

Gray impressionistic pattern at the modern designed bathroom

  • The shower – not very intense light can be supplied from above, but also from the side. For example, it can come from the recess of the wall located inside the cabin. Make sure the lamps have increased moisture resistance.

Toilet and open shower zones in the tight bathroom

  • Seating and bidet – many people love to read in their bathroom area. Then you need lamps that shine with bright lights, as close as possible to natural light. In other cases, decorative lamps and even just general lighting would be enough.

Bright orange accent wall and maps for the modern decorated bathroom

Placement of a Washing Machine

In a small bathroom, installing all the necessary equipment is a real problem. Nevertheless, designers have surpassed themselves in smart devices, thanks to which large appliances, such as a washing machine in the bathroom, become a harmonious element of the interior without losing their functionality.

Turquoise inserts in the bathroom with wooden door and vanity top

A washing machine is a useful device that creates a big problem when organizing a small bathroom. On the one hand, people are accustomed to the fact that this appliance is always placed in this room.. On the other hand, there is no need to do everything to find a place in the bathroom for a washing machine if the room is really small. Moving the laundry to another room can lead to much greater comfort when using the bathroom.

Laundry zone in the small bathroom looks organic

How to optimally install a washing machine in a small bathroom?

Placing a washing machine in the bathroom is a convenient solution, not only because of the necessary equipment at hand. Insulation of hygiene premises also drowns out the sounds of the device to some extent. The small size of the room often makes you decide to install a washing machine in the kitchen, which is not a particularly convenient option. Discover the options ergonomic installation of this type of appliance in a small bathroom.

Built-in washing machine in the attic bathroom

Small Model of Washing Machine for Limited Spaces

Thanks to the small models of washing machines, you can choose equipment that fits perfectly into the space of a small bathroom. The narrowest washing machines are those that are only 49.5 cm long, even up to 40 cm. If you choose a narrow washing machine, you can, for example, place it in a bathroom niche. A top-loading washing machine can be inserted into a very narrow recess. The offer of manufacturers of household appliances includes models with top loaded of only 40 cm wide. The depth of such devices is minimum 55 cm.

Simple decorated bathroom with open water dispenser and the top-load washing machineSmall bathroom with built-in washing and drying machines stacked one on another

Washing Machine in the Closet

In the bathroom, you can easily put a washing machine and even skillfully hide it behind furniture facades. It is a good idea to make cabinets of the right size to hide equipment there. Remember, however, the need for ventilation. The washing machine can be placed behind the traditional doors of furniture in the form of hinged wings or lattice blinds with wooden fins. An aesthetically disguised washing machine will also serve as a shelf or countertop.

Closing storage system and the washing machine for small bathroom

Washing Machine under the Tabletop

In a small bathroom, a washing machine should also be placed under the countertop. Place the device near the bath. A washing machine installed in this way can be hidden behind the door. If all the space is built up with drawers and cabinets, it will create the impression of a practical dresser.

Gray designed vanity with the place for washing machine

Bathroom Design of 40 Square Feet

In an living quarters, the bathroom is often small and unremarkable. Consider tips on how to place all the necessary equipment in a small area, make the interior more attractive and cozy at the same time.

Wooden inserts into the tiny bathroom with toilet and shower zones

Use Every Inch

Well-managed space is the basis of a functional and cozy interior. The correct arrangement of a bathroom of 35-40 square feet demands ingenuity and the thought-over plan. Therefore, the arrangement should first of all be guided by the principle of optimal use of each inch. It may be possible to move some partition or part of it in order to get additional space for a washing machine or a shower. In thicker walls, try to make niches that will solve the problem of storage.

Open spaced bathroom with all necessary zones and wooden false wall for zoning

Divide the Room into Zones

In each bathroom, regardless of size, it is desirable at the design stage to ensure a clear division into zones – wet and dry. It is better to place a washbasin with a mirror in front of entrance. The toilet area should be located on its side and slightly hidden.

Modern bathroom with black tap and full of mirrors

Individual Equipment

When choosing equipment, consider the size of the room. Fortunately, the task has become easier because of the manufacturers who make a series of equipment in the offer, which is ideal for all bathrooms. Small bathtubs, shorter toilets, corner sinks and compact furniture are available for sale. Also it is necessary to choose hanging equipment – toilet and furniture. Suspended plumbing looks more compact, does not occupy valuable floor space, and is also easier to clean. In addition, this installation allows you to hide flushing flank and plumbing in the wall.

Gray fulfillment of the bathroom with suspnded black lamps

Keep everything in Order

In a small interior it is necessary to maintain order. To achieve this, you should hide cosmetic and cleaning products, used accessories in cabinets. Organized bathroom will seem bigger. A practical solution would be niches in the wall, which are additionally supplied with baskets, for example, for underwear. Special systems for organizing space can help with to deal with clutter in boxes.

 Gray tiled bathroom with white wall containing niche

Tip! A great idea is to use a cabinet with a mirror and lights above the sink. Thus, you get a place for cosmetics. And decorative lighting will give the interior a unique atmosphere.

Wooden inserts to hide the backlight in the modern designed bathroom with dark wooden vanity top

Beautiful Interiors

Small space in the house can be beautiful. This also applies to the location of the bathroom in the apartment. It is now believed that the mood of the interior in which you are living is extremely important for sustainable psyche and well-being. This applies not only to the living room or bedroom, but also to the bathroom, where a person spends averaging 1-2 hours per day, which is approximately 400-700 hours per year. This is a significant part of life. Thus, choose interiors in the photo gallery that are ideal for organizing a bathroom, giving it functionality and providing quality hygiene procedures.

Nice purple wall tile and the floral theme in the small bathroom

Bathroom Organization is an Important Place in the House

Regardless of financial possibilities of the owners, the bathroom is a room that encourages individual design projects, daring to introduce unconventional and avant-garde solutions. Modern design creates unlimited possibilities. Even with low financial costs and small space, you can create an interesting arrangement of the bathroom with functional equipment.

Brickwork and large tiles for industrial styled bathroom Chic looking black colored bathroom with oval acrylic bathtub Wooden imitating tiling of the whole bathroom Swiss white cross on the red backdrop as the accent at the small bathroom Wooden imitating tiles for backsplash of the modern styled bathroom 3D floor effect in the white bathroom

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