Spatial Design Principles and How to Implement them at Your Home?

First of all, let’s describe what spatial design is and how it can be useful in our real life renovation or designing residential space. Taking its roots from UK, spatial design is relatively new concept that combines many adjacent disciplines of residential design (architecture, interior design, landscape design and even service design). Further we will try to understand the basic and most obvious principles that can be utilized within small apartment.

Spatial Design Principles and How to Implement them at Your Home? Modern styled kitchen in light pastel tones

What is Spatial Design and What It is not?

Spatial design is a very wide discipline that comprises large scale of knowledge and range of design branches. Following the clear and strict workflow, designer can create the sketch of future building. It starts with charrette where designer tries to brainstorm the virtual forms of future living spaces. Then, being driven by the client’s (owner of the future project) view and preferences of comfortable space, he or she starts to develop the abstraction of the future living space. The final stage of such brainstorming is the three-dimensional massing that will be worked around with the customer.

Spatial Design Principles and How to Implement them at Your Home? The sketch of possible areas in the apartment

Spatial design is complex solution for building from scratch or for total renovation. It can’t be used for small rebuilding.

The Result of Designing

After the early stage of designing, both for exterior and interior display of the building, designer can proceed to the rendering the possible design options of the space with more detailed space distribution. For example, the common space is divided into functional zones, rooms, combined space, utility rooms etc. When the owner reviews and approves one of the possible variants, designer proceeds to arranging the space: filling it with samples of finishing materials, allocation furniture, appliances, colors and lighting. The achieved sketch is made on one of the computer modelling programs (Concepts, SketchUp, 3ds Max + V-Ray and Unreal Engine 4 etc.) and appears as a constructive image for builders that can implement it in life.

Spatial Design Principles and How to Implement them at Your Home? 3D Floor model of the house

Fine. But what I can do with my Apartment?

In other words, what is real-life practical advantage of spatial design for already existing apartments and houses? Most of them have small area in addition to possible exterior imperfections, non-ideal location at the shady side etc. The truth is that practitioners of spatial can make renovation sketches based on the real dimensions and architecture of your apartment. The professional designer that familiar with tricks and subtleties of spatial design can master even very small space and turn it into maximally functional and comfortable living quarters.

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