Tiny European Studio Condo Apartment Design Concept

If you have a very small area for life in your home, don`t be upset – there are plenty possibilities and design ideas to turn things over and lets see advantages in the small condo. As Englishmen say: “There are two new capabilities in one bad situation”. And it would be easy to explore the strengths of such a design approach on the example of this tiny European studio condo apartment design concept which incorporates almost every modern design methods by decoration and arranging of the small-space apartments.

Entering the condo, we`re getting to the small square hall. There is not enough space to let three people dress or undress simultaneously, but if your family is small, it would be sufficient. Yellow stripes set off the creamy white finish of the walls thus creating a dynamic perception of the modern apartment. Mirror plays not only the fully functional role, but visually allows to increase the concise space. The humble set of the furniture consists only of the mortise countertop under the mirror and the wooden bench with the storage grid for your shoes. The hanger can appear rough on such design but it`s extremely important in the hall so designers tried to select the most harmonizing piece.



Tiny European Studio Condo Apartment Design Concept. Top view projection to the ultra small hall with mirror wall to increase the area perception

The most of lighting system consists of built-in fixtures and lamps, but there is only one traditional spherical lamp in the hall designed to make this area slightly similar to the boudoir and to let the homeowners create the final image before leaving home. Also the table has two drawers for personal things which is highly convenient as the hall usually lacks of storage.Tiny European Studio Condo Apartment Design Concept. Small hall with modern finishing materials and unusual color theme and trimming looks very organic and modern

Then we can proceed to the living room studio zoned into several different functional areas. Here we plunge into the absolutely individual atmosphere, not like we`ve just seen in the hall. Here is the territory of blue deep color which is blended with light dozes of white ceiling and yellow stripes. The floor is insensibly colored in neutral light shade of white and the contrasting black-and-white rug looks very stylish on it. Interesting thing, – with a very modern and bold hi-tech solutions for the wall decoration here it comes the wooden furniture and blends the interior very well.Tiny European Studio Condo Apartment Design Concept. The rest zone of the area is full of light through the light tulle and have black lampshades of the hanging lamps over the checkered rug

We have no doubt – such a condo ideally fits the requirements of the young unmarried person who builds a career or for a young unpretentious couple without children. You can have a fast meal, quickly clean all the apartment and do almost whatever you want literally without getting off the bed. And this is the ideal formula of life for the people of 21-th century, who spend most of their time at work or traveling.Tiny European Studio Condo Apartment Design Concept. The dining zone is near the rest one. Everything is logical: had a meal - have a rest!

And we can`t say that this studio apartment is too congested or tight for living. The used design methods and decorations have allowed to create a really cozy place for two with its resting, dining, kitchen, living zones and even more.

Kitchen zone here is located in the angle and is bordered with a fridge. Small countertop have accommodated a hob, oven, sink and the small set of furniture for the most necessary household things. It also contains a gang paper towel which can become very useful when cooking.

Tiny European Studio Condo Apartment Design Concept. The dining zone is near the rest one. Ultramodern deep blue shade for the wall trimming with paint in the ideally smooth walls with white inlays

The dining zone is organized just near the kitchen which is logical. It is conditionally separated from the rest of the space with two original hanging black lamps right over the table. Another designer`s solution was to allocate blank square wooden plates on the wall near the table to fill in the space with uncommon details. They are calling up with small picture installation of three painting on the opposite wall above the couch.


Tiny European studio condo apartment design concept photos

Tiny European Studio Condo Apartment Design Concept. The dining zone is near the rest one. Kitchen and dining area os so tiny that managed to accommodate only a small table and a couple of chairs Tiny European Studio Condo Apartment Design Concept. The dining zone is near the rest one. Modern technique of decorating the wall and walls in the same pattern have zoned the small area into three comprenesive zones R81NWMa2O0Y

The bathroom is hidden in the small area near the hall but has all necessary in the modern world things. There are washing machine, bathtub, toilet and sink. Designers could not refuse from bright arrangement and stylistic zones, so we can see the tender green in combination with acid orange. Glossy ceramic surfaces of the appliances and the floor combined with bright wall trimming make the interior fresh and inspiring for the energetic business day.2ULbxBVkZD4

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