Top Tools You Need For Basic Home Repair

Much like a car, your home will show signs that repairs are needed. Having basic home repair skills will allow you to see in advance where to put your attention on minor repairs and maintenance tasks. The key here is that repairs should be handled while the damage is still minor to prevent huge expenses down the road. If you are a homeowner, having basic home repair skills and tools will go a long way in making sure that your house provides shelter in the most comfortable way possible without needing to turn to the experts for every job.

Top Tools You Need For Basic Home Repair. Screwdriver to perforate the laminate

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The tools of the trade

Manufacturers are now able to produce tools for home use that were previously only affordable and practical for businesses. In the past, most tools were heavy and laden with wires, with little to no protection from moisture. Now, the most basic tools have moisture protection and can even be run without wires such as cordless underwater tools. Cordless underwater tools are used for repairs in wet and underwater applications, with manufacturers having the technology and expertise to produce them and make them available to the masses.

You might think that waterproof tools are overkill for use around the home, but you will surely change your mind when a minor pool repair or a wet repair situation comes up and you just happen to have an underwater capable cordless drill. Nowadays, there are so many power tools available to make at home projects easier, from nailing down boards to drilling holes for whatever purpose you need them.

The basic home repair kit

As a homeowner, these are the tools that you should have at home. This list of tools need not be purchased at one time but can be purchased as the need arises. We have compiled this list of tools that are the absolute basic for a new homeowner and a person starting a family.

  • The hammer – This is one item that is very hard to be replaced by a power tool because although a hammer is a very simple tool, it can be used for many things. A machine will simply not have enough articulation and control of force needed for every situation.
  • The screwdriver set – These can either be battery-powered or manual. So long as different sized bits can be used it will be useful for many jobs from hanging picture frames to replacing locks on doors.
  • The drill – These are a very important item as far as tools in a household are concerned. A cordless and waterproof drill may be expensive but the tool more than pays for itself with the amount of work you can do with it around the house.
  • The pliers – These include a vice grip along with standard and long-nosed pliers which are quite useful. Aside from being useful in and around the house, these have automotive and electrical applications as well.
  • The power saw – a corded or cordless circular power saw will do most jobs in cutting wood, metal, or plastic for cutting jobs in and around any house. Use them for repairs in your basement or tool shed.
  • The toolbox – a toolbox provides a place to store all your tools and make it easier to find them when you need them.

If you are a homeowner you should have at least a basic set of tools required to fix minor things around the house. You could save yourself thousands of dollars over the years by fixing a leak or cleaning your pool yourself or any other number of repairs needed around the house.

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